1st Edition

Organizational Change Sourcebook I: Cases in Organizational Development

Edited By B. Lubin, L. D. Goodstein, A. W. Lubin Copyright 1984
    232 Pages
    by Psychology Press

    First published in 1984. Starting out with the exploration of the value of the case study, this volume looks at organisational change, and presents nine case studies of planned change on the organizational or community level. Each is an in-depth analysis prepared by the consultants who were actively engaged in the change activity.

    Chapter 1 Introduction to Cases in Organization Development; Chapter 2 Organizational Development for Thornlea:, John C. Croft; Chapter 3 Thornlea Ten Years Later, John C. Croft; Chapter 4 A Laboratory-Consultation Model for Organization Change, William G. Dyer, Robert F. Maddocks, J. Weldon Moffitt, William J. Underwood; Chapter 5 Re-Examining the Rca Experience, William G. Dyer; Chapter 6 A Systems Approach to Organization Development, Michael Beer, Edgar F. Huse; Chapter 7 The Longevity of a Systems Approach to OD, Michael Beer; Chapter 8 Using Research to Guide an Organization Development Project, Samuel A. Culbert; Chapter 9 1978 Reflections on “Using Research to Guide an Organization Development Project”, Samuel A. Culbert; Chapter 10 Toward a Self-Renewing School, Alfred Alschuler; Chapter 11 Commentary on “Toward a Self-Renewing School”, Alfred Alschuler; Chapter 12 A Structural Approach to Organizational Change, Robert A. LukeJr., Peter Block, Jack M. Davey, Vernon R. Averch; Chapter 13 Reflections on “A Structural Approach to Organizational Change, Robert A. LukeJr; Chapter 14 Social Intervention in Curacao: A Case Study, David E. Berlew, William E. LeClere; Chapter 15 Problems and Issues in the Curacao Case: a Nine-Year Perspective, David E. Berlew, William E. LeClere, Victor PinedoJr; Chapter 16 1The author is indebted to Margaret Darden, Leona Eldridge, Jean S. James, James M. Kolarik, Elizabeth Phillips, Irving D. Strachan, Nancy Thompson, Joseph A. Trunfio, Birdie White, and Maxine R. Wooten, who gave of themselves as Parent Trainers and made the Parent Project possible. The author wishes to thank Gracie Miller, Associate Director of the Economic Opportunity Program, Inc. and Helen Stolte, Miami Head Start Project Manager, and Head Start staffs for their splendid cooperation. Finally, the author wishes to thank Dr. Herbert M. Dandes, the Associate Investigator, for sharing preservice training and supervision duties; Leslie H. Danford, for conducting the Language Development training; Dr. John W. McDavid, Dr. Carl E. McKenry, and Dr. Virginia Shipman for their assistance. The Parent Project was supported in part by a research grant titled, “Changing Parental Attitudes and Behavior Through Part Icipant Group Methods,” from the Office of Economic Opportunity (CAP CG-8003) to the University of Miami, for which the author was the Principal Investigator., Wohlford Paul; Chapter 17 An Update on “Head Start Parents in Part Icipant Groups”, Paul Wohlford; Chapter 18 A Structural Approach to Organization Development in a University Professional School, Lynn H. Peters, John F. NcKenna; Chapter 19 An Update on “A Structural Approach to Organization Development in a University Professional School”, Lynn H. Peters, John F. McKenna;


    Bernard Lubin. Ph.D .is professor and chairman of the Department of Psychology at the University of Missouri-Kansas City and a professor of medicine at the School of Medicine, previously was on the faculty at the University of Houston and at Indiana University Medical Center. Leonard D. Goodstein. Ph.D., professor and chairman of the Department of Psychology, Arizona State Univer­sity, Tempe, was formerly on the faculty at the Univer­sity of Iowa and at the University of Cincinnati. Alice W. Lubin is currently a training consultant with the Greater Kansas City Mental Health Foundation. She has taught in the District of Columbia Public School System and served as chairman of a department of special education.