1st Edition

Organizational Surveys The Diagnosis and Betterment of Organizations Through Their Members

By Frank J. Smith Copyright 2003
    298 Pages
    by Psychology Press

    300 Pages
    by Psychology Press

    Surveys conducted within organizations have become an important aspect of human resource management and organizational functioning. This new book by Frank Smith--a leader in this field--offers a unique perspective on organizational surveys. It emphasizes the experience of developing, carrying out, and interpreting surveys on a wider variety of organizational issues in a very diverse set of organizations.

    The book is intended to acquaint managers, students, and potential survey users with a broad understanding of the kind of information surveys can provide and how they have been applied in a wide variety of organizational settings. Through many examples, the book emphasizes the close and necessary link between the continual development of a survey program and the parallel body of research in organizational behavior.

    This book will be of interest to survey practitioners, students, and instructors in human resource management and organizational behavior, and anyone looking for first-hand examples or survey approaches and the links to research and psychometric theory.

    Contents: E.A. Fleishman, J.N. Cleveland, Series Foreword. C. Hulin, Foreword. Preface. Part I: Introduction: Survey Functions, Tools, and Development. Functions of Organizational Survey Programs. Stages of Survey Program Development. Survey Tools. Survey Pitfalls and Managerial Questions. Part II: Introduction: Survey Research. Employee Attitudes and Customer Satisfaction. Employee Attitudes and Attendance. Organizational Commitment and Turnover. Work Attitudes and Unionization Activity. Part III: Introduction: Survey Cases. Improving Supervisory Recruitment: A 6-Year Study of an Organizational Intervention in a Coal Mine Operation. Identifying Disparate Needs of Scientists in a Research Institute. Improving Organizational Communication in a School of Nursing. Realigning Departmental Practices With Company Policies: A Survey of a Corporate Advertising Agency. Effecting Managerial Change: An 11-Year Managerial Survey Project. Influence of Surveys in Initiating Top Management Action. Contrasting Use of Surveys in Organizational Development: A 19-Year Project in Two Ski Resorts. Diagnosing Organizational Unrest: A Study in a Television and Radio Station. Employee Attitudes Toward Health, Safety, and Environmental Issues: A Decade of Surveys. Survey Prediction of Worker Reactions to Organizational Changes. Use of Survey in Determining CEO Succession. A Survey-Driven Supervisory Training Exercise. A Survey's Role in a Federal Court Case. Appendices: Technical Documentation: Steps in the Development of the Index of Organizational Reactions (IOR) Questionnaire. A Guide to Nondirective Interviewing. An Evening With Leonardo.


    Frank J. Smith