Offbeat Physics : Machines, Meditations and Misconceptions book cover
1st Edition

Offbeat Physics
Machines, Meditations and Misconceptions

Edited By

P.I.C. Teixeira

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ISBN 9781032021164
March 24, 2022 Forthcoming by CRC Press
280 Pages 94 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

Offbeat Physics: Machines, Meditations and Misconceptions is a collection of articles on various topics in classical physics that have intrigued the author and their students throughout the years.

The book is divided into three parts. Part I -- Machines comprises chapters that explain or model the workings of a number of machines (understood in a  broad sense) on the basis of physical principles. These machines can be as simple as a rolling wheel, or as complex as a jet engine. Then in Part II -- Meditations, the authors go beyond the standard examples, experiments and approximations discussed ad nauseam in most physics textbooks, but which are not always very exciting or realistic. For example, what happens when colliding bodies are not perfectly rigid -- as we know real bodies are not? Finally, Part III -- Misconceptions aims to correct misconceptions that students may have about physical phenomena, or clarify issues that are often presented misleadingly, confusingly or imprecisely in textbooks, such as the relationship between angular momentum and angular velocity in rotational motion.

This is a book for all those who wish to learn physics beyond the textbooks and from more realistic problems, often occurring in engineering contexts. It will be useful to instructors at all levels, as well as highly motivated students taking General Physics courses in higher education.


Table of Contents


Secion I: Machines 

Dynamics of Braking Vehicles: from Coulomb Friction to Anti-lock Braking Systems

J. M. Tavares

Simple Thermodynamics of Jet Engines

P. Patrício and J. M. Tavares 

Surprises of the Transformer as a Coupled Oscillator System
J. P. Silva and A. J. Silvestre

Maximum Thermodynamic Power Coefficient of a Wind Turbine 
J. M. Tavares and P. Patrício

Section II Meditations

Mutual Inductance between Piecewise Linear Loops 
A. C. Barroso and J. P. Silva

The Hertz Contact in Chain Elastic Collisions 
P. Patrício

Tilted Boxes on Inclined Planes 
A. M. Nunes and J. P. Silva

Magnetic Forces Acting on Rigid Current-Carrying Wires Placed in a Uniform Magnetic Field 
A. Casaca and J. P. Silva

Comparing a Current-carrying Circular Wire with Polygons of Equal Perimeter: Magnetic Field versus Magnetic Flux 
J. P. Silva and A. J. Silvestre

The Elastic Bounces of a Sphere between Two Parallel Walls
J. M. Tavares

How Short and Light Can a Simple Pendulum Be for Classroom Use? 163
V. Oliveira

Experiments with a Falling Rod
V. Oliveira

Oscillations of a Rectangular Plate 185
V. Oliveira

Bullet Block Experiment: Angular Momentum Conservation and Kinetic Energy Dissipation 
J. M. Tavares

15 The Continuity Equation in Amp`ere’s Law 
J. P. Silva and A. J. Silvestre

Section III Misconceptions 

On the Relation between Angular Momentum and Angular Velocity 
J. P. Silva and J. M. Tavares

A Very Abnormal Normal Force 
J. P. Silva and A. J. Silvestre

Rolling Cylinder on an Inclined Plane 
V. Oliveira


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Paulo Teixeira is an Adjunct Professor at Instituto Politécnico de Lisboa, Portugal.