Occupational Safety and Hygiene IV covers a wide variety of topics, including but not limited to:

    - Occupational Safety

    - Risk Assessment

    - Ergonomics

    - Management Systems

    - Physical Environment

    - Construction Safety, and

    - Human Factors

    This compilation of papers in the domain of occupational safety and hygiene is mainly based on research works carried out at universities and other research institutions, and on practical studies developed by Occupational Safety & Health (OSH) practitioners within their companies. Accordingly, this book will be helpful to get acquainted with the state-of-the-art of the research within the mentioned domains, as well as with some practical tools and approaches that are currently used by OSH professionals in a global context.

    Occupational exposure assessment to particles with task-based approach                                                 
    S. Viegas, M. Almeida-Silva, T. Faria, M. Dos Santos & C. Viegas

    Trends of Volatile Organic Compounds in different indoor microenvironments: A review                       
    I. Paciência, J. Madureira, J. Cavaleiro Rufo, E. Oliveira Fernandes, A. Moreira & J.P. Teixeira

    Climate changes influence in occupational exposure to fungi and mycotoxins                                        
    C. Viegas, M. Meneses & S. Viegas

    Changes of air temperature and its effects on student’s health                                                                 
    J.C.F. Siqueira, L.B. da Silva, A.S. Coutinho & R.M. Rodrigues

    Biomechanical analysis of the manual handling of fertilizers in silvicultural operations, in mountainous regions                                                                                                                             
    L.J. Minette, S. Schettino, A.P. de Souza, F.L. da Cunha Marzano & A.C.M. Camarinha

    Exposure to emissions from cleaning products in primary schools: A test chamber study                      
    J. Cavaleiro Rufo, J. Madureira, I. Paciência, J.R.B. Sousa, E. Oliveira Fernandes, K. Slezakova, M.C. Pereira, L. Aguiar, J.P. Teixeira, M. Pinto, L. Delgado & A. Moreira

    Analysis of overload in the musculoskeletal system of women developing repetitive tasks in fluid filling process in chemical industry                                                                                              
    L. Monteiro, J. Santos, V. Santos, V. Franca & O. Alsina

    Communication strategies in Occupational Safety and Health training for foreign university students: A case study                                                                                                                               
    B. Mrugalska & T. Ahram

    The Portuguese anthropometric database comparison                                                                              
    A.L. Cabral

    Human systems engineering approach for safety and risk management of complex systems design                                                                                                                                                   
    T. Ahram, W. Karwowski & C. Falcão

    Assessment of gaseous pollutants in a preschool environment                                                                
    M. Oliveira, K. Slezakova, M.C. Pereira, C. Delerue-Matos & S. Morais

    Influence of psychosocial factors in the pain symptoms                                                                          
    J.M.N. Silva, W.K.S. Leite, R.E.C. Lucas, J.G.B. Fernandes, C.A. Falcão, E.L. Souza, L.B. Silva & G. Colaço

    Development of ergonomic sofas for labor rest areas                                        
    S. Schettino, R. Hourani, L.J. Minette & A.C.M. Camarinha

    Performance evaluation in teaching environments on climate change                                                      
    R. Rodrigues, L. Silva, E. Souza, A. Souza & F. Brito

    Firefighter’s occupational exposure to PM2.5 and Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons                             
    M. Oliveira, K. Slezakova, M.C. Pereira, A. Fernandes, J.A. Vaz, C. Delerue-Matos & S. Morais

    Influence of temperatures’ variation on students’ productivity                                                                
    F. Brito, R. Rodrigues, L. Silva, E. Souza, R. Souza & A. Coutinho

    The workaholism as an obstacle to safety and well-being in the workplace                                             
    G. Gonçalves, D. Nené, C. Sousa, J. Santos & A. Sousa

    Chemical risk in the footwear industry                                                                                                     
    M.M. Sá, R. Azevedo, O. Machado & J. Tavares

    The noise exposure of workers of the footwear industry                                                                          
    M.M. Sá, R. Azevedo, O. Machado & J. Tavares

    Air quality in teaching lab: Perception of students and analysis of Particulate Matter                            
    C.A. Falcão, L.B. Silva, M.G.L. Torres, E.L. Souza, J.G.B. Fernandes, R.V.C. Souza, J.M.N. Silva & R.E.C. Lucas

    Perceptive assessment in viability of job rotation at a footwear industry                  
    W.K.S. Leite, E.L. Souza, J.G.B. Fernandes, R.E.C. Lucas, C. Anselmo Falcão, J.M.N. Silva, L.B. Silva & G.A. Colaço

    Risk assessment in a chemical laboratory                             
    E.B.F. Galante, D.M.B. Costa, T.C.C. França & R.S. Viaro

    Shaping a work safety by use of the 5S methodology                                                                            
    A. Górny

    Comfort requirements assessment on indoor environmental quality in hospital’s ICU                                                                                                                                     
    E.M.A. Vieira, A.I.A. Neves, C.A. Falcão, R.V.C. Sousa, J.P. Carvalho, W.K.S. Leite & L.B. da Silva

    Noise perception of male motorcycle police officers in João Pessoa, Brazil                                      
    K.C.S. Lima, L.B. Silva, V.S.B. Gonçalves, E.L. Souza & J.G.B. Fernandes

    Work environmental conditions (noise and vibrations) in a professional conservatory of dance in Spain                                                                                                                                    
    A.J. Cubero-Atienza, C. del Río & M.D. Redel-Macías

    Good management practices of the waste and of the health and the safety conditions in the constructive process: Sustainability, social responsibility and ethical business activity               
    D. Vasconcelos, M.B. Melo, M.S.M. Souto, A.H. Caldas & D.D. Muniz

    Organizational culture—decisive factor for safety and health at work in construction companies                                                                                                                      
    D. Vasconcelos, M.B. Melo, M.S.M. Souto, A.H. Caldas & D.D. Muniz

    Verification of project requirements that influence workers’ health in the development of industrial equipment                                                                                                                           
    S.R. Moro, I.C. Wictor, A. Braghini Jr. & A.O. Michaloski

    Prevalence of symptoms of musculoskeletal injuries related to the work of caregiver—case study of a social institution                                                                                                                     
    S. Reis, J. Almeida, J.P. Figueiredo & A. Ferreira

    “Safety and health” as a criterion in the choice of tunnelling method                                                    
    M.L. Tender & J.P. Couto

    Construction workers’ training: Contributions to a more effective prevention culture                     
    J.A. Gonçalves, J.P. Couto & M.L. Tender

    Brazilian performance standard—NBR 15.575: Safety in use and operation of housing buildings                                                                                                                               
    F. Santos & M.A. Hippert

    Heavy metal exposure in landfill leachate treatment facilities                                                                
    J. Jesus, P. Travanca, A. Danko, M. Tato Diogo, M. Picavet, T. Albergaria, C. Deleure-Matos & T. Oliva-Teles

    Design for Maintenance guidelines: Safety height work                               
    I. Stiegert, A. Hippert & M. Borges

    Analysis of the evolution and impact of electrical occupational accidents in Spain                              
    J. Castillo-Rosa, M. Suárez-Cebador, J.C. Rubio-Romero & J.A. Aguado

    BIM as a support for the design process with fire safety regulations                                                     
    L. Sanches, M.A. Hippert & G.F. Abdalla

    Musculoskeletal pain and physical workload among dental students                                                     
    V. Silva, M.E. Pinho, M. Vaz & J. Reis-Campos

    The outcomes of shift work in the context of psychosocial functioning—sex aspects                          
    J. Sadłowska-Wrzesińska, A. Górny & A. Mościcka-Teske

    Information technology applied to the safety management                                                                    
    A. Moreira, M.A. Hippert & M. Borges

    Consequences of occupational accidents due to direct and indirect electrical contact                           
    J. Castillo-Rosa, M. Suárez-Cebador, J.C. Rubio-Romero & J.A. Aguado

    An activity of “acceptable risk”, the one of the Occupational Health and Safety professionals?          
    D. Martins & L. Cunha

    Epidemiological analysis of accidents at work in Brazil based on the National Household Health Survey                                                                                                                       
    A. Magalhães, L. Nascimento Júnior, F. Sá, D. Dantas, V. Elizabel & D. Souza

    The impact of patient’s suicide on health care professionals                                                                  
    A. Estevão, M. Antunes & M. Tato Diogo

    Analysis of the chemical hazards present in the sugar production: A comparative study between the crystal and demerara sugar                                                                                                  
    K. Barboza, M.L. Gomes & D. Vasconcelos

    Impact of the work process on power grip strength: A practical case                                                    
    G. Dahlke, M. Butlewski & M. Drzewiecka

    Impact of exposures to environmental factors on sense of balance stimulation                                     
    G. Dahlke, M. Butlewski & M. Drzewiecka

    Working conditions in the ceramic industry: Assessment of the heat exposure with the Predicted Heat Strain (PHS) index                                                                                                    
    José M. Rodrigues, A.V.M. Oliveira, A.R. Gaspar, A.M. Raimundo & D.A. Quintela

    Student Occupational Health and Safety in technological education                                                      
    D.M.B. Costa, M.B. Emmel, E.B.F. Galante & C.V. Morgado

    Working postures of spot welding machine operators                                                                            
    A.M. Lasota & K. Hankiewicz

    Shift work: Impact on sleep, family and social life, and satisfaction with work schedule                      
    I.S. Silva & J. Keating

    Impact of fatigue on selected psychomotor characteristics: A practical example (Dufour Cross-Shaped Apparatus)                                                                                                          
    M. Butlewski, G. Dahlke & M. Drzewiecka

    Application of the TRIZ method in design oriented to the various needs of people with disabilities                                                                                                                                       
    P. Królak & M. Butlewski

    Numerical modeling of the physical parameters of the thermal environment in industrial contexts                                                                                                                               
    R. Costa, S. Teixeira & I. Loureiro

    Dynamics of skin surface temperature in the hand after computer work: A review                              
    A. Seixas & S. Rodrigues

    Safety lifting—equipment’s                                                                                                                            
    A. Teodoro

    Occupational stress in Portuguese physiotherapists                                                                                
    S.B. Rodrigues, L.A. Valente, L.P. Faria & A.R. Seixas

    Analysis of work disability in the workers of a central hospital—the impact of the Musculoskeletal Injury                                                                                                                 
    N. Salvador, J. Almeida, J.P. Figueiredo, A. Ferreira, J. Amaro, P. Norton & C. Vieira

    Injuries treatment body posture monitoring system                                                                                
    M. Meireles, J. Gonçalves, P. Macedo, P. Simões & R. Simoes

    Cardiovascular parameters of students subjected to temperature changes                                             
    A. Souza, J. Carvalho, R. Rodrigues, A.I. Neves & L.B. Silva

    Industrial wastes: Analysis of parameters addressed by the Regulatory Norm 25 in a tannery located in southwest of Minas Gerais                                                                                                     
    E.P. Silva, K.E.G. Reis & W.L. Evangelista

    Vehicle thermal comfort: Generalized Linear Modeling to the case of the military police of Paraíba—Brazil                                                                                                                                  
    E. de Medeiros, E. de Souza & L. da Silva

    On the use of accident indicators in risk-based management of occupational safety and health: Example of application to Spain                                                                                                             
    S. Martorell, V. Gallego & A.I. Sánchez

    Inherent risk management activities disassemble the rocks with explosives                                          
    A.P. Ranieri, G.S. Betania, A.P. Kiev & E.C. Débora

    Association of hand size with usability assessment parameters of a standard handheld computer pointing device                                                                                                                       
    L.M.L. Lourenço, R.A. Pitarma & D.A. Coelho

    Life quality and health of women workers from family agriculture                                                       
    A.L.S. Pereira, F.D. Sá, J.J. Almeida Júnior, L.S. Nascimento Júnior, C.J. Carvalho & D.S. Dantas

    Analysis of safety culture on the example of selected Polish production enterprises                            
    M. Znajmiecka Sikora & K. Boczkowska

    Risk agents for worker health at a rapadura factory                                                                               
    M.H. Rangel, M.B.G. Santos, P.M. Correia, M.D.L. Mendonça & U.R. Hoffmann

    Analysis of registration and notification of circumstances in official investigation reports on occupational accidents                                                                                                                       
    F. Salguero-Caparrós, J.C. Rubio-Romero, M. Suarez-Cebador & J.A. Carrillo-Castrillo

    Effectiveness of an intervention in small and medium enterprises by safety assessors with enforcement ability                                                                                                                         
    J.A. Carrillo-Castrillo, D. Carballo-Pérez, J.C. Rubio-Romero & F. Salguero-Caparrós

    Exploring marine accident causation: A case study                                                                               
    T.-e. Kim & S. Nazir

    Evaluation of indoor air quality in kindergartens—case study                                                               
    C. Marques, A. Ferreira & J.P. Figueiredo

    Evaluation of exposure to particulate poultry farms                                                                               
    M. Furtado, A. Ferreira & J.P. Figueiredo

    The air fresheners influence on the quality of the air—cross-sectional study                                        
    A. Duque, A. Ferreira & J.P. Figueiredo

    Characterization of the thermal environment of the metal industry workers (with foundry)                
    G.A. Fernandes, N. Costa & J. Santos Baptista

    Empowerment for women riverside farmers: Workplace health promotion at Northeast of Brazil                                                                                                                      
    B.F. Lima Filho, F.D. Sá, D.T. Guedes, B.G. Araújo, A.G. Magalhães & S.R. Lima e Silva

    Causes of failure in corrective maintenance—a case study                                                                    
    M. Shahriari

    Work, health and gender differences in Portuguese physiotherapists                                                      
    L.S. Costa & M. Santos

    Diffusion of integrated Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems                                    
    J.P. Teixeira Domingues, P. Sampaio & P. Arezes

    The influence of the quality of the cooking oil from the frying process in food safety—case study in the catering industry                                                                                             
    M. Silva, P. Oliveira, M. Dias-Teixeira & M. Fernandes

    Perception of occupational risk exposure to Xylene, Ethylbenzene and Toluene by workers of furniture industry                                                                                                             
    M. Pedro & M. Dias Teixeira

    Use of effectiveness and efficiency concepts in occupational safety management on motorways: A systematic review                                                                                                       
    J. Silva, J. Santos Baptista & C. Rodrigues

    Cross-sectional study of assessment of thermal comfort levels in aviary workers                                 
    C. Carvalho, H. Simões, A. Ferreira & J.P. Figueiredo

    Noise exposure of the students from Colleges of Health Technology of Portugal                                
    D. Moreira, R. Rodrigues, H. Simões, A. Ferreira & J.P. Figueiredo

    A view of occupational risk prevention by researchers in the Nanosciences, but not exposed to nanomaterials                                                                                                                                      
    B.M. Díaz-Soler, M.D. Martínez-Aires & M. López-Alonso

    Schoolbag weight and the postural and psychophysical changes in young students: A pilot study          
    D. Silva, H. Soares, M.A. Rodrigues, R. Santos, P.R.R. Monteiro & I. Loureiro

    Portuguese economic situation of the influence on the labour accident                                                 
    F. Moreira, H. Simões & J. Figueiredo

    Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders of the upper limbs in an auto components company           
    L. Silva, P. Carneiro & A.C. Braga

    Ergonomic in the callcenter context: Protocol of the Ergonomic Work Analysis of the Telemarketing                                                                                                                               
    M. Bormio, J.E. Guanetti dos Santos, J.C. Plácido da Silva & E. Pereira das Neves

    Relationship between production cycles and noise patterns in loading and transport operations in quarries                                                                                                                              
    L. Matos, A. Coelho, J.S. Baptista & P.R. Costa

    Assessing Work-Related Upper Limb Disorders with infrared images and mouse repetitive challenge        
    R. Vardasca, J. Gabriel, E.F.J. Ring, P. Plassmann & C.D. Jones

    Measurements of indoor radon and total gamma dose rate in Portuguese thermal spas                        
    A.S. Silva, M.L. Dinis & A.J.S.C. Pereira

    Evaluation of a public intervention in high injury rate enterprises                                                         
    J.A. Carrillo-Castrillo, D. Carballo-Pérez, J.C. Rubio-Romero & F. Salguero-Caparrós

    In-vehicle auxiliary driving equipment systems—a user interaction for safety review                          
    P. Simões, A. Sampaio, P. Arezes & J. Martins

    Analysis of potential risks for the user in equipment and workstations                                                 
    J. Soares, I. Ferreira & A.M. Sampaio

    Survey of the knowledge and correct use of Scrub Suits, Gowns and Clean Air Suits in Portuguese hospitals                                                                                                                            
    P. Ribeiro & M.J. Abreu

    Thermal and health conditions in smart learning environments                                                             
    J.P. Carvalho, A.I.A. Neves, M.G.L. Torres, C.A. Falcão, B.I.L. Barroso & L.B. da Silva

    Safety coordinator specific on a road construction                                                                          
    C.M. Reis, T.L. Machado, M.A. Araújo Mieiro & C. Oliveira

    Risk assessment and control measures from exposure to Electromagnetic Fields in mobile communications                                                                                                                      
    A. Marques, V. Pena & F.O. Nunes

    The working platforms and safety                                     
    C.M. Reis, C. Oliveira, T. Andradina, J. Ferreira, A.A.M. Márcio & P. Silva

    Self-Rated Health and their relationships with work in the perspective of the women Brazilian Northeast                                                                                                          
    A. Magalhães, D. Sousa Dantas, F. Sá, L. Nascimento Júnior, V. Elizabel & D. Souza

    Ergonomic design of store shelving for the elderly applying universal design with a focus on health and safety                                                                                                                                 
    A. Kalemba & M. Butlewski

    Relationship between BMI, regular physical activity and musculoskeletal back pain indication in college students                                                                                                                                   
    G. Desouzart, E. Filgueiras, R. Matos & A. Marques

    Management Systems for Health and Safety and OSHA 18001 certification in Brazil                         
    M.B.G. Santos, L.S. Carvalho, R.R.B. Madureira, Y.R. Lucena & W.C.S. Júnior

    Asbestos application in construction                                                                                                      
    C.M. Reis, C. Oliveira, S. Novais & P. Silva

    Clam’s production floating platform                                                                                                       
    A. Simões, F. Chaves & P. Simões

    Health care staff perception of noise in Neonatal Intensive Care Units: A questionnaire survey from NeoNoise project                                                                                                                 
    C. Carvalhais, J. Santos, M. Coelho, A. Xavier & M. Silva

    Comfort lightning and energy efficiency in open space offices                                                              
    I. Maia, J. Guedes & J. Santos Baptista

    Physical exertion in military during heat stress conditions—preliminary results                                   
    J.C. Guedes, J. Santos Baptista, M. Álvares, M. Vaz, F. Conceição, J. Campos & J. Santos

    Analysis of thermal environment at a workplace: A case study in a jewelry shop                                 
    M. Nogueira, M. Durães, C. Duhamel, F. Pedrosa, E. Otero, G. Matos, R. Dantas & P. Arezes

    Safety: Factor of business through the adoption of NTEP in a civil construction company—case study                                                                                                                             
    E.M.G. Lago, B. Barkokebas Jr., L.G. Albuquerque & F.R.V. Barros

    Occupational Health and Safety management system: A case study in a waste company                     
    D.G. Ramos & A. Costa

    A method for evaluating aircraft used for visual flight rules VFR: Reliability, performance and security                                                                                                                        
    E. Martins, L.B. Martins, M. Soares & I. Martins

    Job accommodation of people with disabilities in the construction industry: Analysis of production and absence                                                                                                        
    B. Maia Guimarães, B. Barkokebas & L. Bezerra Martins

    Psychosocial risks at the Portuguese contact centres                                                                              
    I.M. Bonito Roque 


    Pedro Arezes is a full professor on Human Factors Engineering at the School of Engineering of the University of Minho (UMinho), in Portugal. He is also a visiting scholar at MIT and Harvard University, in the USA. He coordinates the Human Engineering research group at the UMinho, and his research interests are in the domain of Safety, Human Factors Engineering and Ergonomics.
    Dr. Arezes is also the current National Director of the MIT Portugal Program, a government strategic partnership between Portuguese Universities, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and partners from industry and government. He was the supervisor of more than 70 MSc. theses at several universities,11 completed PhD theses, and the host supervisor of some post-doc projects with colleagues coming from different countries, such as Brazil, Poland, and Turkey. He is the (co-)author of more than 50 papers published in international peer-reviewed journals, author/editor of more than 40 books published internationally, as well as the (co-)author of more than 250 papers published in international conference proceedings with peer-review.