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Optical Sciences and Applications of Light

About the Series

Optics is an enabling technology in many fields of science and engineering. The purpose of this book series is to present the state of the art in the basic science of optics, applied optics, and optical engineering, as well as the applications of optics in many areas, including healthcare and life sciences, lighting, energy, manufacturing, information technology, telecommunications, sensors, metrology, defense, and education.

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Nanofabrication Principles to Laboratory Practice

Nanofabrication: Principles to Laboratory Practice

1st Edition

By Andrew Sarangan
October 21, 2016

This book is designed to introduce typical cleanroom processes, techniques, and their fundamental principles. It is written for the practicing scientist or engineer, with a focus on being able to transition the information from the book to the laboratory. Basic theory such as electromagnetics and ...

Blackbody Radiation A History of Thermal Radiation Computational Aids and Numerical Methods

Blackbody Radiation: A History of Thermal Radiation Computational Aids and Numerical Methods

1st Edition

By Sean M. Stewart, R. Barry Johnson
August 29, 2016

Shelving Guide: Electrical Engineering In 1900 the great German theoretical physicist Max Planck formulated a correct mathematical description of blackbody radiation. Today, understanding the behavior of a blackbody is of importance to many fields including thermal and infrared systems engineering...

Nonlinear Optics Principles and Applications

Nonlinear Optics: Principles and Applications

1st Edition

By Karsten Rottwitt, Peter Tidemand-Lichtenberg
December 11, 2014

Explores the Fundamental Aspects of Nonlinear Optics As nonlinear optics further develops as a field of research in electromagnetic wave propagation, its state-of-the-art technologies will continue to strongly impact real-world applications in a variety of fields useful to the practicing scientist...

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