2nd Edition

One Team on All Levels Stories from Toyota Team Members, Second Edition

By Tim Turner Copyright 2012
    322 Pages 28 B/W Illustrations
    by Productivity Press

    322 Pages
    by Productivity Press

    Written by actual Toyota team members, One Team on All Levels: Stories from Toyota Team Members, Second Edition is not another technical explanation of the Toyota Production System (TPS). Rather, it illustrates the culture it creates. The stories, told by employees from various levels of the organization, illustrate how Toyota’s presence in Kentucky has transformed the professional and personal lives of those who worked for the company.

    • Demonstrates the culture created by the Toyota Production System
    • Examines how the TPS principles and precepts serve as models for servant leadership
    • Presents valuable insights from a wide range of Toyota team members—from hourly to management-level
    • Shows how Toyota partnered with the city of Georgetown and its community

    Supplying a first-hand look at the principles that have transformed Toyota into one of the leading manufacturers in the world, the book includes chapters that address how this manufacturing giant was able to survive and improve in the midst of a down economy and recent recalls. The real-life stories supply an unprecedented look at how the Toyota precepts and the fourteen Toyota Way principles can help you improve morale, avoid layoffs, and create a culture of continuous improvement within your organization.

    Our History
    Kosai, Shizuoka, Japan, 1867
    Georgetown, Kentucky, 1985
    Georgetown, Kentucky, January 2009: The Recession and Downturn of the Auto Industry
    Washington, D.C., February 2010

    Our Beginning: Team Members Who Began the Success Story
    Debbie Poe: Assistant Manager
    Karen Wells: Assistant Manager
    Keith Royse: Group Leader
    Tony Hendrichs: Group Leader
         My Story as a Military Team Member at Toyota
    Audie Alford: Group Leader
    Doug Omohundro: Assistant Manager, Conveyance
    Toyota … "What a Feeling"
    Lowry Gillis: Team Leader
    David Craig: Assembly 1 Safety Team and Proud of It!!!
    Avery Bussell: Group Leader, Assembly 1

    Our Motivation: Stories of Appreciation and Dedication
    Shannon Conder: Team Member, TMMI Assembly Conveyance
    Bryan Litteral: Team Leader
    Jeff Hill: Team Leader
    Katrina Bevins: Team Member
    David Farmer: Associate Staff
    Rick Corbin: Group Leader, Body Weld 1 CCR
    David Eads: Team Leader

    Our Inspiration: Stories of Support and Triumph
    Larry McRae: Team Leader
    Matt Lucas: Team Member
    Brent Pennington: Team Member
    Nick Ousley: Team Member
    Greg Richards: Team Member
    David Soard: Team Leader
    Kathy Walker Taulbee: Team Member

    Our Determination: Stories of Kaizen
    Kelly C. Cox: Engineer, Power Train
    Brian McElroy: Team Leader
    Doug Collins: Team Leader, Body Weld 1
    David Foster: Team Member
         Mike Perkins: Dave Foster’s Group Leader
    Ron Kristoff: Team Leader, KGPC Trainer
         Transition to Toyota
    Blair Perkins: Engineering Specialist, Assembly

    Our Thinking Minds: Stories of Quality Circle Activity
    Renee McIntosh: Team Member, Quality Circle Support
         A Team Member’s Day at Toyota
    Brian Staples: Team Leader
    Mark Alexander: Team Leader, Body Weld
         Greg Ballou: ESI and Safety Team Member
    Steve Turley: Team Member, Quality Circle Support
    David Eads: Team Leader

    Our Family: Making It Personal
    Lillie Turner: Team Leader
    Abbie (Age 9) and Cash Turner (Age 7): Children of Tim Turner
    Bob Ditty: Team Leader
    Zenith Sorrell: Team Leader, and Jeff Sorrell: Skilled Team Leader
    Kim Burnette: Team Member
    John Booth: Team Member, Quality Gate
    Deanna Feeback: Team Member

    Our Education and Training: Reach for the Stars Program
    David Barnhart: Team Member
    Keith Claunch: Team Leader
    Orcelia "Lou" Spagnoletta: Assistant Manager, Toyota’s Mississippi Plant
    Arthur Black: Team Leader, Various Experiences
    Alfred Johnson: Group Leader
         Bonnie Smith: Assistant Manager, Conveyance

    Our Teamwork
    Andy Baysinger: Team Member
    Jessie Childers: Team Member, Maintenance 
    David Garvin: Team Member
    Mike Bensing: Team Member
    Mary Jane Wills: Assistant Manager, Assembly 2

    Our Understanding: What We Have Learned
    Along the "Toyota Way"
    James Basham: Assistant Manager
         Life with Toyota
    Mickey Payne: Group Leader
    Fenella Smith: Specialist, Talent Management
    Gary Cummings: Assistant Manager, Plastics Department
    Mike Goetz: Assembly 2 Assistant Manager
    Mark Crupper: Group Leader

    Our Development: Special Projects Stories
    Dwayne E. Lumpkins: Group Leader
    Donald W. Tyra: Group Leader
    Kevin Dunn: Group Leader
    Anthony Morgan: Group Leader
    Mike J. Perkins: Group Leader
    Brian Eddy: Team Leader, Early Symptom Investigation Team
    Dean Weddle: Team Member
    Tony Smith: Team Leader, Tool Crib

    Toyota Way Principles
    Long-Term Philosophy
         February 12, 2009
    David Cox: General Manager, Power Train
    The Right Process Will Produce the Right Results
    John Pfost: Team Leader
         The Andon
    The Andon Board
    The Andon Light
    Floor Management Development System (FMDS)
         Man Figures on the Process Boards
    Anthony Smith: Team Leader, Tool Crib
         Add Value to the Organization by Developing Your People
    Jim Sivers: Team Member
    Mike Bray: Supplier Perspective
    Continuously Solving Root Problems Drives
    Organizational Learning
    Philip Baugh III: Team Member, Mutilation Prevention
    Dave Garvin: Quality Circle Leader, Engine Line

    Our Leadership
    Raymond Bryant: Assistant General Manager, Assembly
    Kim Crumbie: Project Manager, Body Operations
    Dave Orrender: Assembly Manager
    Jeff Ayotte: Production Manager, General Assembly
         Living and Learning the "Toyota Way"
    Ken Anderson: Manager, HR Safety
    Mr. Fujio Cho: Chairman, Toyota Motor Corporation
    Nila Wells: Specialist, Community Services, TEMA
    Gary Convis: President, 2002–2005; TMC Managing
    Officer, 2004–2007; CEO, 2005–2007
    Jacky Ammerman, CAP: Associate, Toyota
    North American Production Support Center, Georgetown , Kentucky
    Steve St. Angelo: President, TMMK
    Rebecca Lucas: Associate to the Chief Quality Officer, Toyota North America
    Importance of a Caller 
         The Expired Passport 
         Child Development Center 
         A Man of Many Hats 
         The Effects of the Economy 
         Personally Shakes the Hands of 7,000+ Team Members
         Genuine and Compassionate Person

    Our Ambassadors
    Georgetown Mayor Karen Tingle Sames
    Leigh Ann Reeves
    State Senator Damon Thayer (R-Georgetown)
    Curtis Holmes: Loyal Toyota Customer
    Tony Minyon: National Technical Support Manager, Toyota Motor Sales

    My Career and Thoughts
    "Rocking Chairs, Patchwork Quilts, Hard Work, Values, and Friendship"
         The Turners
         The Bowlings
         The Teacher
         Chief Quality Officer and Former TMMK President Steve St. Angelo
    What Is the "Magic" of TMMK?



    Turner, Tim

    … when I read the stories I was touched to the core. All of these stories were in different voices, but they all had in common tremendous gratitude for the deep respect that Toyota had shown them and the personal transformation they had experienced working for Toyota.
    —Professor Jeffrey K. Liker, University of Michigan; and Shingo Prize Winning Author of The Toyota Way