1st Edition

Organizational and Structural Dilemmas in Nonprofit Human Service Organizations

By Hillel Schmid Copyright 2005
    234 Pages
    by Routledge

    233 Pages
    by Routledge

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    Improve your organization’s performance for the well-being of your clients!

    Organizational and Structural Dilemmas in Nonprofit Human Service Organizations explores the common pitfalls that plague nonprofit human service organizations and cause them to fail in their missions. In this book, leading scholars analyze and evaluate the inherent difficulties that impede effectiveness in these organizations. With this wide-ranging body of knowledge, research findings, and information, you will be able to identify key areas in your organization that may become troublesome at a later date and prevent them from deteriorating.

    This valuable tool also includes advice and suggestions for repairing detrimental situations that have already occurred or are taking place. The book supplies solutions for repairing or preventing any permanent damage to your organization’s structure, value, or reputation. Organizational and Structural Dilemmas in Nonprofit Human Service Organizations will help you set successful long-term strategies for your organization, despite changes in laws, programs, and public sentiment.

    With this book, you will learn more about:

    • the changing identity of federated community service organizations
    • the role of congregations as social service providers
    • volunteer and paid staff relations
    • the implications of welfare-to-work programs
    • the cycles of public sentiment as expressed through the media
    • the issue of nonprofit executive misbehavior
    • the preferences of social work graduates for employment in various sectors of the welfare economy such as for-profit as opposed to nonprofit
    • the differences between for-profit and nonprofit organizations

    • The Role of Nonprofit Human Service Organizations in Providing Social Services: A Prefatory Essay (Hillel Schmid)
    • The Changing Identity of Federated Community Service Organizations (Eleanor Brilliant and Dennis R. Young)
    • Congregations as Social Service Providers: Services, Capacity, Culture, and Organizational Behavior (Ram A. Cnaan, Jill W. Sinha, and Charlene C. McGrew)
    • Volunteer and Paid Staff Relationships: Implications for Social Work Administration (F. Ellen Netting, H. Wayne Nelson, Jr., Kevin Borders, and Ruth Huber)
    • The Role of Non-Profit Agencies in the Provision of Welfare-to-Work Services (Yeheskel Hasenfeld and Lisa Evans Powell)
    • Nonprofit Organizations and Welfare-to-Work: Environmental Turbulence and Organizational Change (Elizabeth A. Mulroy and Melissa Back Tamburo)
    • Searching for Utopia: The Cycles of Service Provider Preferences (Margaret Gibelman)
    • Flameout at the Top—Executive Calamity in the Nonprofit Sector: Its Precursors and Sequelae (John E. Tropman and Luke H. Shaefer)
    • Ownership and Age in Nonprofit and For-Profit Home Care Organizations: What Makes the Difference? (Hillel Schmid and Ronit Nirel)
    • Social Work Graduates and Welfare Economy Sector Preferences: A Cross-National Perspective (Idit Weiss and John Gal)
    • Index
    • Reference Notes Included


    Schmid, Hillel