1st Edition

On Dialogue

By David Bohm Copyright 2014

    David Bohm is considered one of the best physicists of all time. He also had a deep interest in human communication and creativity. Influential in both management and communication theory in what is known 'Bohm Dialogue', On Dialogue is both inspiring and pioneering. Bohm considers the origin and very meaning of dialogue, reflecting on what gets in the way of "true dialogue". He argues that dialogue, as a radical form of exploration that allows different views to be presented, leads us beyond the impasse of conflict and argument to the forming of new views.

    With a new foreword by Dean Rickles.

    Foreword to the Routledge Great Minds Edition  1.  On Communication  2.  On Dialogue  3. The Nature of Collective Thought  4.  The Problem and the Paradox  5.  The Observer and the Observed  6.  Suspension, the Body, and Proprioception  7.  Participatory Thought and the Unlimited  Bibliography  Index


    David Bohm