1st Edition

Organizing Knowledge: Introduction to Access to Information Introduction to Access to Information

By J.E. Rowley, John Farrow Copyright 2018

    This title was first published in 2000:  For its third edition, this text on knowledge organization and retrieval has been revised and restructured to accommodate the increased significance of electronic information resources. With new sections on topics such as information retrieval via the Web, metadata and managing information retrieval systems, the book explains principles relating to hybrid print-based and electronic networked environments experienced by today's users. The book is an accessible introduction to knowledge organization for both undergraduate and postgraduate students of information management and information systems.

    I: Information Basics; 1: Contexts for the organization of knowledge; 2: Formatting and structuring knowledge; II: Records; 3: Describing documents; III: Access; 4: Users and interfaces; 5: Indexing and searching languages; 6: Pre-coordination and subject adadings; 7: Classification and systematic order; 8: Bibliographie classification scheses; 9: Access points in catalogues and bibliographies; IV: Systems; 10: System contexts for knowledge organization; 11: The Internet and its applications; 12: Manual information retrieval systems; 13: Management of systems for the organization of knowledge


    John Farrow, J.E. Rowley