1st Edition

Oedipus and the Devil Witchcraft, Religion and Sexuality in Early Modern Europe

By Lyndal Roper Copyright 1994

    This bold and imaginative book marks out a different route towards understanding the body, and its relationship to culture and subjectivity. Amongst other subjects, Lyndal Roper deals with the nature of masculinity and feminity.

    List of plates, Preface, Acknowledgements, 1. Introduction, Part I, 2. Was there a crisis in gender relations in sixteenth century Germany?, 3. Will and honour: sex, words and power in Augsburg criminal trials, 4. Sexual utopianism in the German Reformation, Part II, 5. Blood and codpieces: masculinity in the early modern German town, 6. Stealing manhood: capitalism and magic in early modern Germany, 7. Drinking, whoring and gorging: brutish indiscipline and the formation of Protestant identity, Part III, 8. Exorcism and the theology of the body, 9. Witchcraft and fantasy in early modern Germany, 10. Oedipus and the Devil, Index


    Lyndal Roper is Reader in History at Royal Holloway, University of London. Her last book was The Holy Household: Women and morals in Reformation Augsburg (1989). She was co-editor, with Jim Obelkevich and Raphael Samuel, of Disciplines of Faith, Studies in Religion, Politics and Patriarchy (1987).