1st Edition

Of Primary Importance What's Essential in Teaching Young Writers

By Ann M. Corgill Copyright 2008

    From the first chapter of Ann Marie Corgills Of Primary Importance: What's Essential in Teaching Young Writers, you experience the swirling energy, the sights, and the sounds of a primary classroom. Forming the heart of the book are detailed units of study on poetry, nonfiction, and fiction writing that provide a clear demonstration of the writing workshop process at work throughout a school year. You'll also find examples of favorite texts for teaching various craft components, ideas for classroom organization and where to purchase materials, suggestions for publishing student work, lists of professional resources and, most importantly, inspiring examples of what children who are empowered to write can and will write. Of Primary Importance is not a how-to manual as much as it is a celebration of the idiosyncratic journey of teaching young children to write. If you are a grade-one through grade-three teacher struggling to get your students writing well, if you want to push your writing workshop to new dimensions, or if you are just plain skeptical that primary kids can write something beyond "I love my mom. I love my dog. The end," this book is for you. You will come away inspired, challenged, supported, and wiser in your classroom writing instruction.

    Introduction; Chapter 1: What's Essential in Teaching Young Writers?; Chapter 2: Writers Will Live Up to What You Expect of Them; Chapter 3: Designing the Learning Landscape; Chapter 4: Planning Instruction for the Writing Journey; Chapter 5: Establishing the Writing Community; Chapter 6: From Ordinary to Extraordinary; Chapter 7: Inquiring Minds Want to Know; Chapter 8: Picture This; Chapter 9: Publishing Possibilities; Chapter 10: Conclusion


    The 2007 recipient of the NCTE Donald H. Graves Award for Excellence in the Teaching of Writing, Ann Marie Corgill teaches first grade at Riverchase Elementary School in Hoover, Alabama. She is a National Board Certified Teacher, and for the past fifteen years has taught and learned with first through fourth graders at the Manhattan New School in New York City, as well as schools in Birmingham, Alabama, and Bronxville, New York. She has coauthored articles for NCTE’s journal, Primary Voices, and has been a teacher contributor for Time For Kids. Ann Marie presents at both national and local conferences on writing instruction in the primary grades.

    "A piece of work that will have a tremendous impact on the field of literacy education" - Education Review