2nd Edition

Ophthalmic Drug Delivery Systems

Edited By Ashim K. Mitra Copyright 2003
    847 Pages
    by CRC Press

    752 Pages
    by CRC Press

    The second edition of this text assembles significant ophthalmic advances and encompasses breakthroughs in gene therapy, ocular microdialysis, vitreous drug disposition modelling, and receptor/transporter targeted drug delivery.

    I: Fundamental Considerations 1. Overview of Ocular Drug Delivery 2. Membrane Transport Processes in the Eye 3. General Considerations in Ocular Drug Delivery II: Transport Models in Ocular Drug Delivery 4. Ocular Drug Transfer following Systemic Drug Administration 5. Ocular Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics 6. Mathematical Modeling of Drug Distribution in the Vitreous Humor 7. Anterior Segment Microdialysis 8. Posterior Segment Microdialysis III: Drug Delivery Systems 9. Ocular Penetration Enhancers 10. Corneal Collagen Shields for Ocular Drug Delivery 11. The Noncorneal Route in Ocular Drug Delivery 12. Ocular Iontophoresis 13. Mucoadhesive Polymers in Ophthalmic Drug Delivery 14. Microparticles and Nanoparticles in Ocular Drug Delivery 15. Dendrimers: An Innovative and Enhanced Ocular Drug Delivery System 16. Ocular Delivery and Therapeutics of Proteins and Peptides 17. Retinal Disease Models for Development of Drug and Gene Therapies 18. New Experimental Therapeutic Approaches for Degenerative Diseases of the Retina 19. Gene, Oligonucleotide, and Ribozyme Therapy in the Eye IV: Regulatory Aspects 20. Regulatory Considerations 21. Patent Considerations


    Mitra, Ashim K.