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Organocatalysis Series

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Organocatalysis is a rapidly growing area of chemistry where there are few primary sources of literature. The aim of this book series is to publish cutting-edge research in this field and discuss the latest developments in catalysis. It covers all aspects of reactions and experimental procedures in organocatalysis, ranging from green chemistry to materials, energy and environment to pharmaceuticals and polymers. This one-stop source of information for chemists enables them to grasp the concept of organocatalysis and how can it be applied to synthesis, in particular how can it replace older catalytic reactions. Its aim is to also present routinely used methodologies to provide newcomers to the field with a basic grounding in significant catalytic reactions.

The series is of primary interest to synthetic and applied chemists, chemical engineers or those involved in catalyst design, as well as those working in biochemistry, medicinal chemistry, and the development and scale up of fine chemical processes. It is also intended to provide the graduate and post-graduate students with clear and accessible books covering the different aspects of the field.

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Nonnitrogenous Organocatalysis

Nonnitrogenous Organocatalysis

1st Edition

Edited By Andrew Harned
December 18, 2017

Since the 1990s the synthetic community has shown a growing interest in the development of catalytic reactions that employ entirely organic catalysts – so-called ‘organocatalysts’. With the current emphasis on green chemistry throughout the chemical industry, organocatalysis has become ...

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