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    The papers published in Occupational Safety and Hygiene III cover the following topics:
    - Occupational safety
    - Risk assessment
    - Safety management
    - Ergonomics
    - Management systems
    - Environmental ergonomics
    - Physical environments
    - Construction safety, and
    - Human factors.

    The contributions are based on research carried out at universities and other research institutions, and on practical studies developed by Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) practitioners within companies. This book will help to get acquainted with the state-of-the-art within the above mentioned domains, as well as with some practical tools and approaches that are currently used by OHS professionals in a global context.

    Foreword xi

    Ergonomics analysis in operators of electric power control centers: Proposed methodology
    M. Melo, J. Maribondo, A. Nascimento, F. Rebelo & L. Bueno

    Perceptions of employees of the importance of safety in the energy industry in Cyprus
    N. Konnari, P. Chourides & G. Boustras

    Biomechanical evaluation of semi-mechanized activities of forest establishment in mountain regions of Brazil
    S. Schettino, L.J. Minette, A.P. Souza & J.C.C. Campos

    Application of the NIOSH lifting equation in the activity for manual fertilization of eucalyptus plantations in mountain regions, Brazil
    L.J. Minette, S. Schettino, A.P. Souza & F.L.C. Marzano

    Direct action helpers at home care services: Consequences to the health of workers
    D. Chagas

    Injuries in surf athletes and the use of safety equipments
    K. Donoša & A.L. Cabral

    Information quality for health and safety management systems: A case study
    M. Sławińska & B. Mrugalska

    Horse stable environment: What to expect regarding fungi and particles occupational exposure?
    C. Viegas, E. Carolino, M. Meneses, M. dos Santos, T. Graça & S. Viegas

    Analysis of occupational risks: A systematic review from “Bayesian Networks” tools
    E.M.A. Vieira, L.B. da Silva & J.M.N. Silva

    Dentist health and its ergonomic risks: Literature review
    A.F. Soares, B.O. Tostes, J.F.S. Bombonatti & R.F.L. Mondelli

    Comparison of different medical clothing used in Operating Rooms (OR’s)—the importance of thermal comfort at work
    I.M. Abreu, P. Ribeiro & M.J. Abreu

    Companies’ OHS internal structures: A characterization based on the literature review
    C.S. Castillo, P.M. Arezes & M. Shahriari

    The presence of radon in thermal spas and their occupational implications—a review
    A.S. Silva & M.L. Dinis

    Contribution of BIM for hazards’ prevention through design
    F. Rodrigues & A. Alves

    Production targets consistent with ergonomic factors of forestry activities
    A.P. Souza, F.L.C. Marzano, S. Schettino & L.J. Minette

    Proposed improvements for work performance and comfort in the perspective of Cognitive Ergonomics: A case study in the release sector of maintenance orders
    A.N.M. Costa, J.M.N. Silva, F.S. Masculo, J.F.P. Raposo, D.M.B. Batista, J.N. Santos & F. Schramm

    A method for accident analysis oriented to the identification of areas of intervention for public safety policies
    J.A. Carrillo-Castrillo, J. Guadix, L. Onieva & J.C. Rubio-Romero

    The new regulatory norm nº 12: The criticisms and difficulties in the applying this norm
    J.M.N. Silva, E.M.A. Vieira, A.N.M. Costa, M.G.L. Torres, F.S. Masculo & T.M. Silva

    Innovative protective insoles for safety footwear: A balance between protection and comfort
    C.S. Ferreira & M.J. Abreu

    Analysis of the causes of work accidents in Romania in the period 2011–2013
    L.I. Cioca, L. Ivascu & C.G. Dragomir

    Human body thermoregulation: Test and validation of a computer program
    A.M. Raimundo, C.D. Pereira, D.A. Quintela & A.V.M. Oliveira

    Exposure of agricultural pilots to noise
    M. Zanatta, F.G. Amaral, M.P. da Silva & D.W. Zini

    Occupational noise exposure and the exposure to ototoxic substances: A case study in the injection sector in the footwear industry
    S. Monteiro, S. Costa, P. Carneiro, A.S. Colim, N. Costa & I. Loureiro

    Exposure of agricultural pilots to Whole-Body Vibration
    M. Zanatta, F.G. Amaral & M.P. da Silva

    Ergonomics cost-benefit indicators on a large auto parts manufacturer
    M.P. da Silva, F.G. Amaral, M. Zanatta & G.S. Furtado

    An exploratory pilot study on occupational accidents in farming
    C. Campos, J. Santos Baptista & M.J. Oliveira

    Characterization of indoor air pollution in a Portuguese pre-school
    M. Oliveira, C. Delerue-Matos, S. Morais, K. Slezakova & M.C. Pereira

    Non-fatal accidents at work in the farming sector—a short review
    C. Campos, J. Santos Baptista & M.J. Oliveira

    Slope instability risks—approach methodology proposal based on a comparative analysis of several Unitary Development Plans
    J.A.C. Fonseca, A. Leite & M.T. Diogo

    The applications of muscle fatigue/muscle activity assessment using multi-channel surface EMG during repetitive movement—a short review
    T. Sa-ngiamsak, J. Torres Costa & J. Santos Baptista

    An overview of the current three-dimensional body scanners for anthropometric data collection
    S. Bragança, P.M. Arezes & M. Carvalho

    A review of the regulatory norms of work in Brazil within the context of biosafety in dentistry
    A.F. Soares, G.A. Gomes de Moraes & M.L. Menezes

    Evaluation of a triaxial operating vibration monitor applied to farm tractor
    G.A. Gomes de Moraes, A.L. Andreoli, J.E.G. Santos & J.A. Cagnon

    Construction project failure due to uncertainties—a case study
    M. Shahriari, G. Sauce, C. Buhe & H. Boileau

    Safety and security in a higher education establishment laboratories using a checklist from the University of Illinois at Chicago
    C.E.P. Bernardo, A. Danko & M.T. Diogo

    Genotoxic assessment in different exposure groups working with antineoplastic agents
    C. Ladeira, S. Viegas, M. Pádua, E. Carolino, M.C. Gomes & M. Brito

    Assessment of children exposure doses to ultrafine particles in primary schools
    J. Cavaleiro-Rufo, J. Madureira, E. de Oliveira Fernandes, M. Pinto, A. Moreira, K. Slezakova, M.C. Pereira, C. Pereira & J.P. Teixeira

    Identification of the most critical areas in an industrial inner space regarding thermal comfort: Environmental ergonomics
    M. Morgado, M. Talaia & L. Teixeira

    Safe workplace practices for handling nanowastes: An overview
    B.M. Díaz-Soler, M.D. Martínez-Aires & M. Martín-Morales

    Subjective productivity of workers submitted to two different temperatures
    E.A.S. Oliveira, A.A.P. Xavier & A. Michaloski

    Is the quality of information from worker to occupational health physician adequate for the purpose? A systematic review
    R. Felizes & J. Costa

    Hazard and operability (HAZOP) study: A systematic process to identify potential hazards and operability problems
    B. Gonçalves, M.M. Sá & R. Azevedo

    The approach of ergonomics on the analysis of the use of physical space for pedagogical activities at the children’s school of the Federal University of Paraíba
    S.B. Gonçalves, N.L. Silva, J.C.F. Siqueira & M.C.W. Saldanha

    Characterization of workers’ noise exposure of Portuguese industry
    A.M. Lopes, E. Pinto, P. Laranjeira, M. Rebelo & P. Oliveira

    Naturally occurring radioactive materials: A method for assessing the risk of exposure
    J.G. Estevez & F.O. Nunes

    Ergonomic analysis of the shaping post in the injection sector of a footwear industry
    S. Costa, S. Monteiro, P. Carneiro, A.S. Colim, N. Costa & I. Loureiro

    Eye blinking as an indicator of fatigue and mental load—a systematic review
    R. Martins & J.M. Carvalho

    Assessment of the level of noise in gyms for sports in a college in the city of Curitiba
    W.a.d. Strasse, A.M.W. Stadnik & L. Ulbricht

    Ergonomics applied to the cycling with the utilization of two protocols for the saddle height adjust
    R.M.B. Macedo, L. Ulbricht, W. Ripka, A.M.W. Stadnik & D.V. Ricieri

    Thermal comfort—worker perception in a codfish packaging industry
    I. Tavares, M. Talaia & L. Teixeira

    A systematic approach for externalities in occupational safety through the use of the Delphi methodology
    D. Ramos, P.M. Arezes & P. Afonso

    Musculoskeletal disorders among physical therapists—prevalence, characteristics and impacts of work—short review
    A. Rocha, T. Zlatar, R. Felizes & J. Santos Baptista

    Psychosocial risk factors in non-teaching staff—descriptive findings of three schools clusters of Santarém district
    S.M. Silva, V. Jesus & P.H. Marques

    Changes in face and hands skin temperatures during exposure to moderate cold thermal environment
    T. Zlatar, R. Vardasca & A.T. Marques

    Thermographic assessment of a physiotherapy related upper limb task: Preliminary study
    A. Seixas, S. Rodrigues, V. Soares, T. Dias, R. Vardasca & J. Gabriel

    Quantification of ATP in surfaces, health and hygiene standards, assessment of knowledge level, attitudes and practice from food handlers in industrial establishments of Ovos Moles in Aveiro district
    A. Gonçalves, C. Santos, B. Alves, J.P. Figueiredo & A. Ferreira

    Occupational health and work safety at a car wash in Campina Grande, Brazil
    M.M. Dantas, M.B.G. Santos, D.F.A.C. Silva, I.C. Bezerra & Y.L.D. Vieira

    ATP quantification and health professionals knowledge and performance indicators assessment regarding hand hygiene procedures in dental clinics
    J. Ribeiro, C. Santos, B. Alves, J.P. Figueiredo & A. Ferreira

    Artisanal production of Serra da Estrela cheese: Evaluation of hygiene conditions and good manufacturing practice
    A. Oliveira, C. Santos, B. Alves, J.P. Figueiredo & A. Ferreira

    Risk factors for upper trapezius overload during computer work: Short review of electromyographic studies
    S. Rodrigues & A. Seixas

    ATP quantification and evaluation of hygiene good practices in dental clinics surfaces of Pombal city
    F. Moreira, C. Santos, B. Alves, A. Ferreira & J.P. Figueiredo

    Ergonomic assessment of electrical and electronic equipment’s dismantling
    C.R. Ferreira, M.A. Vaz & M.E. Pinho

    Testing a human thermal software using field investigation from an industrial plant
    M. Guise, I. Loureiro, N. Rodrigues & S. Teixeira

    Exposure of urban bus drivers to Whole-Body Vibration
    S. Barreira, M.L. Matos & J. Santos Baptista

    Whole-Body Vibration in urban bus drivers—a short review
    S. Barreira, M.L. Matos & J. Santos Baptista

    Potential risks related to the polymer mortars production with nano ZrO2
    S.P.B. Sousa, M.C.S. Ribeiro & J. Santos Baptista

    The effects of obesity on muscle activity during lifting tasks
    A.S. Colim, P.M. Arezes, P. Flores & A.C. Braga

    Butterfly collection cart for waste recyclables: Ergonomics and sustainability
    T.R. de L. Nascimento, J.C.F. Siqueira, D.D. Muniz, L.K. de Mendonça & M.C.W. Saldanha

    Consideration of occupational risks in construction confined spaces in a brewery
    D.T. Leão, M.B.G. Santos, M.C.A. Mello & S.F.A. Morais

    Muscle fatigue: Evaluation by electromyography at different thermal environments
    R. Gonçalves, J.C. Guedes & J. Santos Baptista

    Prevalence of skeletal muscle injuries in hairdressers in the District of Setubal
    J. Cruz & M. Dias-Teixeira

    Promoting the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): Illustration of critical aspects based on an intervention in the real world
    I.S. Silva, C. Dias & A. Brandão

    Process safety control for occupational accident prevention
    B. Mrugalska, S. Nazir, E. Tytyk & K.I. Øvergård

    Proposal methodology for evaluation of fire risk in urban spaces
    M.C. Gonçalves & A. Correia

    Indoor air quality in beauty establishments that use air fresheners in Guimarães
    A. Martins, A. Ferreira & J.P. Figueiredo

    The error in aviation is a fault tree that always ends in humans
    E.T. Martins, L.B. Martins & I.T. Martins

    Evaluation of a public safety program based in programme theory
    J.A. Carrillo-Castrillo, J. Guadix, L. Onieva & J.C. Rubio-Romero

    Thermal and acoustic aspects an sheds for production of broilers at high density
    M.B.G. Santos, M.G.F. Nascimento & M.L.U.G. Paiva

    Heat stress for firemen in urban fire—case study Condeixa-a-Nova
    D. Frescata, H. Simões, J. Pereira, A. Ferreira & J.P. Figueiredo

    Physical working performance in cold thermal environment: A short review
    T. Zlatar, J. Santos Baptista & J. Torres Costa

    Ergonomic analysis—case study of passenger transport company
    A.R. Costa, J. Almeida, J.P. Figueiredo & A. Ferreira

    Mercury emissions, hazards and preventive measures: A review
    T. Abbas, S. Nazir, B. Mrugalska & M.I.A. Mutalib

    Risk assessment of work-related musculoskeletal disorders at a workplace from metalworking industry
    L. Aguiar, T. Ferreira, P. Carneiro, A.S. Colim, N. Costa & I. Loureiro

    Prevention in underground construction with Sequential Excavation Method
    M.L. Tender, J.P. Couto & T.P. Ferreira

    Noise Induced Hearing Loss estimation and sound pressure limits’ main issues—a systematic review
    A.P. Oliveira, A.S. Miguel, J. Santos Baptista & J. Torres Costa

    Comparing three risk analysis methods on the evaluation of a trench opening in an urban site
    R. Bessa, J. Santos Baptista & M.J. Oliveira

    Worker’s safety at road works with high traffic
    C.M. Reis, L.F. Sanches Fernandes, F. Abobeleira Vieira, M. Mieiro & C. Oliveira

    Integrating Lean Six Sigma and ergonomics—a case study
    D. Freitas, V. Nunes & I.L. Nunes

    Health and safety plans analysis
    C.M. Reis, C. Oliveira, D. Pinto, J. Ferreira, M. Mieiro & P. Silva

    Nanoparticles characterization and potential hazard assessments
    P. Silva, C.M. Reis, J. Ferreira & C. Oliveira

    Possible uses of Augmented Reality as a tool for guidance of users of packages
    A.S.G. Acioly, M.M. Soares & P.M. Arezes

    Productivity and absence of workers with disabilities: Case study in the construction industry
    B. Guimarães, L.B. Martins & B. Barkokébas Junior

    Way finding of blind people in the work environment: An ergonomic sight
    L.B. Martins & M. Almeida

    Safety handling, rigging and lifting
    A. Teodoro & C. Carvalho

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    Pedro M. Arezes, João Santos Baptista, Monica P. Barroso, Paula Carneiro, Patricio Corderiro, Nelson Costa, Rui B. Melo, A. Sergio Miguel, Gonçalo Perestrelo