1st Edition

Occupy Management Inspirations and Ideas for Self-Organization and Self-Management

By Monika Kostera Copyright 2014
    240 Pages
    by Routledge

    240 Pages 15 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

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    It can be said that our times are characterized both by the omnipresence of organizations and by the destabilization of organized social life, caused by the erosion of its structural and moral foundations such as long-term employment, social trust or an actual observance of the proclaimed codes of ethics. At the same time there is a huge and growing potential for organized change due to the amount of students and graduates of different types of management studies and programmes all over the world.

    The role of the state may become atrophied and corporations seem all too eager to seize ever more power while renouncing responsibility towards the environment and the employees, but a huge and unprecedented number of people from all walks of life, all social classes and all countries now have the qualifications to take over the responsibility for social organizations.

    The objective of Occupy Management: Inspirations and Ideas for Self-Organization and Self-Management is to make it evident to the student why and how he or she can manage without becoming part of corporate power structures. Aimed at postgraduate students studying organizational and management theory as well as social entrepreneurship, this book is not a simple repetition of essential knowledge in these areas, but a re-direction of such knowledge towards self-management and self-organization.

    Part I: Planning  1.Imagination  2.Inspiration  3.Intuition  Part II: Organizing  4.Structure  5.Space  6.Synchronicity  Part III: Motivating  7.Leadership  8.Learning  9.Love  Part IV: Controlling  10.Ethos  11.Ethics  12.Ecology  13.A Coda


    Monika Kostera is Professor Ordinaria and Professor of Management at the Faculty of Management, University of Warsaw, Poland, where she is also Head of Department for Management Systems

    'All those who want to participate in positively changing the world by finding and introducing new and feasible solutions to existing problems and needs certainly find in the book inspiration and motivation essential for pursuing their mission.' - Aneta Milczarczyk

    ‘In its playful style, its photographic illustrations from the author’s valuable collection, its joyful spirit, and its totally uninhibited mix of personal storytelling and poetry [this book] draws the reader into the author’s private life with the free ranging discussion of ideas; this book provides a welcome antidote to the stifling straightness of much academic writing.’ - Yiannis Gabriel, University of Bath and University of Lund, excerpt from review in 'Management Learning', September 2014, SAGE Publications

    'This is a tremendously important text, standing out among the rising tide of studies and manifestoes aimed at tapping the heretofore neglected yet profuse supplies of human faculties and energies marginalized and suppressed by the orthodox bureaucratic model of management. It offers simultaneously a profound diagnosis of the current state of affairs, an exhaustive inventory of its limitations and deficiencies - as well as opening new vistas and presenting a thorough analysis of an art of management fit to avail itself of the novel opportunities the post-bureaucratic era might offer.' - Zygmunt Bauman, Emeritus Professor of Sociology, University of Leeds, UK

    'Occupy Management! Engages with management from the heart. It explores the joys of organization, and the tyranny of domination. A unique and challenging approach to management in contemporary life.' - Jonathan Murphy, Visiting Professor, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark

    'This is a remarkable book, simultaneously profound, thought-provoking, and beautiful. Professor Kostera has fashioned a genuinely mesmerizing lens on organizing, a ‘through-the-looking-glass’ one that is considerably more inviting and humanistic than most others in this field. She also combines old-world scholarship and sophistication with highly contemporary thinking. The result is a kind of organizational nouvelle cuisine that is at once lyrical, deep, satisfying, and eye-opening. It will be a welcome read for anyone wanting fresh views, possibilities, and approaches for organizing and managing in today’s world.' - Professor Daved Barry, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark

    'Recycling valuable concepts and theories from the academic fields of management and organization studies, Occupy Management! will encourage you to rethink the roles self-management and self-organizing can play in deciding whether our future will be sustainable, democratic and humane or will continue its slide down the rabbit hole of hate, fear and oppression. In the spirit of exploring alternative futures, this is organization theory as participatory art!' - Mary Jo Hatch, C. Coleman McGehee Eminent Scholars Research Professor of Banking and Commerce, Emerita, University of Virginia, USA