1st Edition

Organ Specific Drug Delivery and Targeting to the Lungs

Edited By Ajit S. Narang, Ram I. Mahato Copyright 2023
    542 Pages 58 Color & 49 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    542 Pages 58 Color & 49 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Organ Specific Drug Delivery and Targeting to the Lungs provides up to date information on the multidisciplinary field of particle engineering and drug delivery to the lungs, including advancements of nanotechnology. The text presents a unique, pragmatic focus with case studies, that help translate scientific understanding to practical implementation. In addition to highlighting the successful case studies, it also offers practical advice on watchouts, limitations, and ‘bookend’ boundaries involved in the stages of testing and development.


    Additional Features Include:

    • Provides an account of particle engineering, discovery, biology, development, and delivery in relation with the advancements of nanotechnology, unlike any previous book.
    • Brings together the leading experts and researchers in the field to critically assess and discuss various topics influencing drug delivery.
    • Highlights the interplay of different scientific disciplines and the balance of requirements that are critical to molecule and product design.


    With the strategic focus on what matters during new product development, this book provides a guide to understanding and navigating new drug discovery and development for lung targets.

    Chapter 01

    Estimating Clinically Relevant Measures of Inhaled Pharmaceutical Aerosol Performance with Advanced In Vitro and In Silico Methods

    Chapter 02

    In Vitro Assessment of Drug Release, Dissolution, and Absorption in the Lung

    Chapter 03

    Lung-on-a-Chip and Lung Organoid Models

    Chapter 04

    Interaction between Inhalable Nanomedicines and Pulmonary Surfactant

    Chapter 05

    Particle engineering for pulmonary drug delivery

    Chapter 06

    Particle Architectonics for Pulmonary Drug Delivery

    Chapter 07

    Engineered Particles for Aerosolisation and Lung Deposition

    Chapter 08

    Recent advances in inhalable nanomedicine for lung cancer therapy

    Chapter 09

    Thin-Film Freeze-Drying Process for Versatile Particles for Inhalation Drug Delivery

    Chapter 10

    Nanoparticles as specific drug carriers

    Chapter 11

    Surface modification of micronized drug particles for aerosolization

    Chapter 12

    Spray Dried Particles for Inhalation

    Chapter 13

    Inhalation Aerosol Phospholipid Particles for Targeted Lung Delivery

    Chapter 14


    Chapter 15

    Protein and Peptide Delivery to the Lung via Inhalation

    Chapter 16

    Exosomes Based Drug Delivery for Lung Cancer Treatment


    Ajit S. Narang works for the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences at ORIC Pharmaceuticals, Inc., in South San Francisco, CA. His primary expertise is in oral drug delivery. He holds over 20 years of pharmaceutical industry experience in drug development. Prior to ORIC, Ajit has also worked for Genentech, Inc.; Bristol-Myers Squibb, Co.; Ranbaxy Research Labs (currently a subsidiary of Daiichi Sankyo, Japan); and Morton Grove Pharmaceuticals (currently, Wockhardt USA). He holds undergraduate Pharmacy degree from the University of Delhi, India and graduate degrees in Pharmaceutical Sciences from the Banaras Hindu University, India, and the University of Tennessee Health Science Center (UTHSC) in Memphis, TN. He currently serves as the Chair of Biopharmaceutics Technical Committee of the Product Quality Research Institute. His current research interests focus on new drug discovery research. He has been credited with several publications, patents, and books throughout his career; and has contributed to the development of several clinical and marketed drug products.

    Ram I. Mahato is Professor and Chairman of the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Nebraska Medical Center, Omaha, NE. He was a professor at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center, Research Assistant Professor at the University of Utah, Senior Scientist at GeneMedicine, Inc., and as a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, Washington University in St. Louis, and Kyoto University, Japan. He received PhD in Drug Delivery from the University of Strathclyde, Great Britain and BS from China Pharmaceutical University, Nanjing. He has published 166 peer reviewed papers, 24 book chapters, holds 3 US patents, and has edited/written nine books and eleven journal issues (Total Google Citations= 13,060 and h-Index =67). He is an Associate Editor of the Journal of Neuroimmune Pharmacology, was a Feature Editor of the Pharmaceutical Research (2006-2013). He is a CRS and AAPS Fellow. He is applying sound principles in pharmaceutical sciences in the context of the latest advances in life and material sciences to solve challenging drug delivery problems in therapeutics. His areas of research include delivery and targeting of small molecules, miRNA and genes using novel polymeric and lipid carriers for treating cancer, liver fibrosis and diabetes.