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1st Edition

On Political Economists and Political Economy

Edited By Claudio Sardoni, Professor Geoffrey Harcourt Copyright 1992
    ISBN 9780415607476
    444 Pages
    Published November 3, 2010 by Routledge

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    ISBN 9780415313711
    444 Pages
    Published September 24, 2003 by Routledge

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    Included in this volume are papers which are recognized as some of the foundations of post-Keynesian Economics, analysing problems set in historical time and starting from 'real world' observations. The book reflects Geoff Harcourt's contribution to economic debate over more than three decades. It also includes intellectual biographies of some of the most prominent and leading unorthodox economists, such as Kenneth Boulding, Eric Russell and Lorie Tarshis.

    Part 1: Issues in post-Keynesian economics1. The accountant in a Golden Age (1965)2. Investment-decision criteria, investment incentives and the choice of technique (1968)3. Pricing and the investment decision (1976)4. A critique of Mr Kaldor's model of income distribution and economic growth (1963)5. A two-sector model of the distribution of income and the level of employment in the short run (1965)Part 2: The capital theory controversies6. Decline and rise: the revival of (classical) political economy (1975)7. The Cambridge controversies: old ways and new horizons 8. Non-neoclassical capital theory (1979)Part 3: Surveys of approaches to economic theory9. Reflections on the development of economics as a discipline (1984)10. Post-Keynesianism: from criticism to coherence? (1988)Part 4: Theoretical methods11. The legacy of Keynes: theoretical methods and unfinished business (1987)12. Marshall, Sraffa and Keynes: incompatible bedfellows? (1981)13. Marshall's Principles as seen at Cambridge through the eyes of Gerald Shove, Dennis Robertson and Joan Robinson (1991)Part 5: Post-Keynesian policy14. Making socialism in your own country (1982)Part 6: Intellectual biographies15. On the contrutions of Joan Robinson and Piero Sraffa to economic theory (1990)16. Nicholas Kaldor, 1908-86 (1988)17. R F Kahn, 1905-89 (1991)18. Eric Russell, 1921-77: a great Australian polical economist (1977)19. Lorie Tarshis: an early post-Keynesian or, Tarshis on Tarshis by Harcourt (1982)20. Kenneth Boulding: a man for all systems (1983)21. Richard Goodwin: A twentieth-century eclectic (1985)

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