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Offender Profiling Series: Offender Profiling Series

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Criminal investigations around the world are being influenced by an unheralded revolution. Until recently 'Offender Profiling' and related processes have been little more than the sharing of anecdotes between those who have personal experience of criminals and their motivations. This swapping of war stories is now giving way to systematic, scientific research that covers the full range of crimes and all aspects of criminal investigations from the initial examination of the crime scene and interviews with victims and witnesses to the presentation of the case in court. This new area of research has become known as Investigative Psychology. This series provides the first full and comprehensive account of this rapidly growing new field of study.

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The Social Psychology of Crime Groups, Teams and Networks

The Social Psychology of Crime: Groups, Teams and Networks

1st Edition

By Laurence Alison, David Canter
August 28, 2000

Crime is always part of a social process. In many cases that process determines the form the crime takes. In this ground-breaking book, a wide range of crimes are examined in terms of the social psychological processes that influence the participants and their relationships with each other. ...

Profiling in Policy and Practice

Profiling in Policy and Practice

1st Edition

By David Canter, Laurence Alison
November 16, 2016

'Profilers' and 'Profiling' are now widely discussed, often with almost mythical respect. This is the first volume to cut through the confusions and misunderstandings surrounding this topic to report on detailed, original, scientific research that examines the variations in criminal behaviour from...

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