1st Edition

Oriental Mysticism

By E H Palmer Copyright 2008

    Originally published 1867. This volume describes not only the basic tenets of the Sufis but also the Ahl i wahdat which was a branch of Sufism. The author’s use of a Persian manuscript treatise by ‘Aziz bin Mohammed Nafasi’ is an indispensable tool, particularly because the author did not merely translate it but gave a clearer and more succinct account of the system.

    The volume contains an Appendix containing a glossary of allegorical and technical terms in use among Sufiistic writers.

    PREFACE Introduction PART I CHAPT I Of the Traveller, the Goal, the Stages, and the Road II. Of Law, Doctrine, and Truth III. Concerning the Perfect Man, and the Perfectly IV Concerning Fellowship, and Renunciation V Concerning Attraction, and Devotion VI Concerning Counsel PART II. Chapter I Concerning the Nature of God II Concerning the Attributes of God III Concerning the Works of God, physically considered IV Concerning the Works of God, metaphysically considered or the four Universal Sources PART III CHAP. I. The Saintly and Prophetic Offices defined PART IV. CHAP. I. On the Influence of Early Prejudice upon Belief CHAP. I. PART V. THE STUDY OF MAN. I Grounds for the Discussion II Of the Origin and Animal Development of Man III Of the Intellectual and Spiritual Development of Man IV Of the Upward Progress or Ascent of Man V Conclusion


    E H Palmer