Organizational Research : Storytelling in Action book cover
1st Edition

Organizational Research
Storytelling in Action

ISBN 9780367733735
Published December 18, 2020 by Routledge
322 Pages

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Book Description

‘Organizational research methods’ (ORM) are making an ontological turn by studying the nature of Being, becoming, and the meaning of existence in the world. For example, without ontology, there is no ‘ground’ and no ‘theory’ in Grounded Theory (GT). This book explores ten ways to develop fourth wave GT that is grounded and theory. 1st wave GT commits inductive fallacy inference, 2nd wave GT bandaids it with positivistic content coding. 3rd wave GT turns to social constructivism, but this leaves out the materiality and ecology of existence. The first three waves do not address falsification or verification. There is another theme. Qualitative research methods is a discipline craft, not mere science or something that automated text analysis software can displace. Quantiative narrative analysis (QDA) is one more way to colonize and marginalize indigenous ways of knowing (IWOK). Without an ontological turn, its the death of storytelling predicted by Walter Benjamin and Gertrude Stein predicted. The good news is Western Empirical Science is beginning to listen to IWOK-Native Science experiential living story method of relations not only to other humans but to other animals, plants, to living air, water, and earth in living ecosystem of an enchanted world

There is a gap in the qualitative research methodology practices and comprehensive advanced approaches causing a split between practice and theory. So called Grounded Theory (inductive positivism) .

Organizational Research: Storytelling in Action is about how to conduct ten kinds of ontological Research Methods and conduct their interpretative analyses, for organization studies, in an ethically answerable way. It is aimed at people who want a more ‘advanced’ treatment than available in so-called Grounded Theory or automated narrative analysis books.

Table of Contents

Introduction- Storytelling in Action for Ontological-Organizational Research Methods (O-ORM) for a 4th Wave Grounded Theory

Peirce’s Self-Correcting Series of ‘Fair Samples’ to Verify 4th Wave GT Inferences

An Example of Spirals and Multiplicities in Veteran’s ways of coping with combat stress

Example of Multiplicities in Veterans Traumatic Stress


Stream 1 - What would John Dewey say about the Fallacies of Grounded Theory?

Stream 2- What does Brier’s (Peirce and Luhmann) Cybersemiotics approach contribute to 4th Wave Grounded Theory?

Implications of Peircean Ontological Lessons for Spiral Dynamics

Stream 3 - From Nietzsche to Deleuze Multiplicities contributions to 4th Wave Grounded Theory

Primer on Spirals and their Multiplicities

Stream 4 - Heidegger’s Revision of Hegelian Dialectic and Contribution to 4th Wave Grounded Theory

Stream 5 - From Multiplicities of Latour’s ANT to Barad’s Agential Realism and Gerri McCulloh’s Feminist-Materialist Contribution to 4th Wave Grounded Theory

PART II: Barad’s Sociomateriality of Agential Realism

PART III: Gerri McCulloh’s Vital Materialism Diffractions

Stream 6 - Žižek’s Revival of Hegelian Dialectics and Contribution to 4th Wave Grounded Theory

Part I: Hegel’s Phenomenology of Spirit

Part II: Slavoj Žižek’s coubling of Negation of the Negation with Multiplicities

Part III: Žižek’s Critique of Karen Barad’s Agential Realism

Part IV: An Wal-Mart Example of Negation of the Negation with Multiplicity


Stream 7 - Savall’s Socioeconomic Trilectic Contribution to 4th Wave Grounded Theory

Stream 8 - Follett’s Hegelian Dialectical Ontology Contribution to 4th Wave Grounded Theory

Stream 9 - Hegel to Marx to Bhaskar’s Critical Realism Dialectics Contributions to 4th Wave Grounded Theory

Marx and Engel’s Dialectic and Historical Materialism

Stream 10 - Boje, Larsen, & Brunn’s ‘True Storytelling’ Contribution to Dialectics and Multiplicity of 4th Wave Grounded Theory

Frank’s Dialectic of Embodied Storytelling

I. Restorable Body

II. Body’s Witness

III. Communicative Body

IV. Chaotic Body

Embodied Restorying Practices

Crossing the Stream: Ten Ways Numeric- and Qualitative-Multiplicity Storytelling are Ontological

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David Boje is Regents Professor at New Mexico State University, USA.