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Ontology and World Politics
Void Universalism I

ISBN 9780415840248
Published September 26, 2013 by Routledge
192 Pages

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Book Description

Together these two companion volumes develop an innovative theory of world politics, grounded in the reinterpretation of the concepts of ‘world’ and ‘politics’ from an ontological perspective.

 Ontology and World Politics presents a new approach to political universalism, grounded in the reinterpretation of world politics from an ontological perspective. In the discipline of International Relations the concept of world politics remains ambivalent, functioning both as a synonym of international relations and their antonym, denoting the aspirations for the overcoming of interstate pluralism in favour of a universalist politics of the global community or the world state. Rather than distinguish ‘world politics’ from ‘international politics’ by its site, level or issues, Prozorov interprets it as another kind of politics. Drawing on Martin Heidegger’s account of world disclosure and Alain Badiou’s phenomenology of worlds, this book posits world politics as a practice of the affirmation of universal axioms across an infinite plurality of limited and particular situations or ‘worlds’. Prozorov reinterprets the familiar principles of community, equality and freedom in ontological terms as attributes of pure being, subtracted from all positive determinations, and presents them as axioms of universalist politics valid in any world whatsoever. This approach to world politics serves as the groundwork for a comprehensive reconsideration of the central themes of political and international relations theory.

Systematic and accessible, these works will be key reading for all students and scholars of political science and international relations.

Table of Contents

Introduction: The Existence of Universality PART I. THE WORLD AND WORLDS Chapter 1: Three Concepts of the World Chapter 2: Politics: Bringing the World into Worlds PART II. WHAT IS WORLD POLITICS? Chapter 3: Three Axioms of Politics Chapter 4: The Typology of Political Invariants

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Sergei Prozorov is University Lecturer in World Politics at the University of Helsinki and Academy of Finland Research Fellow. He is the author of four books, the most recent being The Ethics of Postcommunism. He has also published numerous articles on political philosophy and international relations in major international journals.


With a level of philosophical sophistication rarely found in the discipline of international relations, Sergei Prozorov’s texts issue challenges that no one interested in politics in general and global politics in particular should ignore.

Michael J. Shapiro, University of Hawai’i Manoa, USA.

Taken together, Ontology and World Politics and Theory of the Political Subject represent the most ambitious re-articulation of the ontological and ethical foundations of universalism to date by one of the most brilliant and provocative scholars of his generation. I can thus warmly recommend these volumes to anyone with an interest in cutting-edge international political theory.

Jens Bartelson, Professor of Political Science, Lund University, Sweden.