1st Edition

Optimal Protection from Impact, Shock and Vibration

    Systems that provide protection from impact, shock and vibration are held up by sophisticated physical principles. In this volume, the author explores those principles in a straightforward manner. All aspects of the theory of optimal isolation are presented, from a description of the systems that use these principles to the design of such systems and the limits of the approach. The text offers several examples of how optimal isolation has been applied in real-world situations, thus serving to emphasize and elucidate the explanation of the theory. Optimal Protection From Impact, Shock and Vibration is ideal for applied engineers and mathematicians, whether students or professionals, who need to understand optimal protection.

    Systems with Isolators and Problems from Optimizing Their Characteristics. Optimal Protection of Rectilinearly Moving Systems from an Instantaneous Impact. Optimal Protection of Rotating Objects from an Instantaneous Impact. Optimal Isolation for a Class of Disturbances. Optimization of Shock Isolators for an Object with Incompletely Prescribed Mass. Optimization of Vibration Isolation Systems. Optimal Damping of Transient Motion in Multi-Degree-of-Freedom Systems. Computational Methods for a Limiting Performance Analysis. Design of Optimal Shock Isolators. Is Optimal Shock Isolation Always Provided by a Constant Control Force?


    Dimitry V Balandin, Nikolai N. Bolotnik, Walter D. Pilkey