1st Edition

On Justifying Democracy (Routledge Library Editions:Political Science Volume 11)

By William Nelson Copyright 1980
    192 Pages
    by Routledge

    188 Pages
    by Routledge

    This book analyzes and assesses theories of democracy emanating from studies in a variety of disciplines, and proposes answers to a wide range of questions in moral and political philosophy, philosophy of law and democratic theory. Taken together, these answers constitute the basis for a theory that justifies political democracy.

    Part 1: Decisions and Procedures  Part 2: Procedural Fairness and Equality  1. Majority Rule and Fairness  2. Procedural Fairness and Justification  3. Possible Replies and Further Considerations Conclusions  Part 3: Participation  1. Background: Schumpeter and the Revisionists  2. Participation Theory  3. Problems and Questions  4. Self Government, Consent and Authorization  5. Equal Rights to Participate  6. Participation and Virtue Conclusions  Part 4: Popular Sovereignty  1. Arrow’s Theorem  2. The Relevance of Arrow’s Theorem  3. An Alternative Approach  4. Why Popular Sovereignty?  5. Some Consequences  Part 5: Economic Theories  1. An Example of Economic Analysis: The Intensity Problem  2. Buchanan and Tullock’s Rationale for Democracy  3. Internal Criticism  4. External Criticism  Part 6: Open Government and Just Legislation: A Defense of Democracy  1. Dahl on Madison  2. Morality and Just Government  3. A Conception of Morality  4. Democracy and Just Government: Mill’s Argument  5. Summary, Objections and Qualifications  6. Comparisons and Contrasts  Part 7: Law and Morality: The Problem of Political Obligation  1. Law and Morality  2. An Act Utilitarian View  3. The Content of Morality and the Interpretation of Law  4. Secondary Principles of Obligation


    William Nelson