Optical MEMS, Nanophotonics, and Their Applications  book cover
1st Edition

Optical MEMS, Nanophotonics, and Their Applications

ISBN 9780367781644
Published March 31, 2021 by CRC Press
448 Pages

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Book Description

This book covers device design fundamentals and system applications in optical MEMS and nanophotonics. Expert authors showcase examples of how fusion of nanoelectromechanical (NEMS) with nanophotonic elements is creating powerful new photonic devices and systems including MEMS micromirrors, MEMS tunable filters, MEMS-based adjustable lenses and apertures, NEMS-driven variable silicon nanowire waveguide couplers, and NEMS tunable photonic crystal nanocavities. The book also addresses system applications in laser scanning displays, endoscopic systems, space telescopes, optical telecommunication systems, and biomedical implantable systems.

  • Presents efforts to scale down mechanical and photonic elements into the nano regime for enhanced performance, faster operational speed, greater bandwidth, and higher level of integration.

  • Showcases the integration of MEMS and optical/photonic devices into real commercial products.

  • Addresses applications in optical telecommunication, sensing, imaging, and biomedical systems.

Prof. Vincent C. Lee is Associate Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, National University of Singapore.

Prof. Guangya Zhou is Associate Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at National University of Singapore.

Table of Contents

Section I Optical MEMS for communication, imaging, and sensing applications

1 Optical MEMS: An introduction

Guangya Zhou and Chengkuo Lee

2 MEMS optical scanners for laser projection display

Hiroshi Toshiyoshi

3 Optical micro-electrical-mechanical phased array

Youmin Wang and Ming-Chiang Wu

4 Optical MEMS for space: Design, characterization, and applications

Frederic Zamkotsian

5 MEMS vibratory grating scanners and their applications

Guangya Zhou

6 F–P filters and applications in spectrometers and gas sensing

Chong Pei Ho and Chengkuo Lee

7 Electrothermally actuated MEMS mirrors: Design, modeling, and applications

Huikai Xie, Xiaoyang Zhang, Liang Zhou, and Sagnik Pal

8 MEMS tunable optics: Liquid and solid methods

Yongchao Zou and Guangya Zhou

Section II Nanophotonics for communication, imaging, and sensing applications

9 Physical sensors based on photonic crystals

Bo Li and Chengkuo Lee

10 Silicon photonic variable waveguide coupler devices

Kazuhiro Hane

11 Metasurface and ultrathin optical devices

Xianzhong Chen, Dandan Wen, and Fuyong Yue

12 Optical micro- and nanoresonators for biochemical sensing

Xingwang Zhang, Liying Liu, Lei Xu, Xudong Fan, and Guangya Zhou

13 Terahertz MEMS metamaterials

Prakash Pitchappa and Chengkuo Lee

Section III Biomicro- and nanophotonics and optofluidics for health care applications

14 Optofluidic devices and their applications

Sung-Yong Park

15 Implantable CMOS microphotonic devices

Jun Ohta and Takashi Tokuda

16 Microfluidic photocatalysis

Ning Wang and Xuming Zhang

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Prof. Guangya Zhou received the B.Eng. and Ph.D. degrees in optical engineering from Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China. His PhD thesis was on micro optics and diffractive optics. He was a post-doctoral fellow at state key laboratory of thin film and microfabrication technology at Shanghai Jiao Tong University conducting research on optical MEMS for telecommunication systems. He has been a research fellow at the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Nanyang Technological University. He is now an associate professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, National University of Singapore. His research covers optical MEMS scanners, MEMS spectrometers and hyperspectral imagers, optical MEMS based ultra-compact endoscope probes, silicon nanophotonics, NEMS tunable photonic crystals, and nano scale optomechanics. He has published about 90 research papers in peerreviewed international journals, and is the main inventor of the MEMS-driven vibratory grating scanner, MEMS-based miniature zoom lens system with autofocus function, and miniature MEMS-based adjustable aperture. The latter two were successfully licensed to a start-up company, where he currently works as a technical advisor.

Prof. Vincent C. Lee received his PhD from The University of Tokyo in 1996. He has served as JST Research Fellow at AIST, MITI of Japan, Senior Research Staff Member of the Microsystems Laboratory, Industrial Technology Research Institute, Hsinchu, Manager of the MEMS Device Division of Metrodyne Microsystem Corporation, Hsinchu, Adjunct Assistant Professor with the Electro-Physics Department, National Chiao Tung University, Hsinchu, and Adjunct Assistant Professor with the Institute of Precision Engineering, National Chung Hsing University, Taichung, Taiwan. He cofounded Asia Pacific Microsystems, Inc., Hsinchu, where he was a Vice President, and also was a Senior Member of the Technical Staff at the Institute of Microelectronics, A*STAR, Singapore. Currently, he is an Associate Professor with the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, National University of Singapore, Singapore. He is the co-author of Advanced MEMS Packaging (McGraw-Hill, 2010). He has contributed to more than 230 international conference papers and extended abstracts and 160 peer-reviewed international journal articles in the fields of Optical MEMS, NEMS, nanophotonics and nanotechnology. He holds nine U.S. patents.