Occupational Hearing Loss  book cover
3rd Edition

Occupational Hearing Loss

ISBN 9780824753832
Published April 24, 2006 by CRC Press
1008 Pages 12 Color & 271 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

Written in clear and accessible language, Occupational Hearing Loss provides a complete overview of the hazards of occupational noise exposure, causes of hearing loss, testing of hearing, criteria to distinguish occupational hearing loss, and more. Extensively re-written and updated, the book emphasizes medical and societal factors in its coverage of topics such as audiometry and who should do it, evoked response testing, and conductive and sensorineural hearing loss, as well as mixed, central, and functional hearing loss.

See what's new in the Third Edition:

  • New chapters on auditory evoked potentials, sudden sensorineural hearing loss, ear malignancies, and more
  • Expanded discussion on autoimmune inner ear disease, diagnosing occupational hearing loss, and more
  • Updated information on computerized audiometry, special hearing tests, and auditory processing disorders
  • Expanded chapter on problems associated with balance disorders and a review of modern evaluation techniques, including posturography
  • New material on systemic causes of hearing loss and co-factors associated with occupational hearing loss

    The authors' academic depth and experience in the field, combined with their ability to write clearly in language accessible to non-medical personnel, set this book apart. No other book available has the breadth, practical detail, or comprehensive scope. A unique compendium of information about specific problems of occupational hearing loss and hearing conservation, the book is both a balanced reference and easy-to-use guide to protecting the hearing of industrial workers.
  • Table of Contents

    Occupational Hearing Loss: An Overview, R.T. Sataloff and J. Sataloff

    The Physics of Sound, R.T. Sataloff and J. Sataloff

    The Nature of Hearing Loss, R.T. Sataloff and J. Sataloff

    The Otologic History and Physical Examination, R.T. Sataloff and J. Sataloff

    Classification and Measurement of Hearing Loss, R.T. Sataloff and J. Sataloff

    The Audiogram, R.T. Sataloff and J. Sataloff

    Special Hearing Tests, R.T. Sataloff and J. Sataloff

    Auditory-Evoked Phenomena: Theory and Clinical Applications, M.T. Agrama, R.T. Sataloff, and T.O. Willcox

    Conductive Hearing Loss, R.T. Sataloff and J. Sataloff

    Sensorineural Hearing Loss: Diagnostic Criteria, R.T. Sataloff and J. Sataloff

    Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss, J.M. Zimmerman, R.T. Sataloff, H. Mandel, and S. Mandel

    Mixed, Central, and Functional Hearing Loss, R.T. Sataloff and J. Sataloff

    Systemic Causes of Hearing Loss, R.T. Sataloff and J. Sataloff

    A Brief History of Occupational Hearing Loss: A Personal Perspective, J. Sataloff

    Diagnosing Occupational Hearing Loss, R.T. Sataloff, J. Sataloff, and T.M. Virag

    Hearing Loss: Handicap and Rehabilitation, R.T. Sataloff, J. Sataloff, T.M. Virag, C. Sokolow, and J. Luckhurst

    Hearing Protection Devices, S. Markowitz, R.T. Sataloff, and J. Sataloff

    Tinnitus, R.T. Sataloff

    Dizziness, R.T. Sataloff

    Facial Paralysis, R.T. Sataloff and M. Hawkshaw

    Squamous Cell Carcinoma of Temporal Bone, M. Vaysberg and R.T. Sataloff

    Sarcomas of the Temporal Bone, B.A. Neff and R.T. Sataloff

    Hearing in Dogs, D.C. Coile

    Tables Summarizing Differential Diagnosis, R.T. Sataloff and J. Sataloff

    Noise Measurement, P.L. Michael and K.L. Michael

    Noise Control, P.L. Michael and K.L. Michael

    Noise Criteria Regarding Risk and Prevention of Hearing Injury in Industry, T.A. Dear

    Hearing Loss and Other Otolaryngologic Complications of Scuba Diving, M.C. Neuenschwander and R.T. Sataloff

    Hearing Conservation Underwater, H. Hollien

    Hearing Loss in Musicians, R.T. Sataloff, J. Sataloff, and C.J. Sokolow

    Hearing Conservation in Industry, R.T. Sataloff

    Establishing a Hearing Conservation Program, R.T. Sataloff

    Occupational Hearing Loss: Legislation and Compensation, R.T. Sataloff

    OSHA Noise Regulation, R.T. Sataloff and J. Sataloff

    Formulae Differences in State and Federal Hearing Loss Compensation, I. Stander and R.T. Sataloff

    Occupational Hearing Loss in the Railroad Industry, D.J. Hickton

    The United States: The Longshore and Harbor Workers' Compensation Act, L.P. Postol

    Occupational Hearing Loss in Canada, J. Rutka and C. Johnston

    Occupational Hearing Loss in the United Kingdom, F.J. Uddin, A.F. Dingle, J.F. Sharp, and L.M. Flood

    Tape Simulation of Hearing Loss, R.T. Sataloff and J. Sataloff

    A Plaintiffs' Attorney's Perspective on Occupational Hearing Loss, G.J. Hannon

    Workers' Compensation: Presenting Medical Evidence in Hearing Loss Cases, I. Stander

    Appendix 1: Anatomy of the Ear
    Appendix 2: Otopathology
    Appendix 3: Otosclerosis, Paget's Disease, and Osteogenesis Imperfecta Involving the Ear
    Appendix 4: Neurofibromatosis
    Appendix 5: Hearing Conservation Procedures
    Appendix 6: Hearing Conservation Program Procedures and Reports

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