1st Edition

Older Adults With Developmental Disabilities and Leisure Issues, Policy, and Practice

By Ted Tedrick Copyright 1997
    112 Pages
    by Routledge

    112 Pages
    by Routledge

    If you work with older adults who are developmentally disabled and are seeking ways to incorporate exercise, arts activities, and other activities into your program, this is the book for you! Older Adults With Developmental Disabilities and Leisure will help you improve your ability to instruct exercise and other fitness activities and, at the same time, increase your knowledge about aging and mental retardation and developmental disabilities. This combination of skills and knowledge is important to your understanding of your clients and their needs. You will assist them in leading a more active, structured life that will result in a higher sense of satisfaction in their daily living and health benefits that will speak for themselves.

    Older Adults With Developmental Disabilities and Leisure gives you specific guidelines for establishing fitness programs as well as ideas for offering clients goals and incentives that will evoke and maintain their enthusiasm to participate. Using a proven model, the Arts/Fitness Quality of Life Activities Program, the authors show how careful planning and sequencing can produce successful results, such as peer interaction, flexible thinking, self-expression, and improved mental health. As you learn about the key factors for programming for this group of clients, you will also learn about:

    • the demographics of this population
    • leisure education
    • training and cross-training with aging specialists and mental retardation staff
    • community integration and for whom it is appropriate
    • inactivity in later life and the complications it causes
    • life satisfaction and leisure participation
    • differences in physical and cognitive functioning among this population
    • consumer satisfaction among older adults with developmental disabilities

      It is never too late to introduce leisure activities into the lives of those with developmental disabilities. With encouragement and careful guidance, you can lead your elders/clients into a more active and healthy life. Use Older Adults With Developmental Disabilities and Leisure as a guide to find activities and exercise programs that are appropriate, fun, and worthwhile!

    Contents Introduction
    • Older Adults With Developmental Disabilities: A Brief Examination of Current Knowledge
    • Health, Fitness, and Quality of Life for Older Adults With Developmental Disabilities
    • Fitness and Exercise for Older Adults With Developmental Disabilities
    • Expressive Arts Programming for Older Adults Both With and Without Disabilities: An Opportunity for Inclusion
    • Enriching Later Life Experiences for People With Developmental Disabilities
    • Consumer Satisfaction for Individuals With Developmental Disabilities
    • Integration and Leisure Education for Older Adults With Developmental Disabilities
    • Issues Resolved and Unresolved: Look to the Future
    • Index
    • Reference Notes Included


    Ted Tedrick