1st Edition

Occupational Health and Safety International Influences and the New Epidemics

By Chris Peterson, Claire Mayhew Copyright 2005
    300 Pages
    by Routledge

    252 Pages
    by Routledge

    This text provides a theoretical and empirical approach to investigating the nature of emerging OSH (Occupational Health and Safety) epidemics across the industrialized world. The author of each chapter in this book deals with exposure to a particular OSH hazard and examines the epidemic nature of the resulting ill-health or injury outcome. The authors also evaluate the contribution of globalization and neoliberal policies in creating workplace environments which foster such new OSH epidemics.

    Preface Kaj Frick

     CHAPTER 1
     Introduction to Occupational Health and Safety: International Influences and the "New" Epidemics  Chris L. Peterson and Claire Mayhew

     CHAPTER 2
     International Developments and Their Influence on Occupational Health and Safety in Advanced Market Economies David Walters

     CHAPTER 3
     Occupational Violence: The Emerging OHS Epidemic of the 21st Century  Claire Mayhew

     CHAPTER 4
     The Hidden Epidemic of Injuries and Illness Associated with the Global Expansion of Precarious Employment Michael Quinlan

     CHAPTER 5
     Long Latency Disease: The Long-Lasting Epidemics James Leigh

     CHAPTER 6
     Work-Related Injuries among Adolescent and Child Workers: The Non-Reported OHS Epidemic Claire Mayhew

     CHAPTER 7
     The Epidemic of Stress Chris L. Peterson

     CHAPTER 8
     Pain Associated with Prolonged Constrained Standing: The Invisible Epidemic Karen Messing, Katherine Lippel, Ève Laperrière, and Marie-Christine Thibault

     CHAPTER 9
     The Discourse of Abuse in Return-to-Work: A Hidden Epidemic of Suffering Joan M. Eakin

     CHAPTER 10
     Occupational Health and Safety, and Occupational Rehabilitation: The Nature of the Prevention-Rehabilitation Continuum Gregory C. Murphy

     CHAPTER 11
     Before the Epidemic Strikes: Identifying Warning Signs of an Emerging Epidemic and Conducting Baseline Empirical Studies in Industry Claire Mayhew

     CHAPTER 12
     Conclusion: Models of Epidemics Chris L. Peterson







    Chris Peterson, Claire Mayhew