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Ocean and Island Studies

About the Series

Ocean and Island Studies is an interdisciplinary series concerning the role of oceans and islands in thought, theory, practice, and method, past, present and future. From remote island outposts to bustling island cities and the islands of our dreams, from the expanses and depths of the open sea to coasts, rivers, deltas, lakes, and polar icescapes, oceans and islands are at the core of much contemporary thinking. As globalization accelerates, and as climate change and technological change alter sea levels, coastlines, ecosystems, and livelihoods, human and non-human actors are becoming enmeshed in new and altered networks of oceanic and trade, extraction, communication, diplomacy, and exchange. There is now a greater need than ever to understand what oceans and islands mean for the world - and what the world means for oceans and islands.

Ocean and Island Studies explores the ways in which people use, envision, and construct marine, aquatic, littoral, island, and archipelagic geographies. This series is a venue for Blue thinking from across the arts, humanities, social sciences, and environmental sciences. Meditations upon oceanic lyricism and altered states of ‘islandness’ find their place alongside research into the practicalities of island and coastal economies, infrastructures, and governance. The series is open to book proposals from all segments of ocean studies, island studies, and related fields. The series offers a mix of short form titles (i.e. Routledge Focus; 20,000-50,000 words) and monographs (60,000-80,000 words).

We are not limited to a particular theoretical approach or political orientation, emphasizing instead the foregrounding of oceanic and island perspectives. We place special value on critical research; environmental humanities; Indigenous and non-Western worldviews; interdisciplinary feminist perspectives; climatic and environmental histories ; studies on the affective dimensions of nature-human relationships; imperial, colonial, postcolonial, and global histories and experiences of movement, trade, and diaspora; and oceanic and island approaches to finding justice on a changing planet.

To submit a proposal please contact May Joseph ([email protected])

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