Oceans, Seas, and Shorelines

Cultural, Environmental, and Natural Histories

Series Editors:

There is a growing awareness of the need to clean up our oceans, seas and shorelines. Images conveyed through our multi-media technologies of beaches cluttered with plastics, seas discoloured with pollutants, and oceans of creatures that are maimed or killed by the rubbish we pour into it are now beginning to get our attention, but more needs to be done.

This series seeks to focus our attention on the importance of oceans, seas and shorelines to human culture as a means of increasing our respect towards, and responsibility for, the natural resources that have helped to forge human civilisation from its earliest beginnings to the present day. It also considers the impact the human interactions have had on marine environments across millennia. This series will be the most thorough cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural treatment of the blue planet.