Clear, concise, and written by experts currently lecturing in the field, Organizational Behaviour focuses exclusively on what you need to know for success in your business course and today's global economy.

    For a focused view of organizational behaviour, this is the book for you. The concise, accessible style makes this the perfect text for introductory courses covering organizations and is well suited to international students. This innovative textbook features:

    • a clear and thought-provoking introduction to organizational behaviour relevant, cutting-edge case studies with global focus
    • hot topics such as emotional intelligence, corporate responsibility, Generation Y and ethics keep you up-to-date with current business thinking
    • summaries, activities, key theme boxes and review questions to help reinforce your understanding

    Part of the 360 Degree Business series, which provides accessible yet stimulating introductions to core business studies modules, this textbook comes with additional support materials including further case studies, revision summaries and interactive multiple choice questions available online at

    1. Organizational Behaviour: An Introduction  2. Organization and Management  3. The Individual: Personality, Perception and Attitudes  4. Motivation and Engagement  5. Groups and Teams  6. Leadership  7. Organizational Processes  8. Organizational Design and Structure  9. Organizational Culture and Change  10. Contemporary Trends and Developments in Organizational Behaviour


    Paul E. Smith is Principal Lecturer in Human Resource Management at the University of Hertfordshire Business School, UK.

    Marilyn Farmer is Senior Lecturer in Human Resource Management at the University of Hertfordshire Business School, UK.

    Wendy Yellowley is Senior Lecturer in Human Resource Management at the University of Hertfordshire Business School, UK.

    'This textbook has made a valuable contribution to the field of organisational behaviour studies....[It] has a user-friendly interface and major theories have been critically evaluated and justified in line with contemporary studies.' - Dr. Kirk Chang, Oxford Brookes University, UK

    'The concepts are easy to understand. The material presented is very appropriate - it doesn't overload you with information, and the activities and case studies help me learn better than other books. I would recommend this book to friends studying organizational behaviour.' - Peng Jin, Business Studies Student, University of Westminster

    'It is current, full of simple practical cases, less than half the size of other textbooks on the subject and much more straightforward.... I think it is much more appropriate for our management theory and practice students than what's currently available.' - Dr. Alan White, Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK

    'The text is a brilliant addition to the OB arena.  Accessible, well structured, bright and clearly set out.  It has fantastic content that not only 'tells it how it is', - but more significantly encourages students to reflect  on some of the more challenging aspects of OB.  The case studies are a tremendous resource for both tutors and students and the review questions are an excellent way to prepare for examinations and use as group discussion prompts. All together, a new text that I am truly excited about using!' - Julia Pointon, De Montfort University, UK