1st Edition

Oracle Internals
Tips, Tricks, and Techniques for DBAs

Edited By

Donald K. Burleson

ISBN 9780849311390
Published July 30, 2001 by Auerbach Publications
896 Pages

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Book Description

If you are a typical Oracle professional, you don't have the luxury of time to keep up with new technology and read all the new manuals to understand each new feature of the latest release from Oracle. You need a comprehensive source of information and in-depth tips and techniques for using the new technology. You need Oracle Internals: Tips, Tricks, and Techniques for DBAs.
Oracle has evolved from a simple relational database into one of the most complex e-commerce platforms ever devised. It's not enough for you to understand just the Oracle database. You must also understand the components of the Web server technology, XML, Oracle Security, Oracle and Java, and a host of other issues in order to do your job properly.
This book is a compendium of the best and most useful articles from Oracle Internals, Auerbach Publications' newsletter for Oracle database administrators and other Oracle professionals. Edited by Oracle guru Don Burleson, it provides the type of in-depth, highly technical information not found in any other book, information only available from peers and consultants. The chapters focus on the truly tough stuff - proven techniques learned in the trenches.
You could get this information from other sources, but you'd have to hunt and peck for it. Can you afford that kind of time? Oracle Internals: Tips, Tricks, and Techniques for DBAs gives you knowledge and advice directly applicable to your work in one easy-to-use resource.

Table of Contents

Oracle Applications Development Techniques
A Practical Example of Data Conversion, C. Banyay
Using Wizards in an Oracle Developer 6i Form, J.A. Palinski
Using Oracle's Developer 6i to Create a Record Directory, J.A. Palinski
Using Hierarchical Tree Items in Oracle's Developer 6I, J.A. Palinski
Populating Oracle Form Hierarchies Incrementally at Run Time, J.A. Palinski
Oracle Designer 2.1.2.API: Enforcing Column Naming Standards, H. Deschamps
Oracle Web Development
Building a .com from the Ground Up, B.D. Brown and E. Robinson
Rapid Web Deployment with WebDB, S. Shestakov and D. Petrov
Introduction to iAS for the OAS Administrator, B.D. Brown
Viewing Performance Data with OAS, S. Shestakov
Top DBA Scripts for Web Developers, B.D. Brown and T. Calalano
Web-Based Testing and Capacity Planning, T. Clarke
HTTP Listeners, B.D. Brown
Introduction to UTL_HTTP, B.D. Brown
Portal 3.0: Moving Folders across Content Areas with Its API, H. Deschamps
Not WebDB 3.0, not iPortal, but Oracle Portal, B.D. Brown
Java and Oracle
The Fast Track to Java with Oracle, B.D. Brown
Building a Java Applet for Monitoring Oracle, S. Shestakov
Oracle and UNIX
UNIX Scripts for Oracle Administration, S. Shestakov
UNIX Tips and Tricks for the Oracle DBA, D. Burleson
File Exchange Solutions: SQL*Leader, PL/SQL, and Pro*C, S. Shestakov and D. Petrov
Gauging How Linux May Change the DBMS Market, P. Korzeniowski
Oracle Backup and Recovery
Strategies for an Archives Management Program, M.J.D. Sutton
Scripting Oracle Backups with RMAN and EBU, H. Fosdick
Alert Mechanisms for RMAN Backups, G.S. Wan
Tips and Scripts for Implementing RMAN, G.S. Wan
Paging People with Oracle 8i Out of the Box, H. Deschamps
Oracle SQL Tuning
Cost-Based Optimization: Whys and Hows, R. Greenwald
Analytic Functions, J. Lewis
Piranhas in the Pool: Investigations into Literal SQL and Oracle Shared Pool Performance, J. Beresniewicz
Managing Database Objects in Sets, J. Gennick
Oracle's Joins, R. Earp and S. Bagui
To_Format, A. Shrivastava
Oracle Disk Management
Exploring Disk Size and Oracle Disk I/O Performance, B.D. Rodgers
Adaptive Strategies for Disk Performance in Oracle, B.D. Rodgers
RAID and ORACLE, D.C. Sisk
Visualizing the I/O Signature, G.E. Sharpe
Distributed Oracle Systems
Automating Distribution of Oracle Client Software, C. Mansfield
SQL*Net Diagnostics and Performance Tuning, S. Shestakov and D. Petrov
Oracle Buffer and SGA Management
Pinning Packages in the SGA, D. Burleson
Investigating the Multiple Buffer Pool Feature of Oracle8, J. Beresniewicz
Diving Into the Shared Pool, M.R. Ault
Managing Multiple Buffer Pools in Oracle8, M.R. Ault
Oracle8i Buffer Cache: New Features, J. Beresniewicz
Oracle Table Management
How I Reorganized a Large Database, B. Thomas
Partition and Conquer, R. Pande
Eliminating Space Reorganizations in Oracle8i, R. Schumacher
Determining the Table Rebuild Ratio for Oracle Tables, R. Kab
Oracle Parallel Query, D. Burleson
Managing Oracle Table Freelists, D. Burleson
Oracle Security
Using Roles in Oracle Security, M.B. Wallace
Managing Row Level Security in Oracle8i, M.R. Ault
Auditing Oracle, F. Gallegos and J.C. Yin
Oracle Data Warehouses
What's Wrong with My Data? J. Feldman
Oracle Express Development in the Enterprise, P. Mundell
An Approach to Load Analysis and Stress Testing, J.B. Sastry
Undocumented Express, W.G. Brown
Enterprise Transformation and Data Management, R. Lee
Oracle Database Internals Management
Getting a Quick Start with Oracle 8i, R. Kab
Oracle Sessions Monitoring, S. Shestakov and D. Petrov
The Object/Relational Features of Oracle8, D. Burleson
Hardware Considerations, B.D. Brown
Oracle Extras, B.D. Brown
Oracle's Triggers, R. Earp and S. Bagui
Concurrency, R. Greenwald
The Supporting GROUPS, A. Shrivastava
Registering a Metadata Schema, A. Watts
ORADEBUG: A Useful (Undocumented?) Utility, B. Thomas
Using the DBMS_LOCK Built-in Package, J. Beresniewicz

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