1st Edition

Optimization in Medicine and Biology

Edited By Gino J. Lim, Eva K. Lee Copyright 2008
    592 Pages 174 B/W Illustrations
    by Auerbach Publications

    Thanks to recent advancements, optimization is now recognized as a crucial component in research and decision-making across a number of fields. Through optimization, scientists have made tremendous advances in cancer treatment planning, disease control, and drug development, as well as in sequencing DNA, and identifying protein structures.

    Optimization in Medicine and Biology provides researchers with a comprehensive, single-source reference that will enable them to apply the very latest optimization techniques to their work. With contributions from pioneering international experts this volume integrates strong foundational theory, good modeling techniques, and efficient and robust algorithms with relevant applications

    Divided into two sections, the first begins with mathematical programming techniques for medical decision making processes and demonstrates their application to optimizing pediatric vaccine formularies, kidney paired donation, and the cost-effectiveness of HIV programs. It also presents recent advances in cancer treatment planning models and solution algorithms, including three-dimensional conventional conformal radiation therapy (3DCRT), intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT), tomotherapy, and proton therapy.

    Part two focuses on optimization in biology and discusses computational algorithms for genomic analysis; probe design and selection, properties of probes, and various algorithms and software packages to aid in probe selection and design. Subsequent chapters introduce a new dihedral angle measure for protein secondary prediction, and an optimization approach for tumor virotherapy with recombinant measles viruses. The editors include a short tutorial appendix on Integer Programming (IP).

    Highlighting the most recent advances in optimization techniques for solving complex problems in medical research, this book facilitates strong collaborative environments among optimization researchers and medical professionals for future medical research.

    Classification and Disease Prediction via Mathematical Programming, E.K. Lee, T.L. Wu, and J.P. Brooks
    Mathematical Programming Approaches
    MIP-based Multigroup Classification Models and Applications to Medicine and Biology
    Progress and Challenges
    Other Methods
    Using Influence Diagrams in Cost Effectiveness Analysis for Medical Decisions, R.S. Duriseti
    Formalized Decision Making and Quality Metrics
    Influence Diagrams in Clinical Cost-Effectiveness Analysis
    Model Scope and the Structure of Influence Diagrams:  Implications for Clinical Decision Problems
    Introduction to Venous Thromboembolic Disease and the D-dimer Assay
    Cost-Effectiveness of Strategies for Diagnosing Pulmonary Embolism: The Recommendation Provided Depends on Model Scope
    Non-Bayesian Classification to Obtain High Quality Clinical Decisions, R.S. Duriseti

    Asymmetric Cost SVMs for High Risk Clinical Decisions
    Clinical Background
    Appendix: The Argument for a Biased Classifier
    Optimizing Pediatric Vaccine Formularies, S.N. Hall, S.H. Jacobson, and E.C. Sewell
    Models for Optimizing Pediatric Vaccine Formularies
    Computational Complexity, Algorithms, and Heuristics
    Computational Comparison of Algorithms and Heuristics
    Optimal Spending on HIV Prevention and Treatment: A Framework for Evaluating Cost-Effectiveness with Example Application to the India AIDS Initiative, M.L. Brandeau, E.F. Long, D.W. Hutton, and D.K. Owens
    Model-Based Framework
    Designing an Epidemic Model to Support Cost-Effectiveness Analysis
    Example Model: Evaluating the India AIDS Initiative
    Developing a Tailored Model
    Appendix: Equations of Illustrative Model
    Optimization over Graphs for Kidney Paired Donation, S.E. Gentry
    Finding Edges
    Designing the Objective
    Solution Methods
    Current Status of Paired Donation
    Projecting the Impact of Kidney Paired Donation
    Introduction to Radiation Therapy Planning Optimization, G.J. Lim
    Applications and Methods
    Beam Orientation Optimization Methods in Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy Treatment Planning, D.M. Aleman, H.E. Romeijn, and J.F. Dempsey
    BOO Model
    Optimization Methods
    Multileaf Collimator Shape Matrix Decomposition, T. Kalinowski
    The Mathematical Model
    The Decomposition Time Problem
    The Decomposition Cardinality Problem
    Optimal Planning for Radiation Therapy, M. Langer, R. Rardin, and A. Tuncel
    Treatment Planning of Dose Distributions
    Treatment Optimization Modeling
    Intensity Map Delivery
    4-Dimensional and Fractionated Planning
    An Introduction to Systems Biology for Mathematical Programmers, E. Almaas, A. Holder, and K. Livingstone
    General Background
    Gene Regulatory Networks
    Protein Interaction Networks
    Metabolic Networks
    Systems Biology and Operations Research
    Algorithms for Genomics Analysis, E.K. Lee and K. Gupta
    Phylogenetic Analysis
    Multiple Sequence Alignment
    Novel Graph-Theoretical Based Genomic Models
    Computational Methods for Probe Design and Selection, C.N. Meneses, P.M. Pardalos, and M.A. Ragle
    Probe Design and Selection
    An Implementation of Logical Analysis of Data for Oligo Probe Selection, I.-Y. Jang, K. Kim, and H.S. Ryoo
    Proposed Probe Selection Method
    in silico Experiments
    A New Dihedral Angle Measure for Protein Secondary Prediction, M. Kim, Y. Jang, and J. MacGregor Smith
    Problem Background
    Mathematical Models
    Alanine Dipeptide Results
    General Dipeptide Results
    Optimization of Tumor Virotherapy with Recombinant Measles Viruses, Z. Bajzer, T. Carr, D. Dingli, and K. Josí
    Mathematical Model of Virotherapy
    Analysis of Equilibria
    Model Validation and Parameter Estimation
    Combating Microbial Resistance to Antimicrobial Agents through Dosing Regimen Optimization, M. Nikolaou, and V.H. Tam
    Antimicrobial Resistance and the Need to Optimize Dosing Regimens
    A New Approach to Modeling the Effect of Antimicrobial Agents on Heterogeneous Microbial Populations
    A Tutorial Guide to Mixed-Integer Programming Models and Solution Techniques, J.C. Smith and Z.C. Táskın
    Modeling Principles
    MIP Solution Techniques
    Example Radiation Therapy Application


    Gino J. Lim, Eva K. Lee