1st Edition

Order from Chaos Theoretical Principles and Practical Aspects of the New Class of High-Entropy Materials

By Luca Spiridigliozzi Copyright 2025
    192 Pages 8 Color & 6 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    "Order from Chaos: Theoretical Principles and Practical Aspects of the New Class of High-Entropy Materials" offers a comprehensive exploration of High-Entropy Materials, a novel class of materials characterized by complex compositions and unexpected properties. The book delves into the fundamental principles underlying the formation and stabilization of differently structured High-Entropy Ceramics, presenting a detailed analysis of their main physical and technological properties. Moreover, the book discusses the challenges and future prospects of High-Entropy Ceramics as well as their potential applications in various industrial sectors, making it a useful resource for researchers and engineers in the field of advanced ceramics.

    Acknowledgements. Preface. THE CONCEPT OF ENTROPY. Introduction. Measuring Entropy. Information Theory (Shannon Entropy) and Materials Science. High-Entropy Materials—Definition and Thermodynamics. DIFFERENT CLASSES OF HIGH-ENTROPY MATERIALS. Rocksalt-Structured Oxides and High-Entropy Rocksalts. Fluorite-Structured Oxides and High-Entropy Fluorites. Perovskite-Structured Oxides and High-Entropy Perovskites. Carbides and High-Entropy Carbides. Borides and High-Entropy Borides. Nitrides and High-Entropy Nitrides. Silicides and High-Entropy Silicides. Empirical Descriptors and High-Entropy Materials Design Rules. PROPERTIES AND APPLICATIONS OF HIGH-ENTROPY MATERIALS. Noticeable High-Entropy Ceramics’ Thermal Properties. Noticeable High-Entropy Ceramics’ Electrical Properties. Noticeable High-Entropy Ceramics’ Magnetic Properties. Noticeable High-Entropy Ceramics’ Optical Properties. Conclusions and Future Scenarios. Index.


    Luca Spiridigliozzi is a Post-doc Researcher and Lecturer at University of Cassino and Southern Lazio (Italy) in the field of Materials Science and Engineering, and a freelance scientific consultant for the industrial sector. His main research areas are: Fuel Cells, Rare Earths-based Materials, Catalysts and Entropy-Stabilized Materials. Even at a young age, he has published more than 40 scientific papers on international peer-reviewed journals and a monograph entitled “Doped-Ceria Electrolytes: Synthesis, Sintering and Characterization”.