1st Edition

Organic Electroluminescent Materials and Devices

By Seizo Miyata Copyright 1997
    510 Pages 12 Color Illustrations
    by CRC Press

     Covers recent progress and developments on the electroluminescent and photoluminescent properties of fullerene, chelate metal compounds, polythiophenes, poly (p-phylene vinylenes), polyxadiazoles, poly (vinyl carbazoles), polysilanes and many other organic materials. A wide range of organic electroluminescent materials and their based technologies are discussed by leading experts working in industry and academic institutes. The current status of this field is reviewed in state-of-the-art chapters providing specified applications with examples. Electroluminescent materials glow in a full colour range, including white, green, blue, red and violet. Their usefulness in panel displays, backlights of liquid crystal displays, indicators lights, and as a light source for optical communications is discussed.

    Electronic processes in organic electroluminescence; mono- and heterolayer polymeric light emitting diodes based on poly(p-phenylene vinylene) and oxadiazole polymers; making polymer light emitting diodes with polythiophenes; thin film electroluminescent diodes based on poly(vinyl carbazole); electroluminescence and photoluminescence in fullerene; white-light emitting devices; single-layer organic electroluminescent devices. (Part contents).


    Seizo Miyata (Tokyo University, Japan) (Author)