1st Edition

Organ Preservation and Transplant Surgery

    240 Pages 50 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    This new book, edited by internationally renowned specialists, also pools the experience of consultants from both Europe and the US. It is divided into three main sections: Organ Preservation, Organ Harvesting and Surgical Techniques. Many different organs are profiled, including the heart, kidneys, lungs, pancreas, intestine and bowel. The various aspects of preservation are discussed including cooling and preservation solutions, which are of special interest as researchers are actively exploring the composition of those solutions. Longer term preservation of the heart is still an unsolved problem and this is considered, as well as the pros and cons of organ donation from live or cadaveric donors. Fully referenced and illustrated with over 50 line drawings, Organ Preservation and Transplant Surgery will be of particular interest to those involved in the often complex surgery of organ harvesting or trainees in transplantation surgery. It gives clear accounts of techniques and a detailed update in the underlying science that determines and currently limits organ storage. It will also prove invaluable to the younger researcher who needs a clearer understanding of the scientific basis of organ preservation and the clinical need for better organ preservation.

    I: Organ Preservation. Introduction. Biophysical and Chemical Considerations in Cryopreservation. Organ Perfusion Technology. Kidney-specific Requirements for Preservation. Pancreas-specific Requirements for Preservation. Liver-specific Requirements for Preservation. Intestine-specific Requirements for Preservation. Myocardial and Lung-specific Requirements for Preservation. II: Organ Harvesting. Multiple Organ Harvesting from Cadaveric Donors. Kidney Harvesting from Living Related Donors. Segmental Pancreas Harvesting from Living Related Donors. Liver Harvesting from Living Donors. III: Surgical Techniques. Renal Transplantation: Surgical Techniques. Pancreas Transplantation: Technique and Complications. Liver Transplantation: Surgical Techniques. Small Bowel Transplantation: Technical Aspects. Orthotopic and Heterotopic Heart Transplantation: Surgical Techniques. Single Lung Bilateral Lung and Heart-Lung Transplantation: Surgical Techniques.


    Jean-Michel Dubernard, Marwan Dawahra, Paul McMaster

    'This book provides a succinct overview of organ preservation, organ harvesting, and surgical techniques currently employed in the clinical practice of solid organ transplantation. The use of excellent line drawings
    for clarification of the material is a major asset of this book....(it) is particularly helpful as a teaching aid for surgical residents and medical students to illustrate the technical considerations involved with transplantation surgery. It is an important advance over the previously used reference book Manual of Vascular Access, Donation and Transplantation edited by Simmons et al. (Springer-Verlag,1984).'
    - Doody's Publishing Review