1st Edition

Online Gaming in India Technology, Policy and Challenges

Edited By Lovely Dasgupta, Shameek Sen Copyright 2025
    336 Pages 1 B/W Illustrations
    by Chapman & Hall

    This book offers a comprehensive overview from diverse perspectives of online gaming technology, policy, and experiments to understand and review the Indian approach. It starts with the technological viewpoint on the governance and regulation of online gaming and includes the Indian experiment in governing and regulating it. The book brings a nuanced approach related to the perspectives of various stakeholders, the players, the developers, the gamers, the regulators, the law enforcement agencies, the industry and most importantly, the consumers, who are also the intended audience of the work.

    • Present a holistic view of the online gaming industry from technical, legal and policymaking perspectives
    • Offers critical technical highlights include Online transactions, online games ecosystem, online games varied platforms, web3, metaverse, AI and Fantasy Games
    • Includes a comparative analysis to evaluate better the laws, rules, and regulations and the governance of online gaming in India
    • Encapsulates the Indian experience in intervening and streamlining the online gaming industry.


    The book is for Professionals and scholars in the fields of Online Gaming in computer science, Law, and other related discipline. It also serves as a textbook for students for Online Gaming courses.


    Lovely Dasgupta and Shameek Sen


    Srivastav VJS

    Chapter 2. Evolution Of Jurisprudence on Online Games of Skill

    Jay Sayta

    Chapter 3. In Regulatory Purgatory: How Many Lives Left Before Mission Success For

    The Indian Gaming Industry?

    Vidushpat Singhania And Pujaarchana Talukdar

    Chapter 4. Pathways To Stake-holder Led Regulation in Online Gaming

    Abhinav Shrivastava, Eshwar Ramachandran, Ananya S. Menon And Sanjay Ravi

    Chapter 5. Regulatory Progress And Challenges In India’s Booming Online Gaming Market

    Niyati Pandey and Tarun

    Chapter 6. Of Monopolistic Attitude, Power Mongering And Trust Deficit

    Soumitra Bose

    Chapter 7. Regulating Online Gaming: Centre Versus State Competence

    Ananya Giri Upadhya and Gyan Tripathi

    Chapter 8. Walking On Eggshells: Prospects Of Self-Regulating Online Gaming In India

    Shirin Suri & Kuldeep Kaur

    Chapter 9. Challenges And Prospects- An Analysis Of Fantasy Sports Regulation In India

    Animesh Anand Bordoloi and Sachin Kumar

    Chapter 10. Online Gambling Through An Anti-Money Laundering Perspective: A Cross Jurisdictional Analysis

    Anuj Berry, Sourabh Rath, Megha Janakiraman And Agniva Charabarti

    Chapter 11. Cyber-Security And Data Privacy Challenges In Online Gaming: Analyzing The Cyber-Security Risks And Challenges Faced By Online Gaming Platforms In India

    Saloni Tyagi Shrivastava

    Chapter 12. Blockchain In Online Gaming: Navigating The Legal Landscape For India And The World

    Subhrajit Chanda and Ashiv Choudhary

    Chapter 13. A Study On The Legal Challenges In Online Gaming With Special Reference To Network, Accessibility, And Piracy

    Angesh A. Panchal and Vidhi Shah

    Chapter 14. Innovation And Policy: Balancing Technological Advancements With Regulatory Frameworks In Indian Online Gaming

    Arup Poddar

    Chapter 15. Dark Patterns In The Gaming Industry: Legal Implications And Safeguarding User Rights

    Gigimon V S and Narayana Sharma

    Chapter 16. Navigating The Legal Landscape Of Online Gaming In India: Precedence, Regulations, And Future Perspectives

    Nishant Sheokand and Suhasini Rao

    Chapter 17. Do E-Sports Broadcasts Infringe Videogame Copyright?

    Sarath Ninan Mathew

    Chapter 18. Player Image Rights And Online Gaming: Decoding The Game

    Prakhar Maheshwari and Bissheesh Roy

    Chapter 19. Copyrightability Of Digital Player Cards In Online Fantasy Sports: A Conundrum In The Indian Copyright Law

    Atish Chakraborty and Ishaan Vohra

    Chapter 20. Navigating Legal And Operational Uncertainty Around Advertisement Of Online Games

    Varun Ramdas

    Chapter 21. Gender Dynamics In Online Gaming: Exploring Participation And Representation In India

    Anjali Yadav

    Chapter 22. Child’s Consent In Online Gaming Click-Wrap Agreements And Its Intersection With Privacy

    Mili Gupta and Gagneet Singh

    Chapter 23. Responsible & Ethical Framework In Online Gaming: A Shared Responsibility

    Kriti Singh and Kazim Rizvi

    Chapter 24. A Comparative Study Of The GGR And Turnover Models Of Taxing Online Gaming

    Meyyappan Nagappan, Eeshan Sonak and Saranya Ravindran

    Chapter 25. GST And Online Gaming Sector: A Taxing Saga

    Sudipta Bhattacharjee and Aryadeep Roy



    Dr. Lovely Dasgupta has been in the teaching profession for the last Eighteen years. She is an alumnus of the West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences, where she has completed her LL.M., M.Phil, and Ph.D. She primarily teaches Contract and Commercial law at the Undergraduate Level and Competition Law at the Postgraduate Level. She is one of the founding Indian academics to introduce a taught course on Sports Law. In the past sixteen years, she has been writing about and researching issues within the field of sports law. In addition, she has also published in competition law. To date, she has published four books on Sports Law and Competition Law. In addition, she has also published on Legal Education, which has been one of her highly cited works. Amongst others, Prof. Werner Menski in ‘Shah Bano, Narendra Modi and reality checks about global understandings of Indian law’. Nirma University Law Journal (Ahmedabad), Volume 1, Issue 1(2011), has cited pp. 7-26 of ‘Reforming Indian Legal education: Linking Research and Teaching, Journal of Legal Education, Volume 59, Number 3’ (See Footnote No. 15 of Menski). She is heading the Centre for Sports Law and Policy at NUJS. She is the only Indian to be a member of the International Network of Doping Research, Department of Public Health, Aarhus University, Denmark.

    Dr. Shameek Sen is an Associate Professor at the West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences, Kolkata, India. He specialises in public law disciplines such as constitutional law and media law. He has several publications as books, book chapters, and articles in
    peer-reviewed journals and newspaper op-ed articles. His book titled Sports Law in India: Policy, Regulation and Commercialisation , co-edited with Dr. Lovely Dasgupta, is considered to be one of the leading Indian books on the
    subject. He has also presented several papers at international conferences and symposia, including the Asian Law Institute (ASLI) Annual Conferences and the Biennial Conferences organised by the Asian Constitutional Law Forum. His article titled ‘Constitutional Crisis, Autocratic Legalism and the Indian Constitution: Constitutionalism at Crossroads?’ was selected as the sole Indian entry at a project on Constitutional Struggles in Asia and was presented at an International Webinar organised by the Australian National University and the National University of Singapore Centre for Asian Legal Studies Faculty of Law. He currently holds the position of Director at the Centre for Technology, Entertainment and Sports Laws, a Research Centre that was set up at WBNUJS with financial support from M/S Gameskraft Technologies Pvt. Ltd., one of India’s largest skill-based online gaming platforms. The Centre is a pioneer academic contributor in India to the scholarship in these niche areas of study, organising lectures, symposia, workshops and training programmes dealing with the latest domain knowledge on the nuances of these subject matters.