2nd Edition

Online GIS and Spatial Metadata

By Terry Bossomaier, Brian A. Hope Copyright 2016
    ISBN 9780367874339
    438 Pages
    Published December 12, 2019 by CRC Press

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    ISBN 9781482220155
    438 Pages 69 B/W Illustrations
    Published December 18, 2015 by CRC Press

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    Implement Your Own Applications Using Online GIS

    An in-depth study detailing the online applications of geographic information systems (GIS), Online GIS and Spatial Metadata, Second Edition outlines how GIS data are published, organized, accessed, searched, maintained, purchased, and processed over the web. This latest work describes how the internet has become a platform for the delivery and integration of geographic information. It highlights the growth that has taken place since the first edition and includes new chapters on popular XML formats used in online GIS, SDI Metadata Portals, Mobile GIS and Location-Based services. It also updates metadata standards and explains how metadata links it all together.

    Designed To Help Non-Technical Readers Understand Technical Issues

    The book provides a brief overview of the basic technology of online GIS before introducing the technical methods used to develop and implement GIS on the web. It includes an introduction to the protocols and standards now in use online and provides technical background and real-world examples of scripts, markup, and other elements that make this technology work. Expanding on the previous edition, the book offers a global perspective of online GIS, contains links and references to online resources, and includes future directions, applications, and trends.

    Reviewing major advances that have occurred over the past decade, this seminal work:

    • Discusses the detail of four XML-based standards now in common use for Online GIS and spatial metadata

    • Outlines the nature of Information Networks, systems in which information is distributed across many different sites

    • Examines the conceptual framework of metadata, by studying the RDF and similar standards for the Web

    • Describes several metadata standards in use around the world for spatial metadata

    • P

    Introduction. GIS and the Internet. Server-Side GIS Operations. Client-Side GIS Operations. Introduction to Markup. XML and Online GIS. Information Networks. Metadata on the Web. SDI Metadata Portals and Online GIS. Data Warehouses. GIS Anytime, Anywhere. Location-Based Services. Future Directions of Online GIS. Glossary. Bibliography.


    Terry Bossomaier is Strategic Professor of Computing and Information Technology at Charles Sturt University.

    "Metadata is the Pandora's box of opportunities for business, organisations, citizens and customers. It may be argued that privacy is now dead, and the age of personal interconnectedness has begun. But what to make of this new revolution and phase transition for society? This book provides the reader with detailed insights into not only how metadata works, but why and how it will affect us all. I am sure by reading this book you will become an informed consumer and citizen of the 21st century. If you are in business, government and media this is a must read for you."
    —Professor Steve d'Alessandro, Charles Stuart University, Australia

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