1st Edition

Organization Made Easy! Tools For Today's Teachers

By Frank Buck Copyright 2010
    176 Pages
    by Eye On Education

    176 Pages
    by Eye On Education

    Meet the ever-growing organizational demands of today's changing world with the variety of tools, digital and otherwise, available to you as a teacher. In this book, organization guru Frank Buck shows you how to take expert advantage of the specific electronic and paper-based resources that will help you manage your time and stay on course as a teacher of the 21st century. Buck offers practical, easy-to-read strategies for organizing your surroundings, increasing productivity, and reducing stress. Teachers will leave this book with a feeling of greater control of the day plus a renewed sense of pride in their profession.


    • Organizing Digitally
    • Organizing with Paper
    • E-mail and other e-timesavers
    • Handling multiple projects
    • Handling the paper blizzard

    1. The Universal Challenges of Time Management and Organization * The Universal Time Crunch * Organization, Time Management, and the Art of Teaching * How This Book Will Help
    2. Handling the Paper Blizzard and Decluttering Your Room * Setting Up a Tickler File * Tickler Files in Action * Other Examples * Daily Ritual * And more...
    3. Your Signature Tool: Organization Digitally * Why Do I Need a System? * What is a "Signature Tool"? * And more...
    4. Your Signature Tool: Organizing With Paper * Paper or Digital? * Five Functions and Five Guiding Principles * And more...
    5. Think It Through Once: Handling Repeating Tasks * Education is a Cyclic Business * Setting Up a Repeating Task System * Next Steps
    6. Handling Multiple Projects * What Makes Projects Different? * Define the Goal * Break the Project Into Small Steps * And more...
    7. Organizing Your Students * The Student Planner * Learn to Deal with Papers * And more...
    8. Organizing Your Computer * Setting Up a Digital Filing System * The Desktop * And more...
    9. E-mail, the Digital Resources Chart, and Other Electronic Timesavers * E-mail: Time Management Tool or Time Sink? * Decisions, Decisions: Getting from "In" to "Empty" * And more...
    10. Focused or Fragmented? * Work from an Organized List * Quiet Time * And more...
    11. Conclusion
    12. Appendix A: Checklist for a Great Start
    13. Appendix B: Configuring Outlook
    14. References


    Frank Buck served as a central office administrator, principal, assistant principal, and band director during a career in education spanning almost 30 years. He has served as an editorial advisor for the National Association of Elementary School Principals and has authored articles published nationally aimed at helping others become better organized and better managers of their time. The workshops he has conducted over more than a decade have drawn rave reviews from teachers and school administrators alike.Dr. Buck resides in Pell City, Alabama, and serves as a consultant to schools and businesses. He can be contacted for workshops or speaking engagements through his website www.FrankBuck.org.