1st Edition

Organisation Development in Health Care Strategic Issues in Health Care Management

    208 Pages
    by Routledge

    This title was first published in 2002: Health systems across the globe face similar problems: controlling costs while maintaining or improving health care quality and access. Notwithstanding the unprecedented health system reforms of the past decades, many outstanding problems remain in these areas. Drawing on experts from Europe and America this eclectic collection of leading edge research examines the impact of organizational development on improving quality and efficiency in health care. A series of chapters provide accounts of organizational reconfiguration in the UK and elsewhere. The contributors examine how structural and procedural changes must be matched by the development of human resource services if increases in efficiency and effectiveness are to be achieved. The book will be of interest to health care academics, policy makers, managers and practitioners who are interested in keeping abreast of the latest developments in health care research.

    Contents: Involvement and Partnership Arrangements: Primary care groups - what are they and why are they here?, Lawrence Benson and Gillian Wright; Setting up local health groups in Wales: challenges and opportunities, Stephanie Williams; Developing an organization made up of people who thrive on change, Sue Phillips, Oliver Nyumbu and Brian Toner. Two Teams and Interdisciplinary Working: Introducing self-directed primary care teams in the NHS: an overview of initial strategic issues, Rosemary K. Rushmer, Julia Parker and Sheila Phillips; Interprofessional education: one aspect of archiving quality health and social care, Anne Wyness et al; Getting the message across: mental health matters in older age, Terry Downes and Jayne Sayers. Leadership: Primary care groups: a study into development of appropriate managerial skills, Helen Bussell et al; The role of middle managers in realising human resource strategy: evidence from the NHS, Graeme Currie and Stephen Proctor; Effective and ineffective leadership within the NHS in Wales, Paula Palmer; Strategic leadership in health care in challenging times, M.O. Jumaa and J. Alleyne; Emperor’s clothes? does training pay off? evaluating health management training in the developing world, Zillyham Rojas, Dave Haran and Neil Marr. Future Trends in Development: The future of the European health sector - a scenarios approach, Leonard Lerer and John Kimberly; Institutional change and trust in the national Health Service: examining the impact of reform on the NHS value structure, Steven Simoens and Robert McMaster; Explaining variation in grant funding of health voluntary organizations by Scottish health boards, Donald Routledge Coid and Iain Kinloch Crombie; Power as a concept in the evaluation of telehealth, Sharon Levy, David A. Bradley, Moya J. Morison, Mich


    Rosemary K. Rushmer, Lecturer, Huw T.O. Davies, Manouche Tavakoli, all at Department of Management, University of St Andrews, UK. Rosemary K. Rushmer is a lecturer in Management at the University of St Andrews, specialising in Organisation Development and Organisation Behaviour and was formerly a lecturer in management at Dundee Business School, the University of Abertay Dundee. Her current research interests include the development of multi-disciplinary, multi-agency teamwork in Primary Care; Leading and Managing Change in the NHS; Unified Boards (between Acute and Primary Care Trusts).

    '...the book has a reassuringly contemporaneous feel...something for everyone...' Health Matters '...this book is a useful resource for readers who wish to gain an overview of some of the main issues of organisation development in health care, and understand the approach to these issues taken by scholars and practitioners in the management disciplines.' Journal of Health Organization and Management