Occupational Safety and Hygiene II  book cover
1st Edition

Occupational Safety and Hygiene II

ISBN 9781138001442
Published January 27, 2014 by CRC Press
818 Pages

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Book Description

Occupational Safety and Hygiene II contains selected papers from the International Symposium on Occupational Safety and Hygiene (SHO2014, GuimarĂŁes, Portugal, 13-14 February 2014), which was organized by the Portuguese Society for Occupational Safety and Hygiene (SPOSHO). The contributions focus on selected topics, which include (but is not limited to):

  • Occupational safety
  • Risk assessment
  • Safety management
  • Ergonomics
  • Management systems
  • Environmental ergonomics
  • Physical environments
  • Construction safety, and
  • Human factors

The contributions in Occupational Safety and Hygiene II are mainly based on research carried out at universities and other research institutions, but also on practical studies developed by Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) Practitioners within their companies. Accordingly, this book will be a helpful text to get acquainted with the state-of-the-art of the research within the mentioned domains, as well as with some practical tools and approaches that are currently used by OHS professionals in a global context.

Table of Contents

Safety of peak less tower cranes, an accident analysis conducted by the Dutch Safety Board
P. Swuste

A methodology to identify negative occupational well-being hazards
J.M. Cabeças

Causes of musculoskeletal accidents identified in official investigations
J.A. Carrillo-Castrillo, L. Onieva, J.C. Rubio-Romero & A. LĂłpez-Arquillos

Assessing the inter-analyst reliability of the RIAAT process
P.F. Cordeiro, C. Jacinto & F.P. Santos

Polymeric nanocomposites production risk assessment using different qualitative analyses
S.P.B. Sousa, M.C.S. Ribeiro & J. Santos Baptista

Comparative study between productivity predictive models for work in hot environments
A. Sousa & J. Santos Baptista

Determinants of psychosocial risks
L. Duarte & L. Freitas

Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) at construction projects. A perspective from formworks & falseworks companies
J.C. Rubio-Romero, A. LĂłpez-Arquillos & J.A. Carrillo-Castrillo

Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) courses at engineering under/degree studies
J.C. Rubio-Romero, A. López-Arquillos, M. Suárez-Cebador & J.A. Carrillo-Castrillo

Prevention through Design (PtD) concept at university. Engineering & Architecture students’ perspective
J.C. Rubio-Romero, A. LĂłpez-Arquillos, M.D. MartĂ­nez-Aires & J.A. Carrillo-Castrillo

Prevalence of Work-related Musculoskeletal Disorders (WMSD) symptoms among milkers in the State of Paraná, Brazil
L. Ulbricht, E.F.R. Romaneli, A.M.W. Stadnik, M. Maldaner & E.B. Neves

Real determination of metabolic rate to improve the PMV model
E.E. Broday, A.A.P. Xavier & R. de Oliveira

Analysis of the role of worker characteristics in three of the most frequent manufacturing accidents
J.A. Carrillo-Castrillo, L. Onieva, J.C. Rubio-Romero & A. LĂłpez-Arquillos

A holistic framework for safety performance evaluation
E. Sgourou, P. Katsakiori, I. Papaioannou, S. Goutsos & Em. Adamides

Association of job-related psychosocial factors with environmental conditions in a mixed plan office: The basis for a screening proxy?
D.A. Coelho, C.S.D. Tavares & M.L. Lourenço

Incidence of musculoskeletal symptoms in industry workers
J. Trotta, L. Ulbricht & J.L.H. Silva

Influence of hot thermal environment in practice of Aerostep
J. Nogueira & M. Talaia

The thermal feeling of a human being can contribute to the definition of a comfortable thermal environment to the animals
S. Gonçalves & M. Talaia

Methodology of chemical hazard management—a tool for occupational health promotion
M.B.F.V. Melo, M.S.M.L. Souto & D.S.C. Vasconcelos

The attitude of washing hands among the health staff
H. Boudrifa & A. Amiar

Scenarios and implications of ambivalence experienced by hotel managers
C.M.G. Leite & R.J.M. Carvalho

Bioaerosols in hospital environment: A short review
C. Vieira & J. Santos Baptista

Analysis of the hearing risk and implantation of environmental improvements in workers of the industry of paper and cellulose and introduction of acoustic improvements
D.L. Mattos, E.A.D. Merino, A.C.C.S. Pinto, K.C.G. Orzatto, V.M. Camargo, C.A. Maciel, V. Federle & A.R.P. Moro

Ergonomic evaluation of the cluster during teat cup attachment
C.C. Oliveira, A.A. Bazán, L.A. Gontijo, A.R.P. Moro & L. Ulbricht

Risk factors of the most frequent accident types in manufacturing
J.A. Carrillo-Castrillo, L. Onieva, J.C. Rubio-Romero & M. Suárez-Cebador

Determination of characteristics predicting the ignition of organic dusts
Z. Szabová, M. Pastier, J. Harangozó & T. Chrebet

Bibliometric Mapping to analyze the evolution of research on Ergonomics using the SciMAT tool
M.D. MartĂ­nez-Aires, M. MartĂ­nez-Rojas, M. LĂłpez-Alonso & E.J. Gago

Psychosocial risks factors at work: A study of health professionals
C. Gonçalves, L. Simões Costa & A. Ferreira

Safety at construction site: Case study at the university hospital of the Federal University of Juiz de Fora
W.C. Silva & M.A.S. Hippert

Integrated management system in civil construction based on PMBOK guide extension
B.F. Rocha & M.A.S. Hippert

Application of the HSC_PEI2012 model in construction work
M. López-Alonso, P. Ibarrondo-Dávila & M. Rubio-Gámez

Scholar ergonomics—primary schools in Tartu (Estonia) study case
F. Lima, J. Almeida, J.P. Figueiredo & A. Ferreira

Damages derived from mobbing and professional contingencies—state of the art on the Portuguese legal framework and case law
A.C. Ribeiro Costa

Evolution of skin temperature at different temperature and humidity conditions
E. Quelhas Costa, J. Santos Baptista & J. Carvalho

Ergonomic assessment of a workstation in a paints production line
J.M. Monteiro, J.C.A. CalvĂŁo, J.M. Monteiro, M.E. Pinho & M.A.P. Vaz

Formworks—maximizing the prefabrication of each set on the ground
A. Reis & J. Santos Baptista

Formworks—provisionally stability of the sets
A. Reis & J. Santos Baptista

Exposure assessment of health ionizing radiation in nuclear medicine at Coimbra
C. Sousa, J.P. Figueiredo, N.L. Sá, A. Ferreira, S. Paixão & F. Alves

Risk assessment: Information for qualitative estimation of probability and severity in high risk work context
A.A. Ribeiro, J.P.C. Fernandes Thomaz & R.A.C. Veiga

Occupational risks behind teaching activity
C. Barros-Duarte, T. Lajinha, M. Reina, F. Rocha, T. Santos & I. Soares da Costa

Noise exposure and military police: A review
K.C.S. de Lima & L.B. da Silva

Occupational exposure to particulate matter and fungi in a composting plant—case study in Portugal
S. Viegas, M. Almeida-Silva, R. Sabino & C. Viegas

Safety culture and labor accidents in the town councils in the District of Leiria
D. Chagas & M. Dias-Teixeira

A study regarding the ergonomic conditions in an area of winding transformers
G.N. Bolzan, G.S. Freitas & L.A.S. Franz

Respiratory function study in a group of car repair workers
S. Correia, A. Ferreira, J.P. Figueiredo & J. Conde

Simultaneity of risk in the civil site construction: An analysis of accumulated risk
N. Ferreira & G. Santos

High-Density surface Electromyography applications & reliability vs. muscle fatigue—a short review
T. Sa-Ngiamsak, J. Castela Torres Costa & J. Santos Baptista

Dispersion of quarry’s dust—pilot study
A. Campos, M.L. Matos, J. GĂłis, M.C. Vila, M.L. Dinis & J. Santos Baptista

Study of Radon in dwellings—case study in Moimenta da Beira
C. Carvalho, A. Ferreira & J.P. Figueiredo

Occupational exposure to car workshops air pollutants
É. Oliveira, A. Ferreira & J.P. Figueiredo

Food safety of transported meals in primary schools and kindergartens
B. Alves, A. Carvalho, L. Tavares, A. Ferreira, N.L. Sá, S. Paixão, H. Simões & J. Almeida

Eco-construction—contribution to occupational risk occurrence
F. Rodrigues & A. Ribeiro

Risk exposure prevention tool to health care workers
J. Sá, M. Tato Diogo & R. Cruz

The construction of the Brazil colony: The role played by the carpenters
J.A.B. Castañon, M.T.G. Barbosa & C.M. Ferreira

Safety analysis in the building construction carpentry work
C.M. Ferreira, M.A.S. Hippert & M.M. Borges

Elementals ergonomic constituents for administratives environments
D.A. Cassano, M.C. Vidal & M.V.C. Aguilera

Research on occupational exposure to radon in Portuguese thermal spas
A.S. Silva, M.L. Dinis & A. FiĂşza

Vibration and tipping of agricultural machinery: A reality to be adjusted
G.A. Gomes de Moraes, J.E.G. Santos, A.L. Andreoli, J.A. Cagnon & V.G. Meneghetti

Noise emission levels during spinning classes and the effects on workers’ health
P.H. Bahniuk, L. Ulbricht, W.L. Ripka & A.M.W. Stadnik

A model for assessing maturity of Integrated Management Systems
J.P.T. Domingues, P. Sampaio & P.M. Arezes

Effects of indoor air quality on respiratory function of children in the 1st cycle of basic education of Coimbra, Portugal
A. Ferreira & S.M. Cardoso

Risk analysis and reliability assessment of energy facilities
J. Sinay, A. Tompoš & S. Vargová

Microbiological parameters of surfaces in school canteens
C. Laranjeiro, C. Santos, B. Alves, A. Ferreira & J.P. Figueiredo

Good practices of hygienic processes on NEMI’s professionals
C. Rodrigues, C. Santos, H. Simões, A. Ferreira & J.P. Figueiredo

Conceptual model of competency profile for work equipment inspections
J. Branco & M. Tato Diogo

Assessment levels of dustiness—case study applied to technicians of gel nails
T. Margalho, A. Ferreira, J.P. Figueiredo & F. Silva

Assessment of electromagnetic fields in arc and resistance welding
A.C.M. Garrido & M.L. Dinis

Influence of pedal use in developing of chronic low back pain and work disability
S. Barata, S. Gagulic & P.M. Arezes

3D anthropometric data collection for occupational ergonomics purposes: A review
S. Bragança, P.M. Arezes, M.A. Carvalho & S. Ashdown

Occupational hygiene and work safety in a shoe company in Campina Grande
L.O. Rocha, M.B.G. Santos, I.F. AraĂşjo & E.S.P. Sales

Safety management at small establishments with major hazards: The case of galvanic industry
P. Agnello, S. Ansaldi, P. Bragatto & A. Pirone

Qualitative evaluation of occupational exposure to chemical agents in a workplace of a research laboratory
C.S. Castillo, S. Bragança, A. Fernandes, I.F. Loureiro & N. Costa

Some constraints in the evacuation—a short review
A.L. Lourenço, J. Santos Baptista & P. Oliveira

Can the external environment affect the occupational safety conditions and unsafety behaviours?
I.F. Loureiro, M. Rodrigues, C. Vale & R. Azevedo

Screening for psychoactive substances at the workplace—a review
P.H. Marques & C. Jacinto

Ergonomic and anthropometric evaluation of a footwear modification: A case study
R. Lima, P.M. Arezes & M.A. Carvalho

Cultural and linguistic adaptation and validation of the long version of Copenhagen
Psychosocial Questionnaire II (COPSOQ II) in Portuguese
S. Rosário, J. Fonseca & J. Torres da Costa

Anthropometric study of the student population of a Portuguese faculty
L.S. Sousa, M.E. Pinho & P.M. Arezes

Variability management: A still to be noticed role of workers
A.S.P. Moraes, P.M. Arezes & R. Vasconcelos

Whole Body Vibration in open pit mining—a short review
C. Bernardo, M.L. Matos & J. Santos Baptista

Factors affecting the safety in Portuguese architectural heritage works
J.P. Couto & M.L. Tender

Patterns of Whole-Body Vibrations in open pit mining
C. Bernardo, M.L. Matos & J. Santos Baptista

Tracking Surgical Instruments: From a management perspective to safety issues
A.M. Sampaio, R. Simoes & A.J. Pontes

Occupational noise and hearing loss in a metalworking company
A. Beça, A.S. Miguel & J. Góis

Analysis of FEUP school furniture’s suitability
L.S. Sousa, M.E. Pinho & P.M. Arezes

Modern machines: How to set up the health of the pilot?
E.T. Martins, L.B. Martins & I.T. Martins

Chemical agents exposure prevention: A training effectiveness approach
A.P. Soares, A. Pinheiro, A. Parente & M. Tato Diogo

Safety management on a refinery maintenance turnaround
A.G. Cardoso, M. do Sameiro QueirĂłs, J.M. Meireles & M. Tato Diogo

Safety footwear and its protective components, a way to promote health and safety at work
C.S. Ferreira, M.J. Abreu, J.V. da Silva & J.P. Mendonça

Crawler excavator track repair: Track fastening—noise characterization and personal protection
N.F. Couto, J. Castelo Branco & J. Santos Baptista

Assessment of the performance of globe thermometers under different environmental conditions
D.A. Quintela, A.R. Gaspar, A.R. Raimundo, A.V.M. Oliveira & D. Cardoso

Different transposed legislation analysis in safety matter for construction sites: Three study cases
C. Reis, C. Oliveira, M.A.A. Mieiro & C. Santos

Preventive measures in the execution of metallic structures in Portugal
C. Reis, C. Oliveira, M.A.A. Mieiro & T.M.M. Felgueiras

Preventive measures in rehabilitation of buildings—facades shoring
C. Reis, C. Oliveira, M.A.A. Mieiro & V. Pereira

Assessment of the health and safety plan on Vila Nova de Gaia county
C. Reis, C. Oliveira, M.A.A. Mieiro & P. Freitas

Stakeholder’s perspectives on accident causes in rehabilitation and maintenance work in Portugal and Brazil
J.P. Couto, E.R.K. Rabbani, J. Duarte & F.J.B. Santos

Evaluation of indoor thermal environment of a manufacturing industry
L. Teixeira, M. Talaia & M. Morgado

Analysis of correlation between unsafe actions and unsafe conditions in the constitution of occupational accidents—case study
F.F. Sousa, L.B. Silva & E.L. Souza

Proposal for evaluation of heat stress on the activity of vehicular patrolling by military police in Paraíba—Brazil
E.G.S. de Medeiros, F. de A. Gomes Filho & L.B. da Silva

Take the risk by others: Working conditions and health of workers of private security
P. Costa & L. Cunha

Occupational noise exposure in gyms of county of Coimbra
S. Seco, J. Almeida, J. Figueiredo & A. Ferreira

Ergonomic service quality of the elderly on the example of the financial market
M. Butlewski, A. Misztal, E. Tytyk & D. Walkowiak

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) in the living rooms in homes for the elderly—case study in the county of Pombal
C. Carvalho, A. Ferreira & J.P. Figueiredo

Occupational exposure noise—case study of a quarter of firefighters in center region
I. Gaminha, J. Almeida, H. Simões, J. Figueiredo & A. Ferreira

Risk factors associated with musculoskeletal symptoms in footwear sewing workers
L. Afonso, M.E. Pinho & P.M. Arezes

Environmental risks: A systematic review
B. Barkokébas Jr., E.M.G. Lago, F.M. Cruz & H.C. Albuquerque Neto

Prevalence of WMSD in the sewing sector of two companies of the footwear industry
L. Afonso, M.E. Pinho & P.M. Arezes

Industrial hygiene and safety of work in a manufacturing industry profiles aluminum
D.F. Santos, T.S. Januario, M.B.G. Santos, S.S. Justino & A.S.R. Mayer

Ergonomic method for the implementation of occupational safety systems
M. Butlewski & M. Sławińska

A review of effects from exposure to static magnetic fields in magnetic resonance imaging
V.M. Silva & I.M. Ramos

Ergonomic model of hotel service quality for the elderly and people with disabilities
M. Butlewski & J. Jabłońska

Safety in the work environment of a company in the textile in Campina Grande-PB—Brazil
K.R. Araujo, V.K.O. Almeida, M.B.G. Santos & R.I. Gomes

Exposure assessment to ionizing radiation in the manufacture of phosphate fertilizer
J.G. Estevez & F.O. Nunes

Shiftwork experience: Worker’s vision of its impacts
I.S. Silva, J. Prata, A.I. Ferreira & A. Veloso

Ergonomic conditions of work bus urban driver and bus collector
B. Barkokébas Jr., A.B.B.H. Pinto, L.B. Martins, E.M.G. Lago, F.M. da Cruz & B.M. Guimarães

A study of associations of occupational accidents to number of employees, and to hours worked
P.H. Marques, J. Atouguia, F.H. Marques, C. Palhais, A.R. Pinto, L.A. Silva, M.M. Silva, M.G. Andrade, P. Torres & V. Jesus

3D human thermoregulation model: Bioheat transfer in tissues and small vessels
J.C. Guedes, J. Santos Baptista & J.M. Soeiro de Carvalho

Work organization and the interfaces with occupational stress
J.C.S. Pessoa, L.S. Nascimento JĂşnior & M.L.C. Santos

Key elements to effective emergency management in a school complex
F.H. Marques, M.C. Neves & P.H. Marques

A study on the reality of Portuguese companies about work health and safety
A. Bastos, J. Sá, O. Silva & M.C. Fernandes

Influence of rotating shiftwork in health and performance of air traffic controller: A review
J.C.F. Siqueira, L.B. da Silva, M.S. Negreiros, E.L. de Souza & M.G. Andrade Filho

Perception of risk inherent in the working conditions of women agricultural workers in northeastern Brazil
F.D. Sá, A.G. Magalhães, L.S. Nascimento Júnior & D.S. Dantas

Self-rated health, social factors and life style among farmers in Brazil
A.G. Magalhães, L.S. Nascimento Júnior, F.D. Sá, D.E. Souza, E.S.R. Viana & D.S. Dantas

Prevalence of chronic pain and associated factors in administrative assistants of a Brazilian university
D.S. Dantas, A.G. Magalhães, L.S. Nascimento Júnior, F.D. Sá, G.B. Nascimento & C.H. Moreira

Occupational risks in a workplace of a metallurgical in Paraíba—Brazil
J.G. Silva, R.M.A. Lima, M.B.G. Santos, I.F. AraĂşjo & E.S.P. Sales

One-way coupling between a CFD model and a transient thermal model of the human body
S. Teixeira, R.F. Oliveira, N. Rodrigues, A.S. Miguel, J.C. Teixeira & J. Santos Baptista

The importance of ergonomics analysis in prevention of MSDs: Exploratory study in Swedwood-Portugal
C. Coelho, P. Oliveira, E. Maia, R. Rangel & M. Dias-Teixeira

Environmental risks in a company in the food sector in Campina Grande, PB
L.M.S. Pereira, P.F. VerĂ­ssimo, M.B.G. Santos & R.J. Silva

Recent application of infrared thermography in work-related musculoskeletal disorders
A. Seixas, R. Vardasca, J. Gabriel & J.P. Vilas-Boas

Ergonomic work analysis of swing arm cutting machine by RULA method
A.C. Mendes, J. Moreira, R. Maia & M.A. Gonçalves

Evaluation of sidewalks on a busy avenue in a Brazilian metropolis
A.N.J. Mandel Lins, A. Mandel Lins & E.R. Kohlman Rabbani

Occurrence of pain in metals industry workers and its relation to work
F. Torres, F.S. Menezes & A.A.P. Xavier

A proposal for the use of serious games in occupational safety
J.R. Jordan, G. Letti & T.L. Pinto

Summer parties in Algarve—DJs and audience noise exposure
V. RosĂŁo & R. Constantino

Occupational risks of accident at a work: A case study in footwear industry in Paraíba—Brazil
M.É. Laurindo Sousa, M. Lira, B.J. Farias, S. Brito Lira & M.B. Gama Santos

Identification and proposition of preventive measures for environmental risks on a t-shirts factory in Campina Grande, Brazil
T.F. Chaves, M.B.G. Santos & L.F. Monteiro

Noise pollution in a shopping center of Konya (Turkey)
A. Alaş, Ç. Çiftçi Ulusoy, M. Shahriari & Ş.N. Alaş

Contributions to the design of Emergency Management Intelligent Systems
M.J. Simões-Marques & I.L. Nunes

User-centered design of the interface prototype of a BI intelligence mobile application
G. Ferreira, B. MourĂŁo & I.L. Nunes

Occupational noise exposure during pregnancy: A systematic review
M.A. Bastos, S.C.A. Duarte, R.M.S. AraĂşjo, C. Ramalho & J. Torres da Costa

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