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Occupational Safety and Hygiene

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ISBN 9781138000476
Published April 4, 2013 by CRC Press
646 Pages

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Book Description

Occupational Safety and Hygiene presents selected papers from the International Symposium on Occupational Safety and Hygiene – SHO2013 (Guimarães, Portugal, 14-15 February 2013), which was organized by the Portuguese Society for Occupational Safety and Hygiene (SPOSHO). The contributions from 15 different countries focus on:

- Occupational safety

- Risk assessment

- Safety management

- Ergonomics

- Management systems

- Environmental ergonomics

- Physical environments

- Construction safety

- Human factors

The papers included in the book are mainly based on research carried out at universities and other research institutions, but they are also based on practical studies developed by Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) practitioners within their companies. As a result, this book will be useful to get acquainted with the state-of-the-art of the research within the aforementioned domains, as well as with some practical tools and approaches that are currently used by OHS professionals worldwide.

Table of Contents

Applied ergonomics

Evaluation method of low back injuries in nursing: An ergonomic approach
R. Schlossmacher & F.G. Amaral

Are dental students at risk of developing occupational musculoskeletal disorders?
M.E. Pinho, M.A. Vaz, P.M. Arezes & J.R. Campos

Popliteal height as a measure for classroom furniture selection: An exploratory analysis
H.I. Castellucci, M. Catalán, C. Viviani, J. Rojas & P.M. Arezes

Hierarchical classification of ergonomic methods for applications in current engineering practice
S. Fiserova

Comfort underwear, their implications for women’s health in task performance
R.P. Alves, L.B. Martins & S.B. Martins

Finger tapping rates and the effects of various factors
A. İşeri & M. Ekşioğlu

Hand torque strength of female population of Turkey and the effects of various factors
M. Ekşioğlu & Z. Recep

Intervention in hydrometers industry: Recommendations for improvements based on ergonomic assessment
G.S. Ribeiro, C.R. Leite da Silva, F.P.C. Neves & L.B. Martins

The role of ergonomics in implementation of the social aspect of sustainability, illustrated with the example of maintenance
M. Jasiulewicz-Kaczmarek

Postural changes and musculoskeletal disorders in workers with mental disabilities
F. Diniz-Baptista

Analysis of interventions in the design of potiguar handicraft—Brazil
M.L. Leal & M.C.W. Saldanha

Prevalence of pain/discomfort on artisan fishing using rafts
A. Jaeschke & M.C.W. Saldanha

Cognitive ergonomics

A qualitative approach to ergonomic risk existing in pathological anatomy laboratories
R. Rangel, A. Dias-Teixeira, J. Maia, E. Maia, F.D. Baptista & M. Dias-Teixeira

Background noise and its influence on the brain waves related to attention
E. Tristán, I. Pavón & J.M. López

Construction safety

Profile of the construction safety coordinator in Portugal
P. Santos, P.A.A. Oliveira & E.F.P. Almeida

Characterization of workers suffering serious electrical accidents in the construction industry
M. Suárez-Cebador, J.C. Rubio-Romero, A. López-Arquillos & J.A. Carrillo

Safety requirements for machinery in practice
B. Mrugalska & P.M. Arezes

Factors that influence the construction safety performance: Overview
F. Rodrigues, A. Coutinho & C. Cardoso

Use of the recycled plastic roof main beam in the construction of popular houses: Impact on laborer’s health
S.F.D. Maia & M.B.F.V. Melo

Weighted responsibility in occupational safety management in the construction industry—case study
P.A.A. Oliveira & Z.A.F. Neves

Thermal environment as a management tool in high-rise building
H.C. Albuquerque Neto, J. Santos Baptista & B. Barkokébas Jr.

Factors affecting the safety performance in portuguese construction: Summary analysis focused on rehabilitation works
J.P. Couto & C. Gomes

Specifics of the dams safety coordination
A.M. Márcio, M.R. Cristina & S.O. Carlos

Nonlinear analysis of incidents in small construction companies in southern Brazil
A. Falcão, I.G. Guimarães, M.P. da Silva & L.A.S. Franz

Economic aspects of prevention

Organization and use of information to calculate ergonomics financial benefits—a hospital case
M.P. da Silva, V.A.S. Zizemer, M.C. Louzada & F.G. Amaral

Costs of safety at work vs. costs of “no” safety at work—Building Sector
P. Monteiro, F.A. Santos & G. Santos

The role of costs, benefits and social impact on the design of occupational safety programs
D.G. Ramos, P.M. Arezes & P. Afonso

Education and training in prevention

Evaluation of perceived risk by education professionals in kindergarten
J.M. Tavares, R.P. Azevedo & M.V. Silva

Continuous training in loco: Effects on the symptomatology of WRMD
C. Prüfer, H. Pereira, P.M. Arezes, A. Neves, M. Loureiro, P. Soares, R. Garganta & F.G. Amaral

Emerging risks

Indoor air quality in sports halls
T.S. Filipe, M. Vasconcelos Pinto, J. Almeida, C. Alcobia Gomes, J.P. Figueiredo & A. Ferreira

Relative risk of accident: Worker collectives in the manufacturing sector
J.A. Carrillo, L. Onieva, J.C. Rubio-Romero & M. Suárez-Cebador

Risk assessment in processing polymer nanocomposites
S. Sousa, M.C.S. Ribeiro & J. Santos Baptista

Exposure and perception to electromagnetic radiation of low frequency
A. Rainha, J.P. Figueiredo, N.L. Sá, A. Ferreira, S. Paixão, F. Alves & E. Lankford

Risk assessment and control in engineered nanoparticles occupational exposure
F. Silva, P.M. Arezes & P. Swuste

Environmental ergonomics

Work Ability Index and thermal and acoustic conditions of municipal schools’ teachers
D.A.M. Pereira

Thermal suitability in a work environment: Analysis of PMV and PPD
E.E. Broday, A.A.P. Xavier & A.L. Soares

Ergonomic analysis based on temperature and thermal stress level
L.F. Monteiro, O.L.S. Alsina, T.H.S. Starling & V.R. Mendonça

Proposal for a lighting project of a metallurgical company based in the determination of the medium level of illuminance
J.M.N. Silva, A.S.L. Santos Filho, C.M. Souto, W.S. Macêdo, M.B.G. Santos, I.F. Araujo & A.L. Melo

Environmental disturbances in robust machinery design
B. Mrugalska

Fire safety

Evacuation times sensitivity
N. Beleza, J. Santos Baptista & A. Rua

Analysis and proposal of a role model of the physical arrangement of prevention and fire fighting against panic in a popular shopping mall
W.S. Macêdo, J.M.N. Silva, L.O. Rocha, M.B.G. Santos & A.L. Melo

Fire Prevention and Protection Plan Pathologies
N.L.R. Modro, N.R. Modro, N.R. Modro & A.N. Abib

Health monitoring and occupational medicine

Disbaric disease prevention
H. Alvim & J. Santos Baptista

Hyperbaric medicine: Occupational medical exams
H. Alvim & A.S. Miguel

Thermal environment and cognitive performance: Parameters and equipment
E. Quelhas Costa & J. Santos Baptista

Occupational exposure to radon in thermal spas
A.S. Silva, M.L. Dinis & M.T. Diogo

Wearable monitoring system for locomotion rehabilitation
A. Catarino, A.M. Rocha, M.J. Abreu, J.M. da Silva, J.C. Ferreira, V.G. Tavares, M.V. Correia, A. Zambrano, F. Derogarian & R. Dias

Human and organisational factors

Good practice guide of blind and low vision people integration in workplaces—a proposal
A. Costa, M.T. Diogo & A. Rua

Human organizational factors and occupational health: A study in a public service entity
M.F.F.M. Catão & M.B.F.V. Melo

Occupational ergonomics

Occupational low-back pain in hospital nurses
F. Serranheira, M. Sousa-Uva & A. Sousa-Uva

Occupational ergonomics: Work posture among Brazilian dental students
P.P.N.S. Garcia, D. Wajngarten, A.C.A. Gottardello & J.A.D.B. Campos

Analysis of ergonomics in office work: A case study leading to an intervention in office acoustics
C.S.D. Tavares, T.M. Lima & D.A. Coelho

Worker perception in relation to workplace comfort—an evaluation in metalworking industry
M. Talaia, B. Meles & L. Teixeira

Implications of obesity on occupational health
A. Colim, P.M. Arezes & P. Flores

The effects of local illumination and work-rest schedule on light-on test inspection in a TFT-LCD plant
Li-Jen Twu, Chih-Long Lin & M.J.J. Wang

Workplace accommodation for people with disabilities: A literature review
B.M. de Guimarães, L.B. Martins, B. Barkokébas Jr. & A.M. das Neves

Ergonomic analysis applied to chemical laboratories on an oil and gas industry
C.P. Guimarães, G.L. Cid, M.C. Zamberlan, V. Santos, F.C. Pastura, J. Oliveira, G. Franca & A.G. Paranhos

Ergonomic analysis applied to work activities at a pilot plant of oil and gas industry
M.C. Zamberlan, C.P. Guimarães, G.L. Cid, A.G. Paranhos, J. Oliveira & F.C. Pastura

3D Digital Human Models and collaborative virtual environments: A case study in oil and gas laboratories
V. Santos, M.C.P.L. Zamberlan, P. Streit, J.L. Oliveira, C.P. Guimarães, F.C. Ribeiro & F.H. Pastura

Evaluation of the ergonomic changes made in the presses sector in an metallurgical industry 347
J.M.N. Silva, A.S.L. Santos Filho, J.C.M. Santos, A.M.D. Nunes, C.M. Souto, I.F. Araujo & A.L. Melo

Development of a job rotation scheme to reduce musculoskeletal disorders: A case study
H. Fonseca, I.F. Loureiro & P.M. Arezes

Design of personal protective equipment: To promote of Brazilian artefacts with ergonomic attributes
C.R. Leite da Silva & J.E.G. dos Santos

A comparison between two participatory approaches in a manufacturing company
A.S.P. Moraes, P.M. Arezes & R. Vasconcelos

Occupational hygiene

Chemical mixtures—is a risk assessment actually necessary?
P.E. Laranjeira

Occupational exposure to Aflatoxin B1 in Portuguese swine farms
S. Viegas, L. Veiga, P. Figueredo, A. Almeida, E. Carolino & C. Viegas

Exposure to particles and fungi in Portuguese swine production
C. Viegas, S. Viegas, E. Carolino, R. Sabino & C. Veríssimo

The wrist vibrations measured with anti-vibration gloves in a simulated work task
J.M. Cabeças, R. Messias, B. Roque & S. Batista

Risk assessment of chronic exposure to magnetic fields near electrical apparatus
F.O. Nunes & E.F. Margato

Indoor air quality: Analytic assessment and employees’ perception
A. Ferreira, L. Jesus, J.P. Figueiredo & A. Carvalho

Bioaerosols exposure in hospital context
C. Vieira & J. Santos Baptista

Electromagnetic radiation: Risk perception among workers of telecommunications companies
A. Ribeiro, J. Almeida, M. Pinto, J. Figueiredo & A. Ferreira

Thermal comfort evaluation of an operating room through CFD methodology
N.J.O. Rodrigues, S.F.C.F. Teixeira, A.S. Miguel, R.F. Oliveira, J.C.F. Teixeira & J. Santos Baptista

Vibration exposure in mechanical olive harvesting: Workers’ perception
N. Costa, P.M. Arezes, C. Quintas & R.B. Melo

Risk of exposure to xylene in a pathologic anatomy laboratory
M. Dias-Teixeira, R. Rangel, A. Dias-Teixeira, V. Domingues & S. Abajo Olea

Determination of noise levels in the intensive care unit of the Coimbra Hospital and University Centre
D. Castro, H. Simões, J.P. Figueiredo, Ó. Tavares, H. Braga, M. Negrão, R. Gonçalves, V. Bizarro, D. Ferreira & A. Ferreira

Musicians noise exposure in a Portuguese orchestra—a case study
M.A. Rodrigues, P. Alves, L. Ferreira, M.V. Silva, M.P. Neves & L. Aguiar

Evaluation of noise generated by propagation equipment beat stakes construction site
F. Cruz, E.M.G. Lago & B. Barkokébas Jr.

Indoor air quality in community health centers: A preliminary study
L. Santos, J. Santos, A. Rebelo & M. Vieira da Silva

Miner’s exposure to carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide in underground metallic mines in Macedonia
D. Mirakovski, M. Hadzi-Nikolova, Z. Panov, Z. Despodov, S. Mijalkovski & G. Vezenkovski

On the nature of hearing protection devices usage prediction
S. Costa & P.M. Arezes

Exposure of children to VOCs in European schools and homes environments: A systematic review
J. Madureira, I. Paciência, G. Ventura & E. de Oliveira Fernandes

Analysis of the combined exposure to noise and ototoxic substances—pilot study
M.M. Lopes, D. Tomé, P.C. Carmo, M.A. Rodrigues & P. Neves

Occupational safety

Mathematical relationship between age, working time and lost working days
E.G.S. de Medeiros, E.L. de Souza, F.B.R. de Brito, L.B. da Silva & M.B.F.V. de Melo

Evaluation of the thermal comfort in workplaces—a study in the metalworking industry
M. Talaia, B. Meles & L. Teixeira

Study of workers’ perception on the risk of WRMSDs in the traditional bakery industry
J.M. Lima, M.E. Pinho & P.M. Arezes

The identification of occupational hazards to administrative and technical staff of an educational institution
S.R. Benka, R.P. Maia, L.M.W. Prado & G.D.S. Ulbrich

Using cloud computing in occupational risks
M. Izvercian, L. Ivascu & A. Radu

Assessment of compliance with minimum safety requirements in machine operation: A case of assessing the control devices of a press
A. Górny

Occupational safety and health: A comparative study between public policies in Brazil and Portugal
T.R. Ferreira & M.B.F.V. Melo

Hearing protection: Selection factors and risks of excessive attenuation
M.L. Matos, P. Santos & F. Barbosa

Development of a multilevel safety climate measure for furniture industries
M.A. Rodrigues, P.M. Arezes & C.P. Leão

Working conditions of firefighters: Physiological measurements, subjective assessments and thermal insulation of protective clothing
D.A. Quintela, A.R. Gaspar, A.M. Raimundo & A.V.M. Oliveira

Occupational health and safety management systems

Challenges in attending to OHS regulations in rice mills in southern of Brazil
I.G. Guimarães, A. Falcão, E.P. Ferreira, L.A.S. Franz & N. Costa

Integrated Management Systems: A statistical analysis
J.P.T. Domingues, P. Sampaio & P.M. Arezes

Options in managing hazards and risks of nanomaterials
P. Swuste & D. Zalk

Data quality assessment for performance measures in the area of safety and health at work
M.A. Cavallare, S.D. Sousa & E.P. Nunes

Prevalence of work-related musculoskeletal symptoms in Portuguese volunteer firefighters
A. Seixas & F. Silva

Risk assessment methods

Safety function analysis in a manufacturing process of paper products
C. Jacinto, R. Beatriz & L. Harms-Ringdahl

Assessment of human factor in production engineering
I. Turekova & Z. Turnova

Proposals for risk management in nanotechnology activities
L.R.B. Andrade & F.G. Amaral

Comparative study of risk evaluation methods for the development of worker related musculoskeletal disorders
G. Pereira & P.M. Arezes

Operational safety: Development of electronic system for dynamic balance evaluation of farm tractors
M.D.S. Luciano, J.E.G. Santos, A.G. Santos Filho, J.A. Cagnon & A.L. Andreoli

Analysis and risk assessment in a polymer manufacturing industry
C. de Matos & I.L. Nunes


Evaluation of organizational psychosocial characteristics’ effect on workers health: A systematic review
A. Cardoso, C. Neves, L. Afonso, P. Costa, S. Rosário & J. Torres da Costa

Working conditions in the urban transport sector in the metropolitan region of Recife: Risk analysis of the jobs of driver and conductor
B. Barkokébas Jr., L.B. Martins, E.M.G. Lago, B.M. de Guimarães & F. Mendes

Nurse practice to assist students with heart condition at school
R.P. Maia, G.D.S. Ulbrich, L.M.W. Prado & S.R. Benka

Terms and concepts: A reflection on occupational health and safety definitions and terminology
C. Gomes de Oliveira, F.O. Nunes & A. Pinto

Study of the food waste of the canteens of the polytechnic institute of Coimbra
M. Gaspar, C. Santos, A. Ferreira & J.P. Figueiredo

25 years of ergonomics in Spain: Current status
J. Llaneza, G. Rosal López, E. Peña Suarez & J. Rodriguez Suarez

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