1st Edition

Organic Field-Effect Transistors

Edited By Zhenan Bao, Jason Locklin Copyright 2007
    638 Pages 150 Color & 324 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    640 Pages 150 Color & 324 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    The remarkable development of organic thin film transistors (OTFTs) has led to their emerging use in active matrix flat-panel displays, radio frequency identification cards, and sensors. Exploring one class of OTFTs, Organic Field-Effect Transistors provides a comprehensive, multidisciplinary survey of the present theory, charge transport studies, synthetic methodology, materials characterization, and current applications of organic field-effect transistors (OFETs).

    Covering various aspects of OFETs, the book begins with a theoretical description of charge transport in organic semiconductors at the molecular level. It then discusses the current understanding of charge transport in single-crystal devices, small molecules and oligomers, conjugated polymer devices, and charge injection issues in organic transistors. After describing the design rationales and synthetic methodologies used for organic semiconductors and dielectric materials, the book provides an overview of a variety of characterization techniques used to probe interfacial ordering, microstructure, molecular packing, and orientation crucial to device performance. It also describes the different processing techniques for molecules deposited by vacuum and solution, followed by current technological examples that employ OTFTs in their operation.

    Featuring respected contributors from around the world, this thorough, up-to-date volume presents both the theory behind OFETs and the latest applications of this promising technology.

    Theoretical Aspects of Charge Transport in Organic Semiconductors: A Molecular Perspective

    Charge Carrier Transport in Single-Crystal Organic Field-Effect Transistors

    Charge Transport in Oligomers

    Charge Transport Physics of Solution-Processed Organic Field-Effect Transistors

    Contact Effects in Organic Field-Effect Transistors

    Design, Synthesis, and Transistor Performance of Organic Semiconductors

    Dielectric Materials: Selection and Design

    Grazing Incidence X-Ray Diffraction (GIXD)

    Near-Edge X-Ray Absorption Fine Structure (NEXAFS) Spectroscopy

    Scanning Probe Techniques

    Vacuum Evaporated Thin Films

    Solution Deposition of Polymers

    Solution Deposition of Oligomers

    Inkjet Printed Organic Thin Film Transistors

    Soft Lithography for Fabricating Organic Thin-Film Transistors

    Radio Frequency Identification Tags

    Organic Transistor Chemical Sensors

    Flexible, Large-Area e-Skins

    Organic Thin-Film Transistors for Flat-Panel Displays



    Zhenan Bao, Jason Locklin

    ". . . a useful addition to university libraries and may also be of interest to scientists who are working on organic semiconductor electronics in industry . . . a valuable yellow pages for graduate students who are just entering the field . . . I highly recommend this book."

    – Alejandro L. Briseno, University of Washington, in Materials Today, June 2008, Vol. 11 No. 6