1st Edition

Occupational Safety and Hygiene VI Book chapters from the 6th International Symposium on Occupation Safety and Hygiene (SHO 2018), March 26-27, 2018, Guimarães, Portugal

    Occupational Safety and Hygiene VI collects recent papers of selected authors from 21 countries in the domain of occupational safety and hygiene (OSH). The contributions cover a wide range of topics, including:
    - Occupational safety
    - Risk assessment
    - Safety management
    - Ergonomics
    - Management systems
    - Environmental ergonomics
    - Physical environment
    - Construction safety, and
    - Human factors

    Occupational Safety and Hygiene VI represents the state-of-the-art on the above mentioned domains, and is based on research carried out at universities and other research institutions. Some contributions focus more on practical case studies developed by OSH practitioners within their own companies. Hence, the book provides practical tools and approaches currently used by OHS practitioners in a global context.

    A new approach—use of effectiveness and efficiency concepts in the identification of activities related to occupational safety management on motorways
    J.E.M.R. Silva & C. Rodrigues

    Sampling methods for an accurate mycobiota occupational exposure assessment—overview of several ongoing projects
    C. Viegas

    A systematic literature review on Thermal Response Votes (TSV) and Predicted Mean Vote (PMV)
    E.E. Broday & A.A. de P. Xavier

    Participatory ergonomics training for a warehouse environment—a process solution
    A. Mocan & A. Draghici

    Wheelchair users’ anthropometric data: Analysis of existent available information
    S. Bragança, I. Castellucci & P. Arezes

    A review on occupational risk in gasification plants processing residues of sewage sludge and refuse-derived fuel
    O. Alves, M. Gonçalves, P. Brito, E. Monteiro & C. Jacinto

    Safety assessment of Ammonium Nitrate Fuel Oil (ANFO) manufactory
    D.S. Bonifácio, E.B.F. Galante & A.N. Haddad

    The relevance of surfaces contamination assessment in occupational hygiene interventions in case of exposure to chemicals
    S. Viegas

    Optimization of the CoPsoQ questionnaire in a population of Archipelago of Azores
    F.O. Nunes & A. Gaspar da Silva

    Exposure to occupational noise in police—a systematic review
    A.C. Reis & M. Vaz

    Geostatistics applied to noise exposure—a systematic review
    A.C. Reis & J.M. Carvalho

    Muscle fatigue assessment in manual handling of loads using motion analysis and accelerometers: A short review
    F.G. Bernardo, R.P. Martins & J.C. Guedes

    Evaluation of physical fatigue based on motion analysis
    F.G. Bernardo, R.P. Martins & J.C. Guedes

    Maintenance and safety according to the Brazilian performance standard: NBR 15.575
    M.A.S. Hippert & O.C. Longo

    Sensation seeking and risk perception as predictors of physical and psychosocial safety behavior in risk and non-risk professions
    G. Gonçalves, C. Sousa, M. Pereira, E. Pinto & A. Sousa

    Work ability, ageing and musculoskeletal symptoms among Portuguese municipal workers
    C.A. Ribeiro, T.P. Cotrim, V. Reis, M.J. Guerreiro, S.M. Candeias, A.S. Janicas & M. Costa

    Psychological health and wellbeing in intralogistics workplaces—an empirical analysis
    M. Hartwig & E. Mamrot

    Detailed evaluation of human body cooling techniques through thermo-physiological modelling
    A.M. Raimundo, D.A. Quintela, A. Virgílio & M. Oliveira

    Air quality assessment in copy centers
    M. Cunha, A. Ferreira, F. Silva & J.P. Figueiredo

    The contribution of digital technologies to construction safety
    D. Pinto, F. Rodrigues & J. Santos Baptista

    Tower crane safety: Organizational preventive measures vs. technical conditions
    J.A. Carrillo-Castrillo, J.C. Rubio-Romero & M.C. Pardo-Ferreira

    Occupational and public exposure to radionuclides in smoke from forest fires—a warning
    F.P. Carvalho, J.M. Oliveira & M. Malta

    Annual school safety activity calendar to promote safety in VET
    S. Tappura & J. Kivistö-Rahnasto

    Accidents prevention at home with elderly
    E.M.G. Lago, B. Barkokébas Jr., F.M. da Cruz, A.R.B. Martins, B.M. Vasconcelos, T. Zlatar, R. Manta & S. Porto

    Occupational safety and health for workers managing wild animals
    A.R.B. Martins, B. Barkokébas Jr., E.M.G. Lago, B.M. Vasconcelos, F.M. da Cruz, T. Zlatar, T.C.M. de França & L.R. Pedrosa

    Pulmonary disease due to exposure to nanoparticles
    B. Calvo-Cerrada, A. López-Guillén, P. Sanz-Gallen, G. Martí-Armengual & A. López-Guillen

    Assessment of air quality in professional kitchens of the city of Coimbra
    A. Ferreira, A. Lança, D. Barreira, F. Moreira & J.P. Figueiredo

    Analyse of occupational noise and whole-body vibration exposure at bus drivers—case study
    A.F. Teixeira, M.L. Matos, L. Pedrosa & P. Costa

    Evaluation of the infrastructural conditions and practices of the manipulators—case study: Nursing home and day center
    I.N. Roxo, C. Santos, J.P. Figueiredo & A. Ferreira

    Neuromuscular fatigue assessment in operators performing occupational-transportation/ transshipment tasks: A short systematic review
    T. Sa-ngiamsak, N. Phatrabuddha & T. Yingratanasuk

    BIM (Building Information Modelling) as a prevention tool in the design and construction phases
    M. Tender, J.P. Couto, C. Lopes, T. Cunha & R. Reis

    Recent trends in safety science and their importance for operations practice
    V. Rigatou, K. Fotopoulou, E. Sgourou, P. Katsakiori & Em. Adamides

    Latest efforts aimed at upgrading the IMS-MM
    C. Saraiva, P. Domingues, P. Sampaio & P. Arezes

    Exposure to particules in the poultry sector
    F. Capitao, A. Ferreira, F. Moreira & J.P. Figueiredo

    Scale psychometrics of the Portuguese short and middle length variants of the Copenhagen Psychosocial Questionnaire III pilot study
    D.A. Coelho & M.L. Lourenço

    Evaluation of occupational safety and health conditions in a Brazilian public hospital
    C.F. Machado & J.S. Nóbrega

    Levels of non-ionizing radiation in vertical residences in João Pessoa (PB)
    A.A.R. Silva, L.B. Silva, R.M. Silva & R.B.B. Dias

    Human error prevention by training design: Suppressing the Dunning-Kruger effect in its infancy
    E. Stojiljković, A. Bozilov, T. Golubovic, S. Glisovic & M. Cvetkovic

    Workload and work capacity of the public agent at a department of a federal institution of higher education
    L.L. de F. Cavalcanti & L.B. Martins

    Exposure to psychosocial risks in footwear industry workers: An exploratory analysis
    D. Sousa, M.M. Sá, R. Azevedo, O. Machado, J. Tavares & R. Monteiro

    Inclusive, interdisciplinary and digital-based OSH resources: A booklet for students
    F. Rodrigues, F. Antunes, A.M. Pisco Almeida, J. Beja, L. Pedro, M. Clemente, R. Neves & R. Vieira

    When the working hours become a risk factor: The debate about 3 × 8h and 2 × 12h shifts
    L. Cunha, D. Silva, I. Ferreira, C. Pereira & M. Santos

    Occupational risks in hospital mortuary
    A. Ferreira, A. Lança, C. Mendes, M. Sousa & S. Paixao

    Occupational exposure in fitness clubs to indoor particles
    K. Slezakova, M.C. Pereira, C. Peixoto, C. Delerue-Matos & S. Morais

    Occupational risks in hospital sterilization centers
    A. Ferreira, A. Lança, C. Mendes, M. Sousa & S. Paixao

    Chemical risks associated with the application of plant protection products
    T. Neves, A. Ferreira, A. Lança, A. Baltazar & J.P. Figueiredo

    Levels of urinary biomarkers of exposure and potential genotoxic risks in firefighters
    M. Oliveira, C. Delerue-Matos, S. Morais, K. Slezakova, M.C. Pereira, A. Fernandes, S. Costa & J.P. Teixeira

    Whole body vibration and acoustic exposure in construction and demolition waste management
    M.L. de la Hoz-Torres, M.D. Martínez-Aires, M. Martín-Morales & D.P. Ruiz Padillo

    Combined effects of exposure to physical risk factors: Impact on blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) in construction workers
    F.M. Cruz, P. Arezes, B. Barkokébas Jr. & E.B. Martins

    Evaluation of professional exposure to nanoparticles in automotive repair activities
    G. Oliveira, H. Simoes, A. Ferreira, F. Silva & J.P. Figueiredo

    Occupational exposure to bioaerosols in the waste sorting industry
    V. Santos, J.P. Figueiredo, M. Vasconcelos Pinto & J. Santos

    Nanomaterials versus safety of workers—a short review
    D. da Conceiçao Peixoto Teixeira & P.A.A. Oliveira

    Use of the 5S methodology for improving work environment
    A. Górny

    Investigation and analysis of work accidents at the Urban Hygiene Department in a Portuguese Municipality
    P.G. da Fonseca, R.B. Melo & F. Carvalho

    An investigation of forearm EMG normalization procedures in a field study
    S. Aia & M. Reinvee

    The impact of pesticides on the cholinesterase-activity in serum samples
    A. Teixeira, G. Oostingh, A. Valado, N. Osório, A. Caseiro, A. Gabriel, A. Ferreira & J.P. Figueiredo

    Comparative assessment of work-related musculoskeletal disorders in an industrial kitchen
    D.M.B. Costa, R.V. Ferreira, E.B.F. Galante, J.S.W. Nóbrega, L.A. Alves & C.V. Morgado

    Work-related musculoskeletal disorders in the transportation of dangerous goods
    M.V.T. Rabello, D.M.B. Costa & C.V. Morgado

    Scaffold use risk assessment model: SURAM
    M. Rebelo, P. Laranjeira, F. Silveira, K. Czarnocki, E. Blazik-Borowa, E. Czarnocka, J. Szer, B. Hola & K. Czarnocka

    The response of phagocytes to indoor air toxicity
    L. Vilén, J. Atosuo, E. Suominen & E.-M. Lilius

    Modelling the effect of human presence in a single room with computational fluid dynamics simulation—a short review
    P.H. Moreira, J.C. Guedes & J. Santos Baptista

    Bacteria bioburden assessment and MRSA colonization of workers and animals from a Portuguese swine production: A case report
    E. Ribeiro, A. Pereira, C. Vieira, I. Paulos, M. Marques, T. Swart & A. Monteiro

    Assessment of fatigue through physiological indicators: A short review
    J.A. Pérez & J.C. Guedes

    Workload mental analysis of the workers in a collective road transport company
    T.G. Lima, F.S.M. Gonçalves & R.M.F. Marinho

    Ergonomic analysis of ballistic vests used by police officers in Paraíba State—Brazil
    G.A.M. Falcão, T.F. Chaves, M.B.F.V. Melo & L.V. Alves

    Facilitators for safety of visually impaired on the displacements in external environments: A systematic review
    E.R. Araújo, C. Rodrigues & L.B. Martins

    Impacts of accidents with workers in rock processing industries: Short review
    A. do Couto, J. Santos Baptista, B. Barkokébas Jr. & I. da Silva

    Whole-body vibration in mining equipment—a short review
    J. Duarte, M.L. Matos, J. Castelo Branco & J. Santos Baptista

    The effect of two training methods on workers’ risk perception: A comparative study with metalworking small firms
    B.L. Barros, M.A. Rodrigues & A.R. Dores

    Diagnoses of the acoustic perceptions of workers for auditory signal design
    G. Dahlke & T. Ptak

    Evacuation study of a high-rise building in fire safety, prescriptive versus performance analysis
    A.C. Matos & M. Chichorro Gonçalves

    Radiological characterization of the occupational exposure in hydrotherapy spa treatments
    M.L. Dinis & A.S. Silva

    Labor claims and certification in occupational health and safety management
    F.D. Dionísio, N. Costa & C.P. Leão

    Ergonomic risk measurement in prioritizing corrective actions at workstations
    W. Czernecka & A. Górny

    Main mitigation measures—occupational exposure to radon in thermal spas
    A.S. Silva & M.L. Dinis

    Safety performance and its measurement: An empirical study concerning leading and lagging indicators
    A. Job & I.S. Silva

    Comparison between methods of assessing the risk of musculoskeletal disorders on upper limb extremities: A study in manual assembly work
    S. Costa, P. Carneiro & N. Costa

    Stress misconduct and reduced ability to express dissent: A study on a sample of students at the University of Siena
    O. Parlangeli, P. Palmitesta, M. Bracci, E. Marchigiani & P.M. Liston

    Wearable technology for occupational risk assessment: Potential avenues for applications
    I. Pavón, L. Sigcha, P. Arezes, N. Costa, G. Arcas & J.M. López

    Maturity level of hearing conservation programs in metallurgical companies and the workers noise perception
    I.C. Wictor & A.A. de P. Xavier

    Pitfalls of measuring illuminance with smartphones
    R.B. Melo, F. Carvalho & D. Cerqueira

    Effects of thermal (dis)comfort on student’s performance: Some evidences based on a study performed in a secondary school
    M. Talaia, M. Silva & L. Teixeira

    Usability of an open ERP System in a manufacturing company: An ergonomic perspective
    K. Hankiewicz & K.R. Kumara Jayathilaka

    Postural adjustment for balance in asymmetric work. A practical example
    G. Dahlke & K. Turkiewicz

    Working conditions and occupational risks in the physiotherapist’s activity
    L.S. Costa & M. Santos

    Influencing factors in sustainable production planning and controlling from an ergonomic perspective
    M. Zarte, A. Pechmann & I.L. Nunes

    Proof of concept—work accident costs analysis tool
    C. Correia, J. Santos Baptista & P.A.A. Oliveira

    Wrist-hand work-related musculoskeletal disorders in a dairy factory: Incidence, prevalence and comparison between different methods for disease validation
    A. Raposo, R. Pinho, J. Santos Baptista & J. Torres Costa

    Work ability of teachers in Brazilian private and public universities
    A.J.A. Silva & T.G. Lima

    Maintenance manual for equipment on construction site
    C. Reis, C. Oliveira, M.A. Araújo Mieiro, P. Braga, J.F. Silva & J.A.F.O. Correia

    Ergonomic risk management of pruning with chainsaw in the olive sector
    M.C. Pardo-Ferreira, A. Zambrana-Ruíz, J.A. Carrillo-Castrillo & J.C. Rubio-Romero

    What kind of lower limb musculoskeletal disorders can be associated with bus driving?
    M. Cvetković, M.L. Dinis, E. Stojiljković & A.M. Fiuza

    Lean thinking practices in ergonomics in industrial sector
    M. Gibson & B. Mrugalska

    Occupational activity on blood pressure profile
    J. Pereira, R. Souza & H. Simoes

    Reusing single-use medical devices, where are we standing now?
    L.B. Naves & M.J. Abreu

    Active workstations to improve job performance: A short review
    S. Maheronnaghsh, M. Vaz & J. Santos

    Case study of risk assessment in single family housing
    C. Reis, V. Gomes, P. Braga, J.F. Silva, J.A.F.O. Correia & C. Oliveira

    Evaluation of the luminous performance of a public university library in the Northeast of Brazil
    A.R.M.V. Silva, M.N. Almeida, J.I.F. Machado, B.C.C.B. Carvalho & H.C. Albuquerque Neto

    Thermal comfort assessment of orthopaedic health professionals in an operating room
    N. Rodrigues, A.S. Miguel, S. Teixeira, C. Fernandes & J. Santos Baptista

    Study of the impact of investments in occupational safety and accident prevention in the construction sector
    R. Pais & P.A.A. Oliveira

    Lean construction and safety
    A.M. Reis, B.V. Zeglin & L.L.G. Vergara

    Analysis of the noise level in a university restaurant: A case study
    A.D.S. Oliveira, H.C. Albuquerque Neto, M.N. Almeida, A.R.M.V. Silva & B.C.C.B. Carvalho

    The influence of noise on the perceptions of discomfort, stress, and annoyance
    R. Monteiro, M.A. Rodrigues & D. Tomé

    Assessment and characterization of WMSDs risk in nurses who perform their activity in surgical hospitalization
    M. Torres, P. Carneiro & P. Arezes

    Risk analysis in the execution of the Aguas Santas tunnel
    E. Carpinteiro, C. Reis, P. Braga, J.A.F.O. Correia, J.F. Silva & C. Oliveira

    Characterization of school furniture in a basic education school
    A. Fernandes, P. Carneiro, N. Costa & A.C. Braga

    Gas distribution companies: How can knowledge management promote occupational health and safety?
    C.M. Dufour & A. Draghici

    Cytostatic-drugs handling in hospitals: Impact of contamination at occupational environments
    J. Silva, P. Arezes, N. Costa, A.C. Braga & R. Schierl


    Pedro Arezes is a full professor on Human Factors Engineering at the School of Engineering of the University of Minho (UMinho), in Portugal. He is also a visiting scholar at MIT and Harvard University, in the USA. He coordinates the Human Engineering research group at the UMinho, and his research interests are in the domain of Safety, Human Factors Engineering and Ergonomics.
    Dr. Arezes is also the current National Director of the MIT Portugal Program, a government strategic partnership between Portuguese Universities, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and partners from industry and government. He was the supervisor of more than 70 MSc. theses at several universities,11 completed PhD theses, and the host supervisor of some post-doc projects with colleagues coming from different countries, such as Brazil, Poland, and Turkey. He is the (co-)author of more than 50 papers published in international peer-reviewed journals, author/editor of more than 40 books published internationally, as well as the (co-)author of more than 250 papers published in international conference proceedings with peer-review.