1st Edition

Operative Surgery for Head and Neck Tumors

Edited By Jagdeep Thakur, Ripu Daman Arora Copyright 2022
    274 Pages 217 Color & 14 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    274 Pages 217 Color & 14 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    274 Pages 217 Color & 14 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

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    This book emphasizes on clinical, radiological and laboratory assessment of operative surgery in common head and neck surgical procedures. It provides a systematic and rational operative approach to management in day-to-day practice. A photographic style is used, wherein high-quality photographs provide visual details to reveal each step of the procedure. This photographic content of each surgical step on patient or cadaver makes this book a valuable resource for surgical residents, fellows, junior consultants, and general surgeons who manage head and neck cases and would learn to deftly perform the procedures.

    Key Features
    • Incorporates a unique photographic style enumerating the step-by-step surgical procedures.
    • Provides a crisp and to the point approach towards common head and neck surgical management, helpful for surgery residents and trainees.
    • Fills a significant gap for a text that adequately describes the wide variety of procedures performed by head and neck surgeons.



    About the Editors


    1. The Head and Neck Team

    Jagdeep S Thakur

    2. Pre-Operative Management

    Dara Singh

    3. Post-Operative Care

    Kartik Syal

    4. Fluid Management in Head and Neck Surgery

    Ravi Kant Dogra

    5. Drugs in Head and Neck Surgery

    Anamika Thakur

    6. Surgical Tools

    Jagdeep S Thakur, Ripu Daman Arora and Dinesh Sharma

    7. Skin Cancer

    Neel Prabha and Moumita De

    8. Oral Cancer Surgery

    Rohit K Sharma

    9. Salivary Glands Tumour Surgery

    Nitin M Nagarkar and Ripu Daman Arora

    10. Oropharyngeal Tumour Surgery

    Smriti Panda and Hitesh Verma

    11. Hypopharyngeal Tumour

    Avinash Chaitanya S and Rajeev Gupta

    12. Laryngeal Cancer Surgery

    Vipin Arora, Ravi Meher, Divya Vaid and Suvercha Arya

    13. Orbital Tumours

    Nitin Gupta and Ravneet R Verma

    14. Sinonasal Tumour Surgery

    Jagdeep S Thakur and Kartik N Rao

    15. Bone Tumours

    Payal Kamble and Saurabh Varshney

    16. Neck Dissection

    Jagdeep S Thakur

    17. Thyroid Surgery

    Jagdeep S Thakur

    18. Parathyroid Surgery

    Ripu Daman Arora and Subinsha A

    19. Intraoperative Laryngeal Nerve Monitoring

    Kuldeep Thakur

    20. Parapharyngeal Tumour Surgery

    Ripu Daman Arora, Jagdeep S Thakur

    21. Temporal Bone Cancer

    Kuldeep Thakur

    22. Reconstruction in Head and Neck Tumours

    Jiten Kumar Mishra, Shamendra Anand Sahu and Moumita De



    Dr Jagdeep Thakur is Associate Professor in the Dept of Otolaryngology-Head Neck Surgery, Indira Gandhi Medical College, Shimla, India.

    Dr Ripu Daman Arora is Additional Professor in the Department of ENT and Head and Neck Surgery  All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Raipur, India.

    This book has a multi-authorship which is India based. The editors have made a commendable job of ensuring continuity of style in each chapter and especially in getting the authors to adhere to the book title, in providing what is an operative manual.

    The opening chapters cover the composition of the head and neck team, pre and post-operative care and medication.The bulk of 274 pages is devoted to 15 site-specific chapters, ranging from skin cancer to temporal bone malignancy. Again what sets this book apart is the emphasis on a step-wise description of each surgical procedure. Highlights here must be those on neck dissection, total laryngectomy and thyroid surgery. Bullet points take one through the anatomical staged dissection for each technique. There are introductions to the most current “recent advances” whether in laser or robotic surgery, intra-operative nerve monitoring (a whole chapter) or navigation systems.

    There are colour illustrations throughout, nicely reproduced. With a few exceptions, imaging, whether CT or MRI, is clear, relevant and is sharply printed.

    This is then a very practical and hands-on book that will appeal to trainees in any surgical speciality contributing to the management of head and neck tumours. Most importantly, it does live up to its title and, so, provides something novel, in a recipe book format. It seems very good value for its quality and content.

    L Flood
    Middlesborough, UK