1st Edition

One Welfare in Practice The Role of the Veterinarian

Edited By Tanya Stephens Copyright 2022
    414 Pages 36 Color & 7 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    414 Pages 36 Color & 7 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    414 Pages 36 Color & 7 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Animal welfare has long been recognised as central to the role of the veterinary professional, but this is increasingly aligned with the welfare of humans and the broader environment in which we co-exist. This is the first book dedicated to the role of the veterinarian in One Welfare, a concept that recognises the interconnections between animal welfare, human wellbeing, and the environment.

    The book demonstrates, through a wide range of international case studies, why professional ethics and the use of good evidence is integral to this role. Contributors bring a rich variety of writings, each with their own perception of the role of the veterinarian in improving animal welfare and human wellbeing. One Welfare in Practice: The Role of the Veterinarian emphasises the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration and solutions: it is essential that veterinary practitioners recognise when other professionals or disciplines need to be consulted to benefit both animals and humans. With its multiple, fascinating approaches to One Welfare, this book will inform and inspire the veterinarian to find areas where collaborative action reaps the greatest rewards.

    This unique book shows how veterinarians can and are contributing to improving animal and human welfare, offering practical advice as to how the profession can further engage in One Welfare in a range of settings.


    John Webster


    Tanya Stephens


    Tanya Stephens

    1. One Health and One Welfare
    2. Joann M. Lindenmayer and Gretchen E. Kaufman

    3. Sustainability: The role of veterinarians in aligning animal, human and environmental well-being
    4. Tomlinson, A.J., Black, D.H., Clements, R., Doherty, S., Howe, R., Kemkaran-Thompson, L., Layton, R., Prentis, R.A., Ravetz, G., Sedman, R., Wensley, S. and Higham, L.

    5. Climate change as an animal welfare problem: The role of the veterinarian
    6. Angela Frimberger

    7. Animal welfare aspects of land clearing
    8. Michael Banyard

    9. Wildlife utilisation and One Welfare
    10. Heather Bacon

    11. One Welfare and the management of vertebrate pest animals: A complex problem needing an interdisciplinary approach
    12. Trudy Sharp

    13. Managing welfare and wellbeing in animal disease control programmes
    14. Nita Harding

    15. Rabies control in Indonesia: Working together to protect animal and human welfare
    16. Andri Jatikusumah, Wahid Fakhri Husein, Ahmad Gozali, Ratmoko Eko Saputro, Elly Sawitri, Yuni Yupiana, Pebi Purwo Suseno, James McGrane, Luuk Schoonman, Robyn Alders

    17. The role of One Welfare in development and nutrition security
    18. Rebecca Doyle and Robyn Alders

    19. The laboratory animal veterinarian’s contribution to One Welfare
    20. Alexandra Whittaker

    21. Fish welfare and One Welfare - A veterinarian’s perspective
    22. Paul Hardy-Smith and Natalie Roadknight

    23. Working Animals - One Health, One Welfare
    24. Ben Sturgeon

    25. Cow shelters: Animal welfare, human wellbeing and the environment in an Indian context
    26. Uttara Kennedy, Arvind Sharma, Clive J.C. Phillips

    27. One Welfare approach to the sea transport of livestock

    Teresa Collins and Emma Dunston-Clarke





    Tanya Stephens BVSc (USyd) MSc IAWEL (Uni Ed) MANZCVS (Animal Welfare) FRCVS

    Tanya Stephens was born and grew up in the Somerset countryside which inspired a lifelong love of animals and the natural world. She loved nothing more than paddling in streams, collecting tadpoles, talking to hedgehogs or spending time on Devon beaches with their wealth of rock pools. Her family moved to Australia when she was in her early teens and it didn’t take long for that interest to transfer to the Australian landscape. A passion for the environment and animals led her to study veterinary science and post graduate work with native animals especially kangaroos.

    Tanya established her own small animal practice in Haberfield, Sydney and very much enjoys practice and its everyday challenges. As a practitioner she is particularly interested in professional ethics and promoting the use of evidence based veterinary medicine. She is also a wildlife researcher with original research on galactosaemia in kangaroos and nutrition of orphan marsupials. Tanya’s interests lie in animal welfare, professional ethics, the law, research, evidence based practice, wildlife, the environment and sustainable agriculture. She is a regular presenter at Veterinary Conferences and Universities and published author on these topics.

    Tanya holds leadership positions within the Australian Veterinary Association, the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists and is Chair of the Australian Veterinary Association’s Animal Welfare Trust. She is also a member of a number of Animal Ethics Committees, honorary veterinarian for the Children’s Medical Research Institute and involved in management of kangaroos.

    Tanya is a recipient of the Belle Bruce Reid Medal awarded by the University of Melbourne in 2006 to Australia’s 100 most notable women veterinary science graduates and is a Fellow of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons.

    This is a valuable book that should give inspiration to many young idealistic veterinarians wanting to do ‘the right thing’. There is no doubt that the veterinary profession has a lot to contribute to policy within the general aims of One Welfare.

    John Webster, Professor Emeritus, University of Bristol, UK

    I would recommend this book to those with an interest in One Welfare. Although the focus is on the role of the veterinarian, it is clear throughout the book that vets cannot work in isolation and that solutions can only be found by communities and professions coming together and working towards shared goals. This book is likely to be of interest to all of us with an interest in animal, human and environmental health and well-being. It is likely to be of particular interest to veterinary students and recent graduates as it highlights the breadth of potentially diverse roles that veterinarians can have in promoting one health and welfare.

    Animal Welfare, Volume 32 , 2023 , e23