1st Edition

Organization Made Easy! Tools For Today's Teachers

By Frank Buck Copyright 2010
    176 Pages
    by Routledge

    by Routledge

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    Meet the ever-growing organizational demands of today's changing world with the variety of tools, digital and otherwise, available to you as a teacher. In this book, organization guru Frank Buck shows you how to take expert advantage of the specific electronic and paper-based resources that will help you manage your time and stay on course as a teacher of the 21st century. Buck offers practical, easy-to-read strategies for organizing your surroundings, increasing productivity, and reducing stress. Teachers will leave this book with a feeling of greater control of the day plus a renewed sense of pride in their profession.


    • Organizing Digitally
    • Organizing with Paper
    • E-mail and other e-timesavers
    • Handling multiple projects
    • Handling the paper blizzard

    1. The Universal Challenges of Time Management and Organization * The Universal Time Crunch * Organization, Time Management, and the Art of Teaching * How This Book Will Help
    2. Handling the Paper Blizzard and Decluttering Your Room * Setting Up a Tickler File * Tickler Files in Action * Other Examples * Daily Ritual * And more...
    3. Your Signature Tool: Organization Digitally * Why Do I Need a System? * What is a "Signature Tool"? * And more...
    4. Your Signature Tool: Organizing With Paper * Paper or Digital? * Five Functions and Five Guiding Principles * And more...
    5. Think It Through Once: Handling Repeating Tasks * Education is a Cyclic Business * Setting Up a Repeating Task System * Next Steps
    6. Handling Multiple Projects * What Makes Projects Different? * Define the Goal * Break the Project Into Small Steps * And more...
    7. Organizing Your Students * The Student Planner * Learn to Deal with Papers * And more...
    8. Organizing Your Computer * Setting Up a Digital Filing System * The Desktop * And more...
    9. E-mail, the Digital Resources Chart, and Other Electronic Timesavers * E-mail: Time Management Tool or Time Sink? * Decisions, Decisions: Getting from "In" to "Empty" * And more...
    10. Focused or Fragmented? * Work from an Organized List * Quiet Time * And more...
    11. Conclusion
    12. Appendix A: Checklist for a Great Start
    13. Appendix B: Configuring Outlook
    14. References


    Frank Buck is an education consultant to schools and businesses. He has served as a central office administrator, principal, assistant principal, and band director during a career in education spanning almost 30 years. Dr. Buck writes a weekly newspaper column, maintains an active blog, and regularly presents at national conferences, including ASCD, Learning Forward, AMLE, NAESP, and Staff Development for Educators.