1st Edition

Operational Performance Measurement Increasing Total Productivity

By Wilfred Kaydos Copyright 1998

    Mention the phrase "bottom line," and the immediate thought tends to focus on a company's financial performance. Think again! There's an equally important factor that carries tremendous impact on that final total: operational performance measures.

    Implementation of a performance improvement program can significantly improve a company's bottom line. Operational Performance Measurement: Increasing Total Productivity shows the way-featuring a new integrated theory of performance measurement, with a never-before-published measurement model that's applicable to any business activity.

    Practical procedures and guidelines directly identify the variables that should be measured; guidelines to develop measurement systems; and how to analyze, interpret, and use performance methods effectively. Numerous diagrams, tables and examples make the principles and procedures easy to understand and implement.

    While this performance measurement approach is simplicity itself, be prepared for powerful results!
    Managers can put the theory into action right away- giving them better control, improved performance, increased personal productivity-and an easier day at work!

    Operations, finance, administration and quality managers alike will find there's so much to gain when they're Operational Performance Measurement: Increasing Total Productivity ... and a better bottom line is just the beginning!

    Why Measure Performance?
    What is Measurement?
    Measuring Production Processes
    Operational Requirements for Effective Measurement
    Techniques for Determining What to Measure
    Implementation and Deployment
    Analyzing and Interpreting Measures
    Using Performance Measures Effectively
    Insuring Your Measures are Showing an Accurate Picture
    Appendix A-What Some Leading Companies are Measuring
    Appendix B-Implementing Manufacturing Performance Measures-A Case Study
    Appendix C-Implementing a Formal Selling Process and Performance Measures in a Sales Organization
    Appendix D-Global Warming?
    Appendix E-Measuring an Inventory Transaction Process


    Wilfred Kaydos (The Decision Group, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA) (Author)

    "This book will add measurably to the success of those businesses and managers who read and apply it."
    -John L. Mariotti, President and CEO, The Enterprise Group

    "Imagine a pilot trying to fly an airplane with all its instruments blacked out. How would he navigate? In Operational Performance Measurement: Increasing Total Productivity, Will Kaydos shows you how to build the instruments you need to keep your organization running efficiently and headed in the right direction."
    -Bruce Sheridan, General Electric Mortgage Insurance Company

    "Operational performance measurement works! In ten months, our performance measurement system enabled us the reduce defects 35%, increase productivity 15%, cut order cycle time by one-third, and increase sales at least 10%."
    -Jim Dickson, President, Consolidated Engravers

    "Will Kaydos speaks to the reader as manager-to-manager. He blends just enough theory with sound advice and actual cases to clarify a very complex subject. Operational Performance Measurement: Increasing Total Productivity is a practical handbook for the manager who wants to achieve real world results. I recommend it very highly."
    -J.V. Gilmour, Corporate Controller, Harried & Henderson Yarns, Inc.

    "Whether you read the book to gain a cursory understanding of performance measurement or whether you use it as an operational guide, referring to the grids and case studies in the back, this book is sure to help guide you through your performance measurement process."
    -Arthur Andersen, barnesandnoble.com

    "...masterfully combines performance measurement theory with an exciting new measurement framework that can be applied to any business activity. It explores how to design and develop performance measurement systems that significantly increase productivity, quality, sales, and profits...Refreshingly pragmatic... a must read as it provides simple-to-follow guidelines for getting the most value out of your performance measurement system."
    -Perform, the Newsletter of Panoramic Business Views, Spring 1999

    "...stresses the need to coordinate the goals, the measures, the data collection, the feedback, and the action."
    -Roger W. Berger, Publications Chairman and Co-Editor of The Quality Management Forum