1st Edition

Organizational Development, Innovation, and Economy 5.0 Challenges in the Digital Era

Edited By Elżbieta Jędrych, Agnieszka Rzepka Copyright 2025
    184 Pages
    by Routledge

    This edited collection comprehensively explores Economy 5.0, focusing on critical aspects such as organizational development, intellectual capital, soft agent dynamics, and agility. Through in-depth analysis, real-world case studies, and forward-looking perspectives, the book provides readers with practical insights into the challenges and opportunities that define contemporary organizations and skills that can be applied in different cultural and organizational contexts. The overarching goal is to empower individuals to thrive in the dynamic economic landscape of Economy 5.0 by promoting sustainable practices, fostering future-proof skill sets, encouraging ethical leadership, and inspiring innovative solutions. It addresses issues and trends that are universally relevant in today's globalized world, offering a multidisciplinary perspective that will make it valuable to researchers, academics, practitioners, and students in the fields of organizational development, management, innovation, sustainability, and ethical leadership.


    Agnieszka Rzepka and Elżbieta Jędrych

    1. Organizational development: Developmental Factors in Organizations

    Ryszard Borowiecki, Radosław Miśkiewicz, and Zbigniew Olesiński

    2. Navigating Sustainable Development: Challenges and Imperatives for the European Economy 5.0

    Juliusz Kotyński

    3. Sustainable development and transition from Economy 4.0 to Economy 5.0

    Magdalena Czerwińska, Marta Drozdowska, Izabela Gruszka, and Dariusz Ilnicki

    4. Catalyzing Business Development: A Case Study

    Agnieszka Faron, Barbara Karlikowska, and Wojciech Maciejewski

    5. Intellectual Capital: Measuring Social Capital in Manufacturing Companies

    Elżbieta Jędrych, Dariusz Klimek, and Jacek Witkowski

    6. Future-proof skillset for Industry 5.0

    Justyna Berniak-Woźny, Marlena Plebańska, and Monika Sak-Skowron

    7. Exploring Workforce Skills in Industry 5.0 Amid Cultural Diversity

    Agnieszka Knap-Stefaniuk

    8. Leadership skills development: a study of leading MBA programmes

    Arif Erkol, Jan Fazlagić, and Agnieszka Rzepka

    9. Exploring Soft Factors: Job Crafting and the Dynamics of Diverse Workforce Teams

    Grażyna Bartkowiak and Agnieszka Krugiełka

    10. Challenges and opportunities for cultural diversity in managing research and educational institutions in the economic age of 5.0

    Justyna Bagińska, Paulina Graczyk, Anna Maria Wiśniewska, and Agata Włodkowska

    11. Personalistic ethics - an axiological dimension of Management 5.0

    Krzysztof Nowakowski and Łukasz Skowron, and Ewa Mazur Wierzbicka

    12. Agility and Creativity as a Determinant of efficient use of ICT

    Hubert Gąsiński, Magdalena Kaczkowska – Serafińska, Maria Kocot, and Artur Kwasek

    13. Employee involvement in a volatile Society 5.0 landscape

    Mariana Petrova, Sultan Ramazanov, and Ludmila Stemplewska

    14. Best Practices in Sustainability Communication and Reporting among the World’s largest companies in the realm of Industry 5.0

    Marta Drozdowska, Małgorzata Leśniak-Johann, Elżbieta Kopciuszewska, and Kamila Pihur

    15. Business Evolution: Emerging challenges for companies in Achieving Zero-Carbon Performance

    Piotr F. Borowski


    Elżbieta Jędrych is a Professor of Economics at the University of Vistula, Poland.

    Agnieszka Rzepka is a Professor of Social Science in the Faculty of Management in the Department of Economics and Economic Management at the Lublin University of Technology, Poland.