1st Edition

Odour Prevention and Control of Organic Sludge and Livestock Farming

Edited By V.C. Nielsen, J.H. Voorburg Copyright 1986

    Proceedings of a round-table seminar, Silsoe, UK, 15-19 April 1985.

    General Scientific Papers; A Review of Cost Project 681 “Treatment and Use of Organic Sludges and Liquid Agricultural Wastes”; A Review of Work of the FAO Sub-Network 2 the Reduction of Odours in Animal Production; Odour Problems Related to Waste Water and Sludge Treatment; Agricultural Problems Related to Odour Prevention and Control; Odour Research and Ammonia Volatilisation; Ammonia Loss From Grassland Systems; Session I : Olfactometry EEC - Group; Sampling of Odourous Air for Olfactometric Measurement; Standardization of Olfactometric Measurements; Selection and Treatment of Panelists for Determination of Odor Thresholds; VDI Guidelines on Odour Problems; An Established System for Odour Detection Threshold Measurements; Guideline for Olfactometric Measurements in the Netherlands Comparison with Western European Guidelines; French Tentative Standard X-43-101 : Method of Measurements of the Odour of a Gaseous Effluent; Experiences with Olfactometric Measurements in Norway; Limitations Imposed on Olfactometric Measurements by the Human Factor; Experiences with Transportable Olfactometers; Dispersion Models for Emissions from Agricultural Sources; Experiences with Olfactometers; Physical Calibration of Olfactometric Measurements; Developments in the Assessment of Odours from Sludges; Odour Concentration and Odour Annoyance; Comparison of Oleactometric Odour Measurement and Chemical Odour Measurement; Odour Control FAO - Group; Treatment of Livestock Manure; Air Drying and Composting Poultry Manure; The Effect of Insulating Broiler House Floors on Odour Emission; Use of Peat as Litter for Milking Cows; Covering Manure Storing Tanks to Control Odour; Machinery Spreading: Soil Injection as a Barrier to Odour Dispersion; Swedish Experiences with Soil Injection; Separation as a Method of Manure Handling and Odours Reduction in Pig Buildings; Measurements of the Olfactometric Efficiency of Various Odour Control Devices in Rendering Plants; The Effects of Weather on Odour Dispersion from Livestock Buildings and From Fields; Design and Use of Biofilters for Livestock Buildings; Experience in the Use of Biofilters; Design and Experience Obtained with Bioscrubbers; Aeration of Pig Slurry to Control Odours and to Reduce Nitrogren Levels; Oxygen Requirements for Controlling Odours from Pig Slurry by Aeration; Aeration and Odour Control by Heterotrophic and Autotrophic Microorganisms; Joint Session : Other Aspects of Measuring Odours; Identification of Volatile Components in Headspace From Animal Slurries; Odours at Water Reclamation Works; BOD 5 , TOA and odour offensiveness; Dust in Livestock Buildings as a Carrier of Odours; Dust Concentrations in Pig Buildings; Large-Scale Biogas Plants in Hungary; Anaerobic Digestion to Control Odours; The Bio-Gas Project in Emilia-Romagna (Italy); The Bio-Gas Project in Emilia-Romagna (Italy) : First Results of Five Full Scale Plants; Farm Experiments of Anaerobic Digestion to Control Odours From Slurry; Use of Methanogenic Fermentation to Upgrade Farm Animal and Slaughterhouse Wastes; Latest Chemical Slurry Handling Methods; Conclusions and Recommendations; Recommendations on Olfactometric Measurements; The Conclusions and Recommendations for Further Work Arising from the FAO/EEC Joint Workshop on Odour Prevention and Control of Organic Sludges and Livestock Farming


    V.C. Nielsen, J.H. Voorburg