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1st Edition

Oracle Case Management Solutions

ISBN 9781482223828
Published October 22, 2015 by Auerbach Publications
460 Pages 261 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

Organizations increasingly need to deal with unstructured processes that traditional business process management (BPM) suites are not designed to deal with. High-risk, yet high-value, loan origination or credit approvals, police investigations, and healthcare patient treatment are just a few examples of areas where a level of uncertainty makes outcome and execution of work flow non-deterministic.

Case management is a way to govern and control these unstructured processes and non-deterministic outcomes. Oracle recently completed its BPM technology stack with broad case management functionality and is now able to deliver case management capabilities in a variety of flavors that combine packaged applications and middleware technology.

Oracle Case Management Solutions is the first book to translate case management from a business problem perspective into appropriate Oracle product usage. Covering the key Oracle technologies that support case management solution components, it explains how to conceptualize and implement quality case management solutions with these products.

The team of authors consists of leading industry consultants engaged in providing case management solutions as well as veteran software product management professionals dealing with tools for building case management applications. The authors share insights gained through their extensive case management experience in terms of its use in solving real-world business problems and in applying technologies to create efficient fit-for-purpose computer applications that embody modern computing trends.

Detailing a proven solution architecture and reliable roadmap for case management implementation and adoption, the book includes tutorials with step-by-step instructions on building case management solutions using Oracle Siebel and Oracle BPM suites.

Table of Contents


Basics of Case Management

Unexpected Surprises (or Shocks)
Handling of Credit Card Rewards Disputes
Case Management: Basics
Creating Case Management Solutions
ACM and Business Agility

Adaptive Case Management (ACM)-Related Topics
Adaptive Systems and ACM
Dynamic, Production and Adaptive Case Management (DCM, PCM, and ACM)
Process Management and Case Management: Friends or Foes?
Adoption of Case Management: Capability Maturity Considerations
Making the Business Case for Case Management


Case Management Functional Design
Principles for the Solution Design Components
Design Components
Design Template

Case Management Classifications
Forrester Case Management Classifications
Common Principles for the Classifications
Service Request Classification
Incident Management Case Classification
Investigative Case Classification

Determine Solution Mapping
Techniques Used to Determine the Impact of Functionality onto the IT Landscape
Perform a Functional Decomposition Using CORA Application Layers
Determine Required Technology Capabilities
Decide What Technologies to Use

Concluding Remarks: How to Use the Case Management Solution Framework


Oracle BPM/ACM
Oracle BPM/ACM/SOA Suite Overview
Oracle BPM/ACM Usage Characteristics
Case Management Lifecycle Functionality with Oracle BPM/ACM
Case Management Interaction Functionality with Oracle SOA Suite
Case Management Information Functionality with Oracle BPM/ACM/ SOA Suite
Cross-Functional Case Management Capabilities

Oracle Siebel Overview
Oracle Siebel Usage Characteristics
Case Management Information Functionality with Oracle Siebel
Case Management Life Cycle Functionality with Oracle Siebel
Case Management Interaction Functionality with Oracle Siebel
Cross-Functional Case Management Capabilities

Oracle Service Cloud
Oracle Service Cloud Overview
Oracle Service Cloud Usage Characteristics
Case Management Interaction Functionality with Oracle Service Cloud
Case Management Information Functionality with the Oracle Service Cloud
Case Management Life Cycle Functionality with Oracle Service Cloud
Cross-Functional Case Management Capabilities

Intelligence in Relation to the Case Execution
Case Intelligence Design
Oracle Intelligence Products

Concluding Remarks


Mortgage Request Handling
Reading Guide
Mortgage Request and Business Challenges
Deriving a Solution Based upon the Case Management Solution Framework

Citizen Services in the Public Sector
Reading Guide
Welfare Request and Business Challenges
Deriving a Solution Based upon the Case Management Solution Framework

From Crime to Court
Reading Guide
Police Investigation and Business Challenges
Solution Design Aspects

End-to-End Insurance Claim Management
Reading Guide
Insurance Claims and Challenges
Deriving a Solution Based upon the Case Management Solution Framework

Case Management Examples: Concluding Remarks


Oracle BPM/ACM Tutorial
Credit Card Charge Dispute: Use Case
Installation and Tutorial Files
Key Elements of Oracle Adaptive Case Management
Implement the Case with Oracle ACM
Deploy and Test

Siebel Tutorial
Siebel Implementation Approach
Using the Police Investigation Application

Concluding Remarks



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Léon Smiers works as a Solution Architect for Capgemini, The Netherlands in the area of Oracle Technology and Architecture, where he is one of the leading Oracle specialists. He has done a lot of work and research in the field of integration and new technologies, like RFID, SOA, EDA, BPM, and case management, on which he wrote articles and presented at international conferences. Currently Léon is setting up Solution Architectures for large Oracle based projects and is the Oracle BPM Thought leader for Capgemini. Based on his close cooperation with Oracle development and product management, Léon was awarded the Oracle ACE title in 2010.

Léon is co-inventor of the Common Reference Architecture mode or CORA model, which helps in getting control over the IT landscape in a Hybrid environment and delivers a predictable, repeatable, and risk-aware solution design (

Manas Deb is a senior director in the Fusion Middleware/SOA and BPM Suite product group at Oracle HQ. He he has been leading outbound product management globally and his current focus is on strategic customer engagements. Manas has worked in the software industry for over 20 years, most of which was spent in product development and management, and on architecting and leading many enterprise-level application development and business integration projects in a variety of industries. Manas attended post-graduate studies at the University of Texas at Austin. He has a PhD in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics, as well as an MBA.

Prasen Palvankar is a director of Product Management at Oracle and currently leads product management of Case Management, Business Activity Monitoring, and Oracle Business Rules products in the Oracle BPM Suite product family. Prasen has more than 20 years of work experience in all aspects of software application development, including consulting, solution and enterprise architecture, business integration, process management, and advanced training development and delivery.

Joop Koster is an experienced Oracle Solution Architect, CRM, and Front-Office Consultant. He has 15 years of IT Consulting experience and more than 10 years of management experience in the Printing Industry. He is familiar with Front-Office, Contact Center, Multi-Channel customer interaction, and CRM technologies. He has broad experience in marketing, sales, and services processes and technologies and has worked in both B2B and B2C environments.


"This book is a must-read for people who want to learn more about the area of case management and how case management functionality is supported in various Oracle products, including the Oracle BPM Suite. It motivates with real-world examples and goes into details all the way to concrete implementation. The case management solution framework (CMSF) carved out in the book is technology agnostic and applicable in general. The case diagrams of the CMSF are modeled on case management model and notation (CMMN), which makes this book a good complement to the CMMN specification and, thus, is among the first books using CMMN.... we welcome this book as it nicely introduces the field of case management and then shows how the Oracle BPM Suite, with its comprehensive set of functionality from low-level service orchestration and mediation to business processes with BPMN 2.0 and case management components, can be used to implement adaptive case management solutions."
—Vaishnavi Sashikanth, Vice President, Oracle Product Development
—Ralf Mueller, Architect, Oracle BPM Suite

"In my role in Oracle, where I am responsible for Fusion Middleware Partner Adoption in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, I have the privilege to talk to industry experts as well as to Oracle product management and product development teams. It is wonderful to see that many of them contributed to this book."
—Jürgen Kress, Fusion Middleware Partner Adoption EMEA

"Adequate and practical guidance on solution design philosophy as well as solution architecture and the implementation of best practices are necessary for the realization of a quality solution. This book, the first of its kind, provides this guidance starting at high-level considerations through appropriate technology choices from Oracle’s big basket of products right up to solution design details, thus making the dream of creating business applications to manage structured and unstructured business activities an achievable one."
—Geoffroy de Lamalle, CEO, eProseed