1st Edition

Operational Risk Management in Container Terminals

    164 Pages 38 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    164 Pages 38 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This book provides an overview of the operation of container terminals and the associated risks with such operations. These risks are often ignored or not properly investigated by both scholars and practitioners.

    Operational Risk Management in Container Terminals explores and discusses the decision rationales and the consequences for these operational risks handling process, with in-depth investigation on the container terminals in the Asia-Pacific region. The topics covered include the history and development of the container terminals, the operation of the terminals and risk incurred, the risk-management theories and concepts, rationales and consequences of the risk decisions in the container terminal operations, common practices and recommendations on terminal operational risk handling.

    1. Container Vessel and Terminal 2. Major Tangible Elements of a Container Terminal 3. How a Container Terminal Operates 4. What Risks Container Terminals are Facing 5. Risk Management Concept and Theory 6. Application of the SURE model for Risk Management in Container Terminal 7. Findings of the Application of SURE Model for Risk Management in Container Terminal 8. Risk Management Strategies in Container Terminal from the Insight of the SURE model Application


    Eric Su is currently the General Manager – Engineering of Hongkong International Terminals. He holds an EMBA degree and an DBA degree with City University of Hong Kong and is a Fellow of the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers.

    Edward Tang is currently the General Manager – Operations of Hongkong International Terminals. Having started his career as a pier supervisor, Mr Tang has more than 35 years' experience in the container terminal industry.

    Kin Keung Lai received his PhD at Michigan State University, USA. He is currently the Chair Professor of Management Science at the City University of Hong Kong. He is the founding chairman of the Operational Research Society of Hong Kong and currently the president of the Asia Association on Risk and Crises Management.

    Yan Pui Lee received her Master of Art in Transport Policy and Planning from the University of Hong Kong. She is now pursuing a PhD degree at the Department of Management Sciences of the City University of Hong Kong. Her research interests include transport and logistics management.

    "Most people in the public may not be familiar with container terminals, even though they may have encountered them frequently. This book not only provides an overview to our industry but also introduces some new ideas in operational risk management of container ports. I am more than happy to recommend this book to anyone who would like to know more about this industry."— Gerry Yim, Chief Executive Officer, Hutchison Port Holdings Trust

    "As container shipping has revolutionized global trade, the importance of highly productive container ports cannot be understated. Leveraging his depth of experience at some of the most efficient container terminals in the world, Dr. Su has managed to create an excellent primer for managing the related operational risks. Whether an industry insider or someone simply wanting to better understand the workings of a modern container port, I would highly recommend this book." — Eric S.C. Ip, Group Managing Director, Hutchison Port Holdings